Monday, January 31, 2011

There is no agreement on religious rights in the EU. Islamic extremism comes in the guise of "democratic" movements.

Amid a wave of protests that these days, Gulf Egypt, strengthening radical Islam and increased risk of establishment of Islamic regimes in Egypt and another six near eastern countries, the model of Iran, headed by Islamic extremists emerged from political chaos, EU again without review.
The European Union failed to agree on a declaration of religious rights after attacks on Christians in the Middle East.
Britain and some Scandinavian countries have warned that it could cause a "clash of civilizations."
Did not see it now "clash of civilizations", while standing with wide eyes closed?
European ambassadors earlier approved a draft declaration calling Ashton to stimulate the action of the Union on freedom of religion. But at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels, France and Italy opposed the text because it does not clearly mention the Christian community.
However, according to sources UK and some Scandinavian countries are experiencing discomfort from mentioning specific religious communities for fear of terrorist attacks.
France, Italy, Hungary and Poland are pushing for a discussion of the situation of Christians in the Middle East after 46 people were killed in an explosion at a church in Iraq in October last year, and after the attack on church in Alexandria, Egypt in December , with 21 victims.
Call of the French foreign minister from twenty days before the European countries to come up with a coordinated response to attacks naturally remained without any reaction.
Ministers have decided to send the text back to the ambassadors to rewrite anything, but from the heart.
Can not predict what will lead to a wave of protests that these days, Gulf Egypt, but certainly radical Islam will strengthen their positions.
Radical Islamist organization Muslim Brotherhood, one of the largest in Egypt rejected the new government and called for further protests until the fall victory.
Increases the risk of establishing an Islamic regime in Egypt, the model of Iran, which will be headed by Islamic extremists emerged from political chaos all over Egypt, and such danger threatens and six near eastern countries.

Bulgarian Agrarian erotic calendar 2011.

Tennis, Bulgaria. The best Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov already occupies 85 th position in the Top 100, Tsvetana Pironkova is under № 33.

The best Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov reached record ranking country in the world rankings. He entered the Top 100 for the first time and now occupies 85 th position.
In Melbourne Bulgarians continued their good performances and no problem overcoming the first round of the tournament in Melbourne. He won with 6:1, 6:4, 6:2 and occupant 38 position in world rankings Andrew Golubyov. In the next round face and Stanislas Wawrinka lost 5:7, 3:6, 3:6.
The next race for this year Grigor Dimitov will be in Rotterdam. The tournament will begin on 7 February and the prize fund is 1.4 million dollars.
As is known, 23 years from Plovdiv defend their points of Australian Open after reaching the second round for the first tournament of the year Grand Slam. Progress of color is due to the fact that Russian Elena Dementieva and her fellow Belgian Justine Henin were removed from the list of WTA, because racing careers ended. So with a total of 1722 points Pironkova converge at two points from its best ranking - 31 th position from 13 September 2010.
New peak in his career, however, record Elitsa Kostova. 20-year-old Bulgarian has climbed seven places from 216 to 209 o progress-o, as the asset it has 272 points. The third rocket our country Dia Evtimova also goes up. In her jump with 12 seats, to № 246.
This week, three female players with Magdalena Maleeva will play for the national team of Bulgaria in the tournament from Group I of the Euro-African zone of the Fed Cup in Eilat (Israel). We are in Group B along with the composition of host Israel, Poland and Luxembourg.

One million people in Cairo to try to force President Hosni Mubarak to leave.

Al Jazeera: Movement on April 6 said it plans to spend more than one million people in the streets of the capital Tuesday in an attempt to force President Hosni Mubarak to leave power
"The demonstrators say they will remain on the square, while Mubarak did not leave" by declining to submit to the commandant of the time imposed by the army throughout the country.
One of the correspondents of Al Jazeera claims that attempts of the army on Monday to close approaches to the square do not give a result more and more people flock to protest for a sixth day.
Police had returned to the city where virtually absent from Friday. Coordinate traffic policemen. "Absence of police to free marauders, forcing citizens to form voluntary self-defense troops in the neighborhoods. Many people wonder where the policemen disappeared."

Soccer, Italy. Inter drew 3:2 from Palermo. Results of recent matches.

The match at the stadium San Siro began in the most unpleasant way for the Nerazzurri. Also in the fifth minute Palermo opened the scoring by Mikola, who received the ball from Matty Cassano.
Italian champion Inter was on track to achieve the second bereavement in Serie A, but beat Palermo to 3:2, after losing the break with 0:2.
Fabrizio Mykola opened the scoring and Antonio Nocherino rose to 2:0 just before the end of the first half. Logged in as reserve rookie Giampaolo Pazzini made a great debut for Inter with two goals. Samuel Eto'o brought victory, scoring from the penalty spot.
Inter coach Leonardo did not hide his emotions after success with 3:2 over Palermo.
According to the Brazilian that was a really crazy game.
"Will I need some time to calm down and my heart to return to normal rhythm after that match. It was an impressive impact. If we had lost the match, I believe that no one would say that Palermo is not deserved victory. They are great teams and creating scoring opportunities just 90-10 over the first half. After the break my team has demonstrated courage and character. Pazzini scored twice on his debut, Julio Cesar game just retrieved, but Maicon was also second to none. We can disable lot of positives from this meeting. We know that we can rely on three in attack. Samuel Eto'o was also great. It was really crazy game, "said Leonardo.
"Napoli" achieved a landslide victory over Sampdoria at home with 4:0 and took second place in the standings on four points behind driver Milan.
The meeting between Bologna and Roma was eliminated in 10 minutes because of heavy snowfall.
Graziano Pelle passes in Parma until the end of sezona.Pele will be competing for a starting role with his former teammate Valeri Bozhinov.Predi few years, the former youth national of Italy and Bojinov played together in Lecce, which are both teenagers, and from there began career in professional football.
Results of recent matches:
Catania - Milan 0:2; Lazio - Fiorentina 2:0; Brescia - Chievo 0:3; Lecce - Cesena 1:1; Cagliari - Barry 2:1; Genoa - Parma 3:1; Inter - Palermo 3:2; Naples - Sampdoria 4:0, Bologna - Roma termination.; Juventus - Udinese 1:2.

Football, Spain. Johan Cruyff and Jose Mourinho for Real Madrid. Results of recent matches.

Johan Cruyff analyze the loss to Real Madrid from Osasuna in a traditional item in Catalan El Periodico. "Real Madrid has a problem and this is Barcelona," said Cruyff. "Not to say that the title is decided. Seven points and goals are much advantage, because this Barca gave no nothing," said the Dutchman.
Coach Real (Madrid) Jose Mourinho said his team is losing zaluzhaval in his visit to Osasuna to 0:1. Defeat away "White Ballet" 7 points leader and champion Barcelona.
"We lost 3 points in a match that did not deserve to fall. Rival, however, also played well and deserved a positive result," Mourinho said after the final whistle.
"I am pleased by the judge, he did a perfect job. The team played well. We must not do dramas of a loss. You need to score goals, that is," said Special.
"This is our second loss in La Liga. I hate to lose, but tomorrow will be a new day ahead new games to play. Osasuna is a strong team, but their audience is fantastic. I do not think there will be many teams who will leave here with points, "said Ronaldo.
Results of recent matches
Getafe Malaga 2:0 - 1:2 Zaragoza, Mallorca - Sporting 0:4 X; Real Sociedad - Almeria 2:0; Erkules - Barcelona 0:3; Deportivo - Sevilla 3:3; Atlético - Athletic B 0:2; Osasuna - Real Madrid 1:0; Espanyol - Villarreal 0:1, Santander - Valencia

Guild Awards 2011. The assessment of the guild, is seen as a determinant in the struggle for film Oscar.

Ceremony held in the Exhibition Centre Shrayn ekspozishan in Los Angeles. The assessment of the guild, which covers about 120 000 people, is seen as a determinant in the struggle for film Oscar. In the race for the guild awards has 20 actors, 17 of whom will compete for an Oscar.
"The speech of the King" won the Colin Firth Award for best actor of 17-s awards Guild of America Theater aktyori.Natali Portman received a prize for best actress for starring in the film "Black Swan".
Prizes to supporting actress and actor won Melissa Leo and Krishchan Bale movie "The Warrior". Section dramatic television award for best ensemble cast received participants in a gangster series "Criminal Empire" director Martin Scorsese.
Best Actor in a Drama Television Series was elected Steve Buscemi of "criminal empire." The award for best actress in the same category Julianna Margulies won for the series "The good wife." Award for best actor in a comedy television series get Alec Baldwin for "30 Rock" and for Best Actress - Betty White on "Hot in Cleveland.
Award for Lifetime Achievement was awarded to 94-year-old Ernest Borgnayn.
Fully comply with awards and Golden Globes, considered a key indicator for the Oscars, which will be announced on 27 February.

Laboratory results. Leukocytes-INDICATORS.

Leukocytes - white blood cells (WBC).

The number of leukocytes influence factors such as age, diet, emotions, physical tension. Observed and daily fluctuations in the number of leukocytes. Physiologically the number of white blood cells in newborns is increased, but began to fall into the second day after birth. Increases in WBC (leukocytosis) occurs mostly in infectious processes, purulent processes, toxic effects, leukemia and others. Reduction of leukocytes (leukopenia) may occur most frequently in viral diseases, endocrine diseases, ionizing radiation from toxic and chemical substances, medicated and other impacts.
In normal peripheral blood cells contain the following:
Headquarters rod nuclear cell (St) 0-8%.
The number of these cells increased most in inflammatory diseases, normal pregnant women and others.
Segment nuclear neutrophils (Sg) 51 -67%.
The number of these cells is increased in pregnancy, and other inflammatory diseases.
Eosinophils (Eo) 0-4%.
Increase is most common in parasitism and allergic diseases, collagen and others.
Basophils (Ba) 0 -1%.
Increase is most often along with eosinophils.
Monocytes (Mo) 4 -8%.
Monocytes (Mo%) - percentage of WBC count.
Monocytes (Mo #) - in absolute terms the total number of leukocytes.
Increase in monocytes (mono tsitoza) was observed in chronic inflammation and rescue phase of inflammatory diseases, infectious mononucleosis and other. Reduction of monocytes (mono cytopenia) is rare.
Granulocytes (Gr)
Granulocytes (Gr%) - percentage of total leukocytes.
Granulocytes (Gr #) - absolute number of total leukocytes.
Increased numbers of granulocytes was observed in infectious diseases and other purulent processes. Reduced number of granulocytes was observed in viral diseases, chemical damage, drug intoxications, radiation and other effects.
Lymphocytes (Ly) 22-40%.
Lymphocytes (Ly%) - percentage contribution to total leukocytes.
Lymphocytes (Ly #) - absolute value to the total number of leukocytes.
Increase in lymphocytes (lymph tsitoza) was observed in viral diseases, infectious mononucleosis, a restructuring phase of acute bacterial infections, lymphadenitis, chronic lymph leukemia and others. Physiological increase in the number observed the fourth year in children in infectious mononucleosis, other viral diseases, lymphatic leukosis and others. Reduction of lymphocytes (lymphopenia) were observed in the acute phase of bacterial infections, treatments with cytotoxic agents, cortisol, radiotherapy and others.
Plasma cells (Pl) 0-1%.
Observed less frequently, about 0.5 percent.
Morphology of white blood cells.
This indicator helps to establish toxico degenerative changes in white blood cells, most often due to toxic cell damage caused as a strong inflammatory process, continued acceptance of a type of medication (such as antibiotics), overdose of drugs and others.
Differential leucocyte count (manually).
Automatic differential count of white blood cells gives more complete information to the cells as:
1. identify a greater number of cells (7 species normally present in peripheral blood);
2. can be detected in young cells that are not normally found in peripheral blood;
3. can be detected and cell morphology of white and red blood cell.

Respiratory failure. Clinical features. Treatment, prognosis. Prevention.

Definition: respiratory failure is a medical condition in which the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs is impaired. It occurs in many acute and chronic respiratory diseases, acute and chronic cardiovascular disorders in blood diseases, central nervous system and spinal cord. The amount of oxygen in the blood decreases (hypoxia) and carbon dioxide increased (hypercapnia).
Most progressive chronic broncho pulmonary diseases cause respiratory failure. Too often respiratory failure accompanied by cardiac or cardiovascular disease. According to the basic nature of the disease process in the respiratory system respiratory failure occurs acutely or chronically.
Clinical features: acute respiratory failure develops in acute pulmonary edema due to left ventricular failure, chemical poisoning with gases and smoke, acute inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia), massive pulmonary thromboembolism and other broncho
lung diseases. It goes dramatically, with a strong breath, excretion of bloody foamy sputum and rapid elimination of respiratory function. Chronic pulmonary insufficiency develops gradually in the course of most chronic broncho diffuse lung diseases.
Treatment of acute respiratory failure requiring emergency treatment in intensive care, and must include oxygen therapy, treatment of the accompanying inflammation with antibiotics. Treatment of chronic respiratory failure is conservative. Apply expectorant and broncho treat waste resources cardio tonics, vitamins. Perform active treatment of diseases causing respiratory failure.
The prognosis of acute respiratory failure is very serious. Delay in emergency treatment can occur serious damage and even death. The prognosis of chronic respiratory failure is serious. Upon successful treatment of major pulmonary diseases (tuberculosis, silicosis, chronic pneumonia, pneumo fibrosis, bronchiectasis, etc.) forecast improves.
Prevention is to eliminate or early termination of the causal conditions and diseases causing development of respiratory failure. Smoking cessation is a useful preventive measure.

ElBaradei announced the launch of a new era in Egypt

Blog of al-Jazeera reported that opposition leader, former head of the IAEA Mohammed El Baradei spoke to a crowd of demonstrators Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo. He announced "a new era." "We started, can not stop" - said ElBaradei.
Coalition of opposition groups that include, and prohibited by the Muslim Brotherhood, has chosen the former head of the IAEA as someone who will negotiate with the government.
Shortly before the speech Tahrir Square ElBaradei urged Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to immediately resign. He told TV channel CNN that Egypt is in transition, which requires the formation of a national unity government and free elections.
In a brief interview with CBS ElBaradei said Mubarak departs from the office will stop mass discontent. "Yesterday he was asked to resign today talking about prosecution." - Opposition leader said.
ElBaradei criticized the U.S. position, stating that the policy of the U.S. administration inspires less confidence. According to him, the U.S. talks about democracy and human rights are in support of the dictator.
Egypt is a key U.S. ally in the Middle East. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday made a statement for "smooth transition" of power in Egypt, but did not request the immediate resignation of Mubarak.
Rally Tahrir Square, in violation of curfew. Egyptian military did not take action to disperse the opposition ..

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Arab world flared.

The beginning was a Tunisian protests suddenly ended with a revolution, then the streets of Egypt and Yemen also flashed occupied by tens of thousands of people. The Arab world can a few days to change or to suffer another disappointment.
Wave launched on the Internet. It is dedicated to the 28-year-old Egyptian, killed by police in Alexandria last year. "We are all Khaled Said, together with two other youth organizations - and 6-April" and "Peter", known in social network plans to protest on January 25.
Although the Egyptian authorities often underestimate the power of online communication, 24% of the population has access to the network, and the Egyptians are the largest Arab group in Face book. On the short time enrolled over 400 thousand people.
Suddenly the authorities tens of thousands of people around 50 thousand filled the streets of Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and several smaller cities.
There were reports that security forces opened fire with live bullets at demonstrators, and a video shows clearly how the man was killed on the street. Gradually it became clear that happen biggest popular protests during the reign of Hosni Mubarak, which this year marks three decades at the head of Egypt.
Great American and European media were absent.
Spot reflected events only Al Jazeera. Egyptian government banned the broadcasting of information y.Spored official Egyptian agency MENA Minister Anas el information Feki has confirmed the ban on broadcasting.
Qatar TV correspondent reported on comprehensive information about protests against the leadership of the Egyptian government.
Suddenly awakened authorities banned gatherings and demonstrations, blocked Internet (fast become a major channel of communication) and even stopped almost entirely Internet access in the country on Thursday for Friday.
The lack of accessible and cheap bread for the poor lead to such unrest not only in Egypt but also in Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan. Cairo and now part of the subsidized bread works, but is the largest importer of wheat in the world and international markets crisis and raised the price of non-subsidized production in the past year, the bread was almost $ 1.
In today's Egypt, poverty is acute and aggressive. The first request of the organizers of the protests even before the policy was to be taken against explosively expanding poverty.
The protests first started lifting because of prices, and only then - inspired by Tunisia, and now they want reform to get rid of Mubarak.
Tipped for the riot were largely counterfeit parliamentary elections in November. The largest opposition force in the country - the Islamic movement the Muslim Brotherhood, was devoid of any representation and can not participate in candidate for president in September, when Hosni Mubarak is expected to finally withdraw.
Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohammed ElBaradei returned to the country to lead a new wave of protests - larger than the former. United around a figure, opposition forces have so far reluctant to officially support the rebellion, may decide that finally it is time to end the regime.
The military regime in Egypt is very strong and might hold.
Big business and the higher bureaucracy are intrinsically linked with power and interest to support it. Egypt is the most loyal Arab ally.
U.S. also has no way to get behind the actions of Mubarak - his actions did not differ in any of the actions of the Iranian authorities.
The big question is whether pouring money and resources in the dictatorial regimes in the Middle East will be forever held back Islamic movements.
There are deeper reasons for the radicalization of these people and they are related to economic and social conditions in these countries.
Egypt, with Saudi Arabia is the most significant and largest market and is the homeland of all important movements in the region - Arab nationalism, Arab liberalism and militant Islamism.

Islamist group the Muslim Brotherhood tried to take power in Egypt. Evacuation of Egypt. Riot in a prison in Cairo, dozens killed.

Bulgarians in Egypt want to evacuate and seek assistance from the embassy in Cairo said the press office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Specify the number of those willing to create an organization. Tour operators have provided data on the number of tourists. French tour operators have suspended travel to Egypt until further notice and enjoy the tourists on vacation back in France because of political unrest in the country.
The French government earlier issued a warning on travel to Egypt, which are not vital.
U.S. authorities warned their citizens not to travel to Egypt and advised those already there, not to leave their homes or hotels until the situation stabilizes. Moreover, Washington has allowed the auxiliary officers in the U.S. embassy in Cairo and their families to leave the country if they have such plans.
The Belgian travel agency Zhetar announced it would evacuate all its customers in Egypt that is currently developing an action plan and that the evacuation will begin on Monday. The agency refused all proposals to the holiday on February 6. They, like other Belgian agencies, declined all trips to Egypt on Monday.
Security forces reported that dozens of bodies can be seen on the ground on the road near the prison after the riot in many prisoners were killed. Rebellion take place against the backdrop of annatto government protests in Egypt, continuing the sixth day.
14 bodies were brought back to the mosque in Cairo, after the mass escape from jail, "Abu Zaabal, according to a local resident were killed two policemen, and others - prisoners, transmits AFP. In the residential area near the jail could hear shooting and according to locals all prisoners had escaped, and many of them were killed.
Dozens of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, among them leaders of the banned Islamist group in Egypt, left the prison without any problems in Cairo, after the guards had abandoned his post.
Fugitive Islamists were arrested on Thursday in their homes or during protests against the regime of President Hosni Mubarak.
Hundreds of prisoners escaped from Egyptian prisons during anti-government protests by riots and abandonment because of security.
Egyptian government bans broadcast of Arab television Al Jazeera. "Correspondents on Qatar TV provides the most comprehensive information on protests against the leadership of the Egyptian government.
The ban was issued against the protests that continue the sixth day, in the meantime hundred Egyptian prisoners escaped from an Egyptian prison and robbers rampage in the country.

Eva Longoria showed her new boyfriend

Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria implicitly confirmed rumors that he met the brother of fellow Penelope Cruz - 25-year-old Eduardo.
Beauty and her new lover were intercepted by the paparazzi to dinner in the restaurant, then went to watch a performance of flamenco dancers in Hollywood.
Eva and Eduardo still not officially confirmed that they have respect, but that night their demonstrated that they are indifferent to each other and they feel perfectly well together. All night smiling and laughing at jokes that are exchanged, "he told one of the photographers.
Eva is now very cautious about men, which is visible. After Tony Parker left her heartbroken, she fears history is not repeated. So she vowed henceforth very carefully to assess their potential boyfriends, to not remain deceived again, explained to pals Eva Longoria.

Bulgarian Agrarian erotic calendar 2011.

Tennis, Australian Open. Novak Djokovic beat Andy Murray in endless boring finale.

Novak Djokovic is the new champion of the Australian Open tennis. Serbian record one of the most convincing victories in the history of the final race. After the semi-finals Roger Federer ran over, and now he broke the Scot Andy Murray sets 3:0 (6:4, 6:2, 6:3).
They grew up together on the court 11 years and are close friends, but for the first time the two faced each other in a battle for Grand Slam title.
For the first time in three years in the final of a Grand Slam not participate world No 1 Rafael Nadal or second in the ATP rankings Roger Federer.
Djokovic has behind him the final of the U.S. Open in 2007 when he lost to Federer last season and again in the same tournament and again in the battle for the title failed to object to Nadal. On the road to success in Melbourne Park in 2008 Djokovic eliminate 1/2-finalite Federer, as the same fate befell the Swiss in this year's edition. Nole confidence at this stage is much larger because of Serbia's triumph in the tournament for the Davis Cup last December.

Royal condoms in London.

Shopping hysteria around the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton continues in London. After dishes, towels, toys and anything else inspired by the love of his fiancee, who will say "Yes" on 29 April, came the turn of erotic banter. Company Crown dzhuals "launched special condoms. "Like the royal wedding, sex with a loved one is something unforgettable," wrote on the back of the luxury box of "aristocratic" condoms. Only one day sold 1000 pieces from the most intimate accessories, is praised producers. "They will allow a few minutes to feel like aristocrats in the royal bedroom, bred merchants lovers of strong sexual feelings. In truth, however, show the company and the mandatory dose of integrity. From warn: "Be careful with the hot passions. Because condoms are still souvenirs without an expiration date."

Women have sex to please your partner?

Nearly 73% of women having sex with her husband, just to maintain their relationship, a new study. For many representatives of the fair sex lack of sexual desire is common.
Experts from the University of Texas studied 6000 women aged between 23 and 42 years. They found that 73% of women have sex just to please the partner and to maintain their relationship. They rarely experience orgasm, but do so only because of the desire of his partner.
There are women who want to share your bed with your spouse, but often the man does not know how to approach. There is also a lack of reciprocal feelings and sexual experience. According to American scientists most women can not imagine life without her husband beside her. They believe that sex is the only way to keep it to them and load it with a better mood.

Paid access to The New York Times.

The New York Times announced it is moving towards the imposition of paid access to the news on its website.
Some critics, explains: "Successful media companies follow their audience, and only then conform their decisions to change the content or platforms with revenue." The absence of such an approach carries the risk audience to be repulsed because the desire for the realization of short-term revenue.
Since February visitors to will see a number of information materials free of charge.
To read more, consumers will be charged a flat fee for unlimited access.
By its decision will most likely alienate the millions of casual visitors, but are hoping to cash in loyalty of his faithful readers, which is very doubtful, but time will tell.
The goal was to maximize revenue not only from digital formats, but in terms of overall financial flows. is the most popular newspaper site in the U.S.. There are more than 17 million readers per month according to Nielsen Online. Observers reported that the online edition is a leader in advertising revenue.
"You can not continue to operate the site of the New York Times, if you do not find a new source of revenue," said James Mack Kuivi, a media analyst.
According to analysts at ratings agency Fitch, the Times will be able to successfully execute the development strategy only in this way.

Student protests in Britain

Thousands of protesters took to the streets on Saturday night across the UK in a new wave of protests against government plans to raise fees at universities and to eliminate subsidies for training.
Protests in London and Manchester were the first major demonstrations since last year when students besieged the administrative area in London and attacked limousine in which he journeyed Prince Charles and his wife Camilla.
The protest on Saturday passed generally peacefully. 3000 noisy but well-intentioned protesters passed through central London to Westminster.
In the northern city of Manchester joined the students and representatives of major trade unions to express their dissatisfaction with the government's austerity measures.
According to media reports six people were arrested after a minor collision.

Football. Barcelona 15 th consecutive victory after more than 3:0 "Erkules"

With his success Barcelona tied two records of the "Real" (M) - 15 consecutive wins in the league from 1960-61 and six consecutive game as a guest which team scores at least three goals since 1986
The champions now have 58 points with goal difference 67:11. The second "Real" (M) has 51 and on Sunday visited the aim to save Osasuna.
The players of FC Barcelona continued its progress in convincing the Spanish championship, defeating 3:0 "Erkules as a guest. Catalans are imposed after goals - Pedro Rodriguez and two of Lionel Messi at the end of the meeting.
In 43 minutes the young Pedro went right into the penalty area and scored with a nice shot for 1:0.
Only at the end of the game players of Josep Guardiola increased his lead. Lionel Messi scored twice in 87 th and 88 th minutes. First Argentinian striker made a typical punctures and went right, went through several players' Erkules and shoot exactly 2:0. Immediately afterwards, received a pass along the goal line and two meters no problem scoring the third goal for Barcelona.

Anarchy in Egypt.

Dozens killed in clashes in front of Interior Ministry in Cairo said on Al Jazeera. Desperate attempt of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to keep power led to the fact that soldiers opened fire on thousands of protesters to prevent the assault on the interior ministry and state television.
The number of people killed during protests over the past five days in Egypt is well over 100 people after it was reported 10 new deaths in the town of Beni Suef, south of Cairo, said sources in the police.
Around 2500 people were injured.
Much of those killed were civilians with gunshot wounds, medics and protesters showed bullets collected from the streets after the police (and in some cases military) opened fire on demonstrators.
The use of live ammunition against his people call into question the continued U.S. support for the regime of Hosni Mubarak, said the publication.
Support for the incumbent President of Egypt expressed the head of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia strongly condemned the protests in Egypt. In a telephone conversation with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, King stated that any suspect elements trying to destabilize the situation in the country.
According to TV channel at night demonstrators have taken to attempt to storm the Interior Ministry building, which is located in the center of the Egyptian capital. In response to the strikers was an open fire.
Medical sources reported that the nearest hospital entering many wounded with gunshot wounds.
In recent dniot different prisons of Egypt escaped many prisoners, which worsen the crime situation in the country covered by the disorder, accompanied by looting and marauding.
Numerous private aircraft with the families of wealthy Egyptian and Arab businessmen flew from Egypt, the country leaving the business elite, close to President Hosni Mubarak and the majority of the planes are targeting Dubai.
British Prime Minister David Cameron turned to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to express its deep concern at violence against anti-government protests in Egypt, says "Evening Standard", but he wants to resign.
In Cairo, participants in the anti-government protests set fire to the main building of the tax office of Egypt, the fire has also spread to the building of the Ministry of Interior and other government buildings in the city center.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mohammed ElBaradei is ready to govern Egypt.

ElBaradei, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work dedicated to the fight to reduce nuclear proliferation, had never manifested as a revolutionary leader, writes The New York Times. But anti-government protests on Friday, 68-year-old former director of the International Atomic Agency stood directly against hundreds of police to suppress the protests.
Behind him were hundreds of people who previously prayed in a mosque in Cairo to end the 30-year rule of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.
Mohammed ElBaradei said he was ready to assume power in the country if the people urged him to do so, reports the Arab satellite television Al Arabiya. "ElBaradei is ready to assume power in the transitional period if requested by the street," said television without giving further details. Over the past few days the Egyptian capital is covered by the wave of protests. The largest Arab country by population suffers from high unemployment, which affects particularly the young population.
Water jets dipped ElBaradei, retired in the relative safety of the mosque only after police began using tear gas against protesters.
On Friday evening there were numerous reports that the occurrence of El aradey did cost too much to the Egyptian government and the police warned him to stay at home, placing him under house arrest.
For a UN bureaucrat who was "face" the angry mob, it's the unexpected twist in his political career that began in February.
Then he was greeted by supporters as an alternative to the management of Mubarak. Some opposition, however, expressed disappointment, even laughed that ElBaradei spent more time traveling than with their supporters, preferring them calls for democracy through the Internet and media like Al Jazeera.
According to others, however, ElBaradei, who on Thursday went to Egypt from his other home in Vienna, has finally put himself in the sequence.

Football. Japan became the champion of Asia for a record fourth time

The players of Japan won the Asian Cup for a record fourth time. In the final they beat Australia by 1:0 after extra time. Precious said reserve Lee hit in 109 minutes.
In normal time the Japanese had the advantage but failed to reach the hazard before the opponent's neck. Australians were even cleaner options. The best was wasted by Harry Kewell in 71 minutes. Former player of Liverpool shoot imprecisely from a comfortable position.
Four minutes into the second period Lee was left uncovered. Japanese scored with a beautiful strike from the air after a cross from the left.
So "Samurai" lifted the Cup for the fourth time. Japan came under a single head titles, ahead of Iran and Saudi Arabia. Team champion triumphed for the fourth time in the last six Cup of Asia.
The organizers of the race announced that in 2015 the prize fund will be $ 10 million.

Formula 1 2011 season. New car Ferrari F150.

Ferrari F150.
Carbon monocoque, longitudinal gearbox, differential with limited friction, Semiautomatic sequential electronically controlled gearbox
Number of gears - 7 + reverse, badged ventilated carbon disc brakes,
Independent suspension, front and rear with pushrod pushing, Weight with water lubricant and driver - 640 kg, BBS wheels.
Number of cylinders - 8 Cylinder block in cast aluminum, V-shaped angle of 90 degrees
Number of valves - 32 Capacity - 2398 cubic cm, Weight -> 95 kg, Electronic fuel injection and ignition fuel - Shell V-Power, Oil - Shell Helix Ultra.
Ferrari is the first team in Formula 1, who presented their new car for the upcoming 2011 season, the home of Ferrari in Maranello. According to President Luca di Montezemolo, Italian engineers have submitted an aggressive design that aim to launch a new whirlwind season and to prevent poor performance from the beginning of 2010.
The first pictures and footage of the new Ferrari F150 car largely confirm many of the preliminary information on the development of the project code in Maranello 662, but other assumptions were completely disproved, such as expectations rear suspension is as for Red Bull last season.
Nose is really higher than last year, and front suspension is trapped higher and lower brackets are attached to the side of the hull configuration of a typical zero keel.
A higher nose and front of the entire configuration must ensure a clean flow and bring a better job on the front wing. Greater distance between him and the nose, provides better flow around it.
Cockpit is generally higher to meet the requirements of the Regulations.
In the car there will be improved, lighter KERS, developed again with partners Manetho Mare.
Previous components and solutions are the most interesting, and it certainly looks surprisingly rear suspension with a developed system of push - pushrod - instead of the expected system pulrod download.
The suspension is formed that prevents the warm jets from tailpipes, which are still where you were asked to race at Valencia last season.
Shark fin, again according to the requirements of the rules no longer reaches the wing, but stops at 730 mm to the rear axle.
Only the rear wing is very interesting and is capable of opening the gap between its two elements from 10 to 50 mm. This increase, however, will not be lifting the upper element, as expected previously, but with the opening forward of the front of this element. Greater joint would allow higher speeds on the straights because of the lesser drag.
Completely new are also badged brakes which are designed to disable the special disks and drives to bring in air. Naturally, their action is consistent with increased minimum weight of the car from 620 to 640 kg to make it easier to integrate systems KERS. The brakes and transmission, moreover, are combined and a purely mechanical work of the unit to generate energy and devotion.
The last component, which not only they but the whole car must be in sync, the tires are Pirelli - they need to work in priority with the car since the first test on Tuesday in Valencia.

Formula 1 2011 season. Calendar of tests in 2011. Calendar season of 2011,Bahrain in March 13 , "Sahir.

Ski jumping, World Cup 2011 .. Bulgarian ski jumper Vladimir Zografski won the world championship of the tournament for youths

Bulgarian ski jumper Vladimir Zografski won the world championship of the tournament for juniors (18 years) of the Hills in the Estonian winter resort Otepää.
1. Vladimir Zografski (Bulgaria) - 255.0 points (98.0 and 95.0 m)
2. Stefan Kraft (Austria) - item 251.0 (91.0, 100.0)
3. Kaarel Nurmsalu (Estonia) - 249.0 (93.5, 98.5)
4. Anders Fanemel (Austria) - 241.0 (89.5, 98.0)
5. Grigol Marco (Switzerland) - 237.0 (91.5, 93.0)
6. Thomas Lakner (Austria) - 233.0 (92.0, 90.5)
Zografski not leave any chances for its competitors, having won the first jump of 98.0 meters, the latter reached 95.0 meters. So he gathered a total score of 255.0 points and left behind Stefan Kraft from Austria (251.0) and Estonian Kaarel Nurmsalu (249.0).
This is the biggest career victory, 17-year-old Bulgarian who competed for the first time the World Cup in the 2008/2009 season. So Zografski became the first representative of the country with World Cup ski jump.
Another two Bulgarians were competing in the discipline. Bogomil Pavlov finished 22 th place with 207.0 points (85.5 and 86.5 m). Dejan Funtarov not qualify for the second jump after the first reached 82.5 meters and 45 remained in the final standings.
The success of the World Cup is a confirmation of the excellent season Zografski. In the starts World Cup Obersdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen, he took respectively 19 o and 16 th place. "I do not know whether this is a dream or reality. And of training and jumped in the race Vladi very well. Our next goal is world title in men," said the father of the athlete and his coach Emil Zografski.

Tennis, Australian Open 2011. Kim Clijsters won the final of the Australian Open.

Clijsters took 2.2 million dollars in prize money and will climb to second in world rankings.
So far, 27-year-old athlete had won three times the U.S. Open. Former world number two leader Kim Clijsters won her fourth Grand Slam trophy after the final defeated Na Li (China) with 3:6, 6:3, 6:3 in 2 hours and 4 minutes on Centre Court Rod Laver Arena. Belgian, who has three US Open titles in his career, was a finalist in Melbourne in the race in 2004, but then retreated against her compatriot Justine Henin.
Belgian started the match with an early break to lead 2:0. Lee has demonstrated the character, immediately broke back and then reached 4:3 in its favor. Do take advantage of unforced errors to her opponent after her third break came to 6:3.
The second set prodilzhi similarly hesitant to play tee to both players.
Clijsters leaped better and finally took the last four games. 6:3 Then she evened the score in the match.
In the decisive set, Clijsters lead with 2:0, but this time kept his lead. In the ninth game she won her submission to zero and reached his first Grand Slam title in Australia.

Egypt, the escalation of the crisis.

Over 50 people were killed Friday as a result of the clashes between demonstrators and police officers in the Egyptian cities Cairo, Alexandria and Suez.
In the capital of the country at least 16 people were victims of riots, in Suez - between 11 and 13 people.
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak "got to go," said Egyptian opposition politician Mohammed ElBaradei to the French TV France 24 on Saturday, saying the protests against his rule will become even stronger.
"President Mubarak did not understand the message of the Egyptian people," said ElBaradei. "His speech was quite disappointing. Protests will continue with even greater force until the fall of the Mubarak regime.
Egyptian government formally resigned.
Today, the government held its last meeting in its current composition, during which it was taken a formal decision to resign.
In Saturday night against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak asked the government to resign after four days of national protests and clashes.
Last night the situation in Egypt has deteriorated, the whole city is blocked by army units on the streets are tanks and armored personnel carriers. Airports in the country currently open CA. Today we expect new demos.
Most governments recommend their citizens to refrain from traveling to Egypt in the coming days.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Australian Open 2011. Andy Murray in the final. 74 years waiting for the British Grand Slam title.

Murray and Ferrer showed extremely aggressive style of play and made enough spectacular match. Murray moved more aggressive thus ensuring a place of Sunday's final in Melbourne.
Andy Murray secured his second straight final at the Australian Open after defeating Spaniard David Ferrer with 4:6, 7:6 (2), 6:1, 7:6 (2) in Melbourne.
Last year, the Scot lost in three sets to Roger Federer. On Sunday, he will have to face Novak Djokovic if he wants to win his first title in a Grand Slam and delighted his countrymen.
Djokovic leads with 4:3 in the direct matches, but Murray has won the last three games between them.

Identify trans sexuality with MRI. Evidence that trans sexuality is innate.

Trans-sexuality - a discrepancy between biological and psychological sex of a person, leading to discomfort, which is called gender dysphoria. According to many experts, trans sexuality is innate. This condition has nothing to do with sexual orientation - sexual cross may be heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual. Currently, the only effective therapy with more or less positive results, surgical and hormonal sex adjustment in accordance with the membership, and subsequent change of identity documents.
Researchers from Spain have revealed differences in the structural elements of brain trans sexual and heterosexual sex.
The study conducted by a team led by Antonio Gilamon from the National University of Distance Education in Madrid.
Gilamon used method of assessing the state of myelin in white matter of the brain and used nuclear magnetic resonance. Made tomogram of the brain of transsexuals-24 men and 19 women.
The researchers found that the structure of white matter in women wishing to change sex differs from the female brain, but by men - only in the pyramidal system. Similarly, the researchers determined the characteristics of nervous tissue in trans sexual man.
According Gilamon, trans sexual brain has specific functions for both sexes. "He's not quite masculine and not very feminine", - said the author of the study.
Porn Oscars. Parodies of popular titles triumphed at the Oscars Porn Adult Video News
Shakira sex symbols and Gerard Pique together?

Nudity. Display of naked human body. The beauty of the perfect.

Golden Sands Bulgaria. Varna. Sea Resort Golden Sands

Formula 1 -2011 season. The most interesting Formula 1. Grand Prix.

Bulgaria, Bansko, slalom. World Cup Alpine skiing slalom-, results, standings.

Jose Mourinho wants England.

Jose Mourinho will not be Real Madrid and announced his desire to return to England as the reason for this was great tension in the Spanish Primera Liga.
"It does not matter to me where I will continue my career - in Manchester United, Manchester City or Chelsea. The important thing is to back the happiness of the football game," said the Portuguese expert.
"Premier League is the most spectacular in the world championship, but was most orderly." Special pointed out that the Premiership is different from other leagues with fair play and respect for opponents.
After meeting the fans of Sevilla threw bottles of mineral water keeper "royal" club Iker Casillas and raised a huge banner against the citizens of Sofia coach. It reads "Every pig has its day." Mourinho was painted in a coffin, and the date in the inscription "Rest in Peace" was that of his birthday 26.01.11.

Formula 1 2011 season. Calendar of tests in 2011. Calendar season of 2011,Bahrain in March 13 , "Sahir.

Calendar of tests:
February 1 Valencia "Ricardo Tormo"
February 2nd Valencia, Ricardo Tormo "
February 3 Valencia "Ricardo Tormo"
February 10 Jerez
February 11 Jerez
February 12 Jerez
February 13 Jerez
February 18 Barcelona, Catalonia "
February 19 Barcelona, Catalonia "
February 20 Barcelona, Catalonia "
February 21 Barcelona, Catalonia "
March 3 Bahrain
March 4 Bahrain
March 5 Bahrain
March 6 Bahrain

Calendar 2011 season:
March 13 Bahrain, "Sahir"
March 27 Australia, "Melbourne"
April 10 Malaysia, Sepang "
April 17 China, Shanghai
May 8 Turkey, Istanbul park
May 22 Spain, Catalunya "
May 29 Monaco, Monte Carlo
June 12 Canada Montreal
Europe June 26, Valencia
July 10 Great Britain, Silverstone
July 24 Germany, Nürburgring "
July 31 Hungary, Hungaroring "
August 28 Belgium, Spa-Francorchamps "
11 September Italy, Monza
September 25 Singapore Marina Bay
October 9 Japan, Suzuki
October 16 South Korea, "Yong"
October 30 India
November 13 Abu Dhabi, "FU Marina
27 November Brazil, Interlagos

The track was built in Bahrain in 2001-2002 and for the first time enter into the calendar of the FIA for the 2004 season.
Besides the main runway, the facility consist of six separate smaller trails, including a small oval for testing. "Sahir is located about 30 km from the capital Manama.
The actual route is located in the middle of the desert, raising fears and doubts concerning the sand, which can be cast on the runway and thus ruin the race.
Despite these concerns the organizers of the Grand Prix of Bahrain to tackle the problem by spraying the dunes around the track with special stain that turns sand into a large sticky mass which can not be blow away.
During the race all the teams and drivers make special care of cars, like most efforts have been assigned to it to protect the engine from sand storms.

built: 2004
Capacity: 50,000
Location: Sahir (Bahrain)
Tours: 57 (308.238 km)
Length: 5.412 km

Formula 1 2011 season. Completed testing in Valencia.

Formula 1. The first tests in 2011.

PROGRAM - Premiership 2011

PROGRAM - Premiership 2011

hours teams stadium

02/01/2011 - 25 Round

21:45 Sunderland - Chelsea Stadium of Light
21:45 Arsenal - Everton Emirates Stadium
22:00 U.B.A - Wigan The Hawthorns
22:00 Manchester United - Aston Villa Old Trafford

02/02/2011 - 25 Round
21:45 Birmingham - Manchester City St Andrews
22:00 Blackpool - Bloomfield Road West Ham
22:00 Fulham - Newcastle Craven Cottage
22:00 Blackburn - Ewood Park Tottenham
22:00 Bolton Wanderers - Reebok Stadium Wolverhampton
22:00 Liverpool - Stoke City Anfield

05/02/2011 - 26 Round
14:45 PM Stoke City - Sunderland Britannia Stadium
17:00 Everton - Goodison Park Blackpool
17:00 Aston Villa - Fulham Villa Park
17:00 Manchester City - U.B.A City of Manchester Stadium
17:00 Wigan - Blackburn JJB Stadium
17:00 Tottenham - Bolton White Hart Lane
17:00 Newcastle - Arsenal St James' Park
19:30 Wolverhampton - Manchester United Molineux Stadium
06/02/2011 - 26 Round
15:30 West Ham - Upton Park Birmingham
18:00 Chelsea - Liverpool Stamford Bridge

02/12/2011 - 27 Round
14:45 AM Manchester United - Old Trafford Manchester City
17:00 Liverpool - Wigan Anfield
17:00 U.B.A - West Ham The Hawthorns
17:00 Blackburn - Ewood Park Newcastle
17:00 Blackpool - Bloomfield Road Aston Villa
17:00 Birmingham - Stoke St Andrews
17:00 Arsenal - Emirates Stadium Wolverhampton
17:00 Sunderland - Tottenham Stadium of Light
02/13/2011 - 27 Round
18:00 Bolton Wanderers - Reebok Stadium Everton
14/02/2011 - 27 Round
22:00 Fulham - Chelsea Craven Cottage

15/02/2011 - 18 Round
21:45 Birmingham - Newcastle St Andrews
22/02/2011 - 18 Round
21:45 Arsenal - Stoke City Emirates Stadium
22:00 Blackpool - Bloomfield Road Tottenham
22:00 U.B.A - Wolverhampton The Hawthorns
02/23/2011 - 19 Round
22:00 Everton - Goodison Park Birmingham

26/02/2011 - 28 Round
Stoke City - Britannia Stadium U.B.A
Wolverhampton - Blackpool Molineux Stadium
Aston Villa - Villa Park Blackburn
Chelsea - Birmingham Stamford Bridge
Manchester City - Fulham City of Manchester Stadium
Wigan - Manchester City JJB Stadium
Tottenham - Arsenal White Hart Lane
Everton - Sunderland Goodison Park
Newcastle - Bolton St James' Park
West Ham - Liverpool Upton Park

03/01/2011 - 18 Round
21:45 Chelsea - Manchester United Stamford Bridge

05/03/2011 - 29 Round
Fulham - Craven Cottage Blackburn
Liverpool - Manchester United Anfield
Wolverhampton Wanderers - Molineux Stadium Tottenham
Bolton - Reebok Stadium Aston Villa
West Ham - Stoke Upton Park
Birmingham - St Andrews U.B.A
Newcastle - Everton St James' Park
Blackpool - Bloomfield Road Chelsea
Arsenal - Emirates Stadium Sunderland
Manchester City - Wigan City of Manchester Stadium

19/03/2011 - 30 Round
U.B.A - Arsenal The Hawthorns
Sunderland - Liverpool Stadium of Light
Everton - Fulham Goodison Park
Chelsea - Manchester City Stamford Bridge
Aston Villa - Villa Park Wolverhampton
Stoke City - Newcastle Britannia Stadium
Manchester United - Bolton Old Trafford
Tottenham - West Ham White Hart Lane
Blackburn - Ewood Park Blackpool
Wigan - Birmingham JJB Stadium

02/04/2011 - 31 Round
Arsenal - Blackburn, Emirates Stadium
Everton - Aston Villa Goodison Park
Newcastle - Wolverhampton St James' Park
U.B.A - Liverpool The Hawthorns
Stoke City - Chelsea Britannia Stadium
West Ham - Manchester United Upton Park
Fulham - Craven Cottage Blackpool
Birmingham - Bolton St Andrews
Wigan - Tottenham JJB Stadium
Manchester City - Sunderland City of Manchester Stadium

09/04/2011 - 32 Round
Manchester United - Fulham Old Trafford
Aston Villa - Newcastle Villa Park
Bolton - West Ham Reebok Stadium
Liverpool - Anfield Manchester City
Blackpool - Bloomfield Road Arsenal
Blackburn - Ewood Park Birmingham
Sunderland - Stadium of Light U.B.A
Chelsea - Stamford Bridge Wigan
Wolverhampton Wanderers - Molineux Stadium Everton
Tottenham - Stoke White Hart Lane

16/04/2011 - 33 Round
Manchester City - Tottenham City of Manchester Stadium
Everton - Blackburn Goodison Park
Stoke - Wolverhampton Britannia Stadium
West Ham - Aston Villa Upton Park
Arsenal - Liverpool Emirates Stadium
Blackpool - Bloomfield Road Wigan
U.B.A - Chelsea The Hawthorns
Birmingham - Sunderland St Andrews
Newcastle - Manchester City St James' Park
Fulham - Bolton Craven Cottage

23/04/2011 - 34 Round
Spurs - White Hart Lane U.B.A
Manchester United - Everton Old Trafford
Liverpool - Anfield Birmingham
Blackpool - Bloomfield Road Newcastle
Sunderland - Wigan Athletic Stadium of Light
Chelsea - West Ham Stamford Bridge
Blackburn - Manchester City Ewood Park
Aston Villa - Stoke City Villa Park
Bolton - Reebok Stadium Arsenal
Wolverhampton Wanderers - Molineux Stadium Fulham

30/04/2011 - 35 Round
Blackburn - Ewood Park Bolton
Manchester City - West Ham City of Manchester Stadium
Birmingham - Wolverhampton St Andrews
Chelsea - Tottenham Stamford Bridge
Blackpool - Stoke Bloomfield Road
U.B.A - Aston Villa The Hawthorns
Arsenal - Manchester United Emirates Stadium
Liverpool - Anfield Newcastle
Wigan - Everton JJB Stadium
Sunderland - Fulham Stadium of Light

07/05/2011 - 36 Round
Wolverhampton Wanderers - Molineux Stadium U.B.A
Newcastle - Birmingham St James' Park
Fulham - Liverpool Craven Cottage
West Ham - Blackburn Upton Park
Manchester United - Chelsea, Old Trafford
Tottenham - Blackpool White Hart Lane
Bolton - Reebok Stadium Sunderland
Everton - Manchester City Goodison Park
Stoke City - Arsenal Britannia Stadium
Aston Villa - Wigan Villa Park

14/05/2011 - 37 Round
Sunderland - Wolves Stadium of Light
Wigan - West Ham JJB Stadium
Chelsea - Stamford Bridge Newcastle
Blackburn - Manchester United Ewood Park
Blackpool - Bloomfield Road Bolton
Manchester City - Stoke City of Manchester Stadium
Birmingham - Fulham St Andrews
Liverpool - Tottenham Anfield
U.B.A - Everton The Hawthorns
Arsenal - Emirates Stadium Aston Villa

22/05/2011 - 38 Round
West Ham - Sunderland Upton Park
Newcastle - U.B.A St James' Park
Fulham - Arsenal Craven Cottage
Aston Villa - Liverpool Villa Park
Tottenham - Birmingham White Hart Lane
Stoke City - Wigan Britannia Stadium
Manchester United - Old Trafford Blackpool
Bolton - Manchester City Reebok Stadium
Everton - Chelsea Goodison Park
Wolverhampton - Blackburn Molineux Stadium

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Formula 1 2011 season. Michael Schumacher wants eighth world title.

Mercedes will present his new car W02 on February 1, Tuesday, just before the first-season testing on the track "Ricardo Tormo" in Valencia.
Michael Schumacher is still convinced he can win a record eighth world title regardless of its weak performance in the first season of his return to Formula 1.
In a special interview for the magazine F1 Racing Schumacher says his confidence in the new car "Mercedes" and that no doubt the possibilities. Asked if he expected to become world champion in 2011, he replied: "Absolutely. We have a three-year project. It is clear that currently we are not where we want to be. We put great effort and we are optimistic that we have our chances. "
At the beginning of the month pilot of the Ferrari Fernando Alonso said Schumacher of his most dangerous opponent in the title race. Two days ago did four times world champion Alain Prost said that "not realistic" to pursue the eighth German title for the second year of his return to the sport.

Formula 1 2011 season. Calendar of tests in 2011. Calendar season of 2011,Bahrain in March 13 , "Sahir.

Week of haute couture, Paris 2011.

In Paris began week of haute couture. It will last 4 days. On Monday, the largest collection of interest raised by fashion house Christian Dior.
This time when creating her collection for Dior, John Galliano was inspired by the work and the work of Rene Groh - famous artist-illustrator.
The color range is very diverse as it is dominated mostly warm colors - red, brown and yellow.
Fitting jackets, opulent shoulders, deep necklines and tailored skirts to the knee are the highlights of the collection. Evening dresses are traditionally decorated with feathers, appliques and embroidery.
While Galliano is another name for extravagance in fashion, it Lagerfeld for Chanel is classic, elegant luxury and moderate shine. His new collection haute couture catches the eye with a series of dresses and formal dresses decorated with sequins and diamonds. With ease and true to its classic models, German silver and pink combined with specially selected for this purpose and white floral patterns. Ultimately, Karl Lagerfeld is the man who always behaved more complex patterns, especially the detail in them.
By now his Haute Couture collections for spring-summer 2011 also showed Alexis Mabille, Giorgio Armani Prive, Zuhair Murad, Georges Hobeika, Francois Eymeric, Bouchra Jarrar, Christophe Josse and Alexandre Vauthier.

Bulgaria, Bansko, slalom. World Cup Alpine skiing slalom-, results, standings.

Bookmakers Oscar 2011. Social network with the best chances for an Oscar in 2011, according to bookmakers.

A day after the official announcement of the nominations for Oscar 2011. bookmakers were not late with the calculations and the broadcasting of their favorites. According to one of the world's largest bookmakers - Unibet, pronounced favorite to win the statuette in the category "Best Film" is "social networking" by David Fincher. Zhivota story of the founder of Facebook, Mark Zukarbarg, e by a factor of 1.50, followed by the historical drama "King's speech" with 2.50.
Again, between these two films are expected to be broke and the battle in the category "Best Actor". There best odds get Colin Firth and Jesse Ayzenbarg.
In women, high expectations for a prize to the pregnant Natalie Portman for the role and paranoid dancer in psycho-thriller "Black Swan". The film recently became a father Javier Bardem "Beautiful" leads the list for foreign-language productions, with a coefficient 2.10.
"The speech of the King" was nominated in five categories of goals, but according to specialists bets of Unibet, "social network" has more chances to bring the most Oscars this year and therefore receive three best ratio in the categories against the two for its biggest competitor.
Which will be the winners will find out on February 27 when a glittering ceremony in Los Angeles Film Academy of the United States will award the most prestigious statuettes in the cinema.

Anti Oscar. Wooden spoon "Razzie Award 2011.

Bulgaria, Bansko, slalom. World Cup Alpine skiing slalom-, results, standings.

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