Saturday, December 31, 2011

Came the era of political Islam. Europe should support Turkey's regional Islamic leader.

In the beginning were Saudi Arabia, some Emirates, Iran, Algeria in the early '90s, a little later in Iraq and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.Now came the turn of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and the Maghreb.The same thing happened in Turkey. Attempts by dictatorial regimes to slow down already doomed to failure.There comes a tide of political Islam.Political Islam emerged as a protest movement against the dictatorship, without a clear political platform, based primarily on the Qur'an. Most countries were formerly managed by the secular, in most cases, totalitarian regimes, remnants of the Cold War era, when they were supported by the U.S. or USSR.Unfortunately, now part of the Islamic movement backed causes that deny modernizing societies.One bright spot is Turkey headed by the most skilled politician of the time in the region.Erdogan seeks to introduce a new model of government which combines modernization and democratization of Islam within a secular government.Despite the positive developments in Turkey, especially in the economic sphere, still can not break the remnants of the great Ottoman nationalism and to solve some pressing problems, such as the Kurdish issue, the Armenian genocide, problems of Cyprus and Greece and a number of other minor issues.Most of the leaders of Islam come from disenfranchised classes and well-known problems and formulate messages understandable to ordinary people, language - the language of religion.Iran is a dangerous infection-evolution to the traditions of theocracy.Conflicts of places grew into religious, emerging eventually as a civilizational conflict.Due to economic and political chaos, probably a majority of Member would bear a similar way to Iran.Europe seems to support Turkey's aspirations to become a regional Islamic leader.

Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year holidays and traditions in Bulgaria. Happy new year 2012.

Every nation for centuries has created, passed down from generation to Christmas traditions and beliefs. Compliance with customs and beliefs in welcoming the New Year only one aim - the New Year be a happy, abundant and rich. In the last minutes of the old year to bed drink a cup. Then fill it brim and celebrate the New Year with a full glass. Do not replenish old drink. Drink from the old year must be fully drawn. New Year's Eve should have money in their pockets to meet your new year with money you are rich. During the first day of new year should not work hard work for you slightly during the year. Preparations for the holiday starts from the old year - 31 December. New Year is a very important meal that should be rich, full of dishes to be rich and happy and coming year. Among the dishes must have a pork pie with fortune asks silver coins, garlic, walnuts, wheat, red wine, but somewhere and kill red cock. Before we sat down, her prekazhdat with incense. The oldest, the owner, break bread, calling songs: Home to Mother, for each family. Whom fall piece coin, will be healthy and happy all year. St. Basil is the first of January or Survakane as a popular holiday in Bulgaria. Traditionally, the table present the meat dishes, pastry with fortune, called the house, health, wealth and corn, nuts and dried fruits. St. Basil is a guess and sourvakne health. Surva merry year Gold grade levels red apple in the Garden Silk with a full house! Being alive and well next year next year to Amen On the table you can put a pig or chicken and place in center of pie with her fortune, which rotates and each draw their luck for the coming year. According to popular tradition if you keep your first piece of pie or cake and put it under her pillow will dream of her future spouse. Around the table to predict their future success. Your guests can be survakari and New Year, going around the houses and sourvakne health and prosperity. Send them with fruit, buns and small gifts. Of St. Basil gather young men who go round the houses at night and sourvakne their owners. On the holiday passes and groups of children who also sourvakne owners of the houses. Sourvakne is very old pagan custom, and now is one kind for Christmas and blessings. Today the Church celebrates St. Basil the Great, who lived in the III-th century the territory of today's Asia Minor. The saint having the idea of ​​charity and good as an expression of divine laws. St. Basil the Great created a modest monastic dormitory. Shortly thereafter it to prisaydinyava and his faithful friend and companion Gregory the Theologian. In this monastery, they create their own rules of monastic life, which for centuries has been used in the Orthodox Church.

Russian nuclear submarine Yekaterinburg is immersed in fire rescue.

Prevent the news agencies that firefighters can not extinguish the flames and is considering sinking of Yekaterinburg in the wheelhouse, to eliminate the situation in ship repair plant in Roslyakovo, Murmansk region, where the submarine is to be repaired. Six hours after the fire of the nuclear submarine "Ekaterinburg", he was crushed after putting it all together with a dock in which it is located. Russian authorities declared that the reactor is in a safe condition, but they are very hard to believe. No injuries, radiation background in the rules announced by the press center of the fleet. "Ekaterinburg" is more strategic nuclear submarine project 667BDRM, the composition of the 31st Division of the 12th Squadron of the Northern Fleet. Port-based Gulf Jagiello. Submarine "Ekaterinburg" is part of the "Dolphin" with a length of 167 m, width - 12 meters, and displacement of about 12,000 tons. Maximum immersion depth of 400 m underwater cruising speed - 24 knots (44.5 km / h), crew - 140 people. Weapons-16 intercontinental ballistic missiles "Sineva". In Northern Fleet currently has six such submarines. In April and July this year were carried out successful firings of intercontinental ballistic missile "Sineva".

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lady Gaga spotted in the arms of Taylor Kinney.

Lady Gaga spotted in the arms of Taylor Kinney. Singer Lady Gaga has finally revealed the intimate relationship with Taylor Kinney, with whom Stephanie spent Christmas in sunny California, U.S. tabloids write. The singer of "Bad Romance" was connected with the star of "The Vampire Diaries" in July, when he starred in the video for her song "You and I". Over the weekend lovers were spotted together for the first time while walking embraced in California. According to British press boulevard, had two bright holiday in a beach house that Kinney shares with three other friends. Although Gaga is talking about his personal life, in October she said: "You do not say anything about his love life? Well, I can only say I'm happy."

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Caught the mythical Yeti?

In Dzheyrahskiya region of Ingushetia border guards seized a two-meter strange creature resembling a mythical Yeti hominid, called snowman. This was announced by Minister of Labour and Social Welfare. Border guards in view of the area came across a strange animal, "which is already at the zoo, located in the departmental holiday house border management of Ingushetia. The animal resembled a two-meter gorilla, dark color, probably a huge female. Gorillas usually propped on his hands, while the animal stands upright. Published incomprehensible sounds, "says Minister-witness. Was very frightened animal, need vegetation and meat. "Some say it was a snowman, others - a great ape, but honestly, such a thing in my life have I seen," emphasizes eyewitness. Until a few days will go by Moscow specialists will gather strange animal. The information was distributed in several Russian publications online and cause distrust among readers and became the occasion for many jokes.

Anna Feninger to win giant slalom World Cup in Lienz.

The young Austrian Anna Feninger delighted local audiences with giant slalom win the World Cup in Lienz. 22-year-old athlete is placed along with the total time 1:09:23 minutes. Feninger won a second victory in his career with a brilliant ride in the second round after being fourth after the first. The Italian Federica remained second with Brinyone lag of 0.27 seconds. On the podium got American Tessa Worley. Fourth ranked leader after the first release Rebensburg Victoria, who made a mistake. Alpine skiing star of Lindsey Vonn (U.S.) was fifth and winner of the Grand Crystal Globe last season Maria Riesch took tenth position.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What happens in the EU before the New Year?

. What happens in the EU: Ireland thinks the referendum, Scotland an independent country in the EU, Hungary is in a quiet revolution, Britain is at a crossroads, Sweden and Denmark do not want to hear about the euro and serious criticism against Ashton. A group of European Ministers of Foreign Affairs (France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland and Sweden) expressed dissatisfaction with the activities of the European External Action Service, headed by Catherine Ashton in a confidential letter. The crisis in the euro area was left in the background discontent of some Member States of the EU diplomatic service, while the problems are repeated. Continued unrest in the formation of the composition of the European body for the allocation of posts, which had to be balanced between Member States. In Hungary, a quiet revolution underway - President, Secretary and Chief Prosecutor of the Court are members of the party Fidesz, the powers of the Constitutional Court, Supreme Council, Budget Committee and the Central Bank were cut and the state agency overseeing the media. Most judges, directors of schools and hospitals will be replaced by the party faithful, through a combination of constitutional amendments and laws to reform the electoral rights, pensions and party funding. Taken by the Conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban radical changes are based on the overwhelming election victory to destroy government and to create its own image. The independence of Scotland spoke again at the beginning of the month when Prime Minister David Cameron put a veto on new EU treaty at a crucial European Council. If Scotland becomes an independent member of the European Union, the power of her voice will be less than that of Greece. Currently the UK has 29 votes in the Council of Ministers of the EU - the same number as France, Germany and Italy. In the event that Edinburgh became independent, however, the United Kingdom will remain with 27 votes. At the same time Scotland will have seven votes as Denmark, Slovakia, Finland, Ireland and Lithuania. Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny said it plans to create a standing committee for a referendum to prepare for a possible public consultation on fiscal discipline pact proposed by European Union leaders. The majority of the Conservative Party urge Britain to leave the European Union. A recent survey shows that 54% of the Tories considered the ideal scenario to leave the UK and EU only to sign a free trade agreement. Citizens of Sweden and Denmark are not part of the eurozone, are more attached than ever to their currencies, the crisis is already affecting the euro area and their economies. Although both countries are members of the European Union, they refused to adopt the single currency. .

Growing scandal of match fixing in Italy. Kneaded Buffon, Cannavaro and Gattuso in match-fixing.

Carlo Gervasoni suspected match-fixing in Italy, captured after action "Last Bet" give evidence in connection with the manipulation of the results of 10 games of the domestic championship and the scheme for agreeing to play football against the simulative opponent in order to achieve a positive result in his favor. The witness admitted that three of the meetings of the Series "A" - Lazio - Genoa (4-2), Palermo - Bari (2:1) and Lecce - Lazio (2:4) last season. It is possible that about 20 players were involved in the scheme. From Lazio immediately denied the information. Lazio''has never been connected with the investigation "Last Bet", try to stop rumors President Claudio Lothian. Said recent reports questioning the case for action "Last Bet" involved were the names of three internationals - Gennaro Gattuso, goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon and Fabio Cannavaro. They were mentioned in testimony in the case of David Santoni - former coach of Ravenna. It is not yet clear whether participants in the criminal scheme for match-fixing while playing in his Italian club teams.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Over 47,000 residents of Leningrad region and over 20 thousand people in the Russian Republic of Karelia remained without electricity.

Over 47,000 residents of Leningrad region in Russia remained without electricity as a result of a strong cyclone, said the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. At 9 am Moscow time remained without power 650 villages. In the restoration of electricity involved 124 emergency recovery teams. Over 20,000 people from 71 villages in the Republic of Karelia points were left without electricity due to bad weather, said the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. In the republic continued heavy snowfall, wind speed exceeds 60 km / hour.

Israeli doctors predict over mysterious illness.

In Israel mysterious illness is spreading. Three healthy, in no way connected to each other Israelis aged 30-40 years were victims of the mysterious neurological disorder, said Israeli media. Doctors still are not able to identify the cause of the disease. According to them, the victims just suddenly lost his ability to walk and began to complain of serious vision problems. These symptoms indicate that the disease is neurological. But tests for all known bacteria and viruses showed no pathogens. Now for the analysis, the samples are transported to the laboratory in the United States. Israeli doctors rely on their foreign colleagues for diagnosis. Currently, experts have tested many versions, including infection caused by contaminated food, drugs and medicines. However, the result is negative.

The burning issue of corruption in Bulgaria. Strasbourg: 39 000 leva damages against the new Deputy Minister of Justice of Bulgaria.

The new Deputy Minister of Justice Denitsa Valkova-Petkova, who was appointed last week by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and will take office on January 3, Bulgaria was reason to be ordered in Strasbourg. As a judge in District Court in Burgas in 2003 Valkova was rapporteur of the case against the journalists and Katja Kassabova Bozhidar Bozhkov brought by four inspectors from the Regional Inspectorate of Education. The reason are publications, which reveals that 157 healthy children with poor results are accepted in elite high schools with false medical notes for serious diseases. Two instances of the Burgas Court recognized journalists guilty of libel, but completely lacks the essential question in this case - is there corruption in the inspectorate. Court refuses to accept the opinion of the international organization Article 19, fighting for freedom of speech in which he reviewed the practice of European Court cases against journalists. Rapporteur Valkova ignores the fact that pre-trial proceedings have been instituted by the prosecution of the case. It does not accept as evidence and held by the Ministry of Education internal audit that shows dozens of irregularities in the Burgas Inspectorate. After a heavy penalty sentences two journalists received the "Panitza" for courageous journalism. These lawsuits in Strasbourg in April this year the European Court of Human Rights ruled in their favor. In its decision, the European judges stressed that disproportionate to the Bulgarian court to the professional conduct of journalists could result in making their obligation to inform the public. Therefore Strasbourg recommends Bulgarian magistrates whenever the case against the journalist decided to consider not only the case, but its impact on the media as a whole.

In France, a woman MP was threatened with rape for anti-Turkish law.

Ruling party lawmaker Valery Boyer in France complained to police about the threat of rape by activists supporting Turkey, informed the local media. Last week, the French lower house of Parliament approved a bill to recognize the crime of the Armenian genocide denial. Valerie Boyer is the initiator of the bill. Parliament's decision provoked a diplomatic crisis between France and Turkey. "From the time we voted for the adoption of this law, threaten me, including threats of rape and also at Christmas, my site has suffered numerous hacking" - Boyer said at the police station, adding that her patience is at its end. Ankara recalled its ambassador, threatened diplomatic, economic and military sanctions France and banned French military aircraft to land at Turkish airports and boarding the French ships in Turkish ports. Opponents of the law adopted in France for criminalizing denial of the genocide claim that the ruling party acts in the name of attracting additional number of Armenian votes ahead of presidential and parliamentary elections in the country.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

An earthquake measuring 6.6 on the Richter scale in southwestern Siberia.

Earthquake of magnitude 6.6 on the Richter scale has rocked the southwestern Siberia quake was centered 94 kilometers east of Kisin and 6 km depth. Because of the earthquake in Siberia began evacuation of workers in mines and Hakasiya Kemerovska area. More than half the staff has been evacuated. We recall an earthquake 6.7 Richter scale was recorded tonight in the Russian republic of Tuva, located near the border with Mongolia. No injuries or damage, according to information the authorities. Fear of local people, however, forced them to flee their homes. Ministry of Emergency Situations said that it expected strong aftershocks.

Hard rock band Van Halen new tour and new album.

American hard rock band Van Halen is collected for a new tour and new album announced their official website. This will be their first tour since 2008 and in 2012 will likely be issued and their new album, they work more than two years. The musicians have signed a contract with Interscope company for its distribution. This will be the first album of Van Halen with their original singer David Lee Roth since 1984. It will soon be announced and the band concert destinations and tickets will be on sale from 10 January. Previous tour, which took place between 2007-2008, was the most profitable in their careers, but the final concert in Quebec garnered over 85 thousand people. The present composition include Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Alex Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen and his 20-year-old son Wolfgang Van Halen, which is part of the group since 2006.

Dimitar Berbatov hat-trick in the victory of the "United" 5-0 over "Wigan".

Dimitar Berbatov achieved a hat-trick in the victory of the "Manchester United" 5-0 over "Wigan", which champions are back in the Premier League summit with "Manchester City". Berbatov opened the scoring account four minutes before halftime and scored two more times after that to increase its asset in the Premier League season on four hits. He now has six goals in all competitions. The leader "Manchester City" failed to score for the first time this season in the Premiership and West Brom deserved draw 0-0 record. Disappointment to his fans and brought the "Liverpool", which failed to beat last-placed "Blackburn". "Liverpool" has 31 points, one less than the fifth "Arsenal" and three less than a fourth "Chelsea", which earlier today also made a disappointing draw against "Fulham".

Monday, December 26, 2011

New Year traditions in Bulgaria.

New Year traditions in Bulgaria. St. Basil is the first of January or Survakane as a popular holiday in Bulgaria. Traditionally, the table present the meat dishes, pastry with fortune, called the house, health, wealth and corn, nuts and dried fruits. St. Basil is a guess and sourvakne health. On the table you can put a pig or chicken and place in center of pie with her fortune, which rotates and each draw their luck for the coming year. According to popular tradition if you keep your first piece of pie or cake and put it under her pillow will dream of her future spouse. Around the table to predict their future success. Your guests can be survakari and New Year, going around the houses and sourvakne health and prosperity. Send them with fruit, buns and small gifts. Of St. Basil gather young men who go round the houses at night and sourvakne their owners. On the holiday passes and groups of children who also sourvakne owners of the houses. Sourvakne is very old pagan custom, and now is one kind for Christmas and blessings. Today the Church celebrates St. Basil the Great, who lived in the III-th century the territory of today's Asia Minor. The saint having the idea of ​​charity and good as an expression of divine laws. St. Basil was born in the town of Caesarea Cappadocian about 350g. AD splendid situation in a Christian family. His mother and grandmother Emel Makrina educate small his brother Basil and Gregory the Theologian in Christian values. Later, Basil and his younger brother Gregory taught in Caesarea. In this school, St. Basil meets Gregory the Theologian, his friend and saideynik. Then the young Basil continued his training in Athens, where he studied with the future emperor Julian Apostille. His teachers are notorious for time and lecturers Himeriy Prohereziy. After completing his training St. Basil the Great establishes a town near the river in Neokesariya Iris. He creates a modest monastic dormitory. Shortly thereafter it to prisaydinyava and his faithful friend and companion Gregory the Theologian. In this monastery, they create their own rules of monastic life, which for centuries has been used in the Orthodox Church.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Islamic terror on Christians in Nigeria on Christmas continues.

The question of whether Islam is the cause of terrorism in recent years has been on the agenda. Explosion rocked the church on Christmas morning outside the capital of Nigeria with at least 15 zhertvi.Eksploziyata in the church "St. Teresa, "said the National Emergency Office. A little later in the central Nigerian city of Jos new explosion in the area of ​​the Evangelical Church "Mountain of Fire". The explosion was at Christmas in church ministries. Local authorities confirmed the explosion and reported that no data on harvest. It is unclear whether there is a connection between the two explosions. The blast broke some evangelical church after waves of violence against Christian community in recent years. On Christmas night last year, militants attacked three churches in northern Nigeria, killing six people and a church was burned. "In an attack on Baptist Church in the city Mayduguri five pilgrims and pastor of the church in the area Alamderi were killed by suspected members of the group "Boko Haram". Religion is a means of socialization, and people respond positively to messages hidden in language associated with religion, because religion is considered to be "good." Global offensive to Islam is linked to radical forms of religion has become a major vehicle . Muslim tradition of religious terrorism can be traced to the Persian-Sunni sect of assassins from the Middle Ages. This tradition continued during the Arab-Israeli struggle between the two world wars and take final form in the CMO. In our most recent modernity, a recent edition of this tradition is the "Al Qaeda" - Sunni Islamist terrorist organization, elaborated on the experience of the PLO and trying to preserve the glory of Islam by radical religious terrorism in the world scale.

Prince of Monaco Albert II, confirmed the presence of World Star Ski Event in Bansko of 28 and 29 January 2012

Prince of Monaco Albert II, in a letter to the president of the national association confirms the presence of the VI edition of the charity show - World Star Ski Event in Bansko, which will be held on 28 and 29 January 2012 Demonstration in the slalom, and biathlon Todorka and traditional auction will collect funds for disadvantaged children. Albert II led the team will star as the pilot of "Lotus" in Formula 1, Vitaly Petrov, legend Ari Vatanen, Ricardo Patreze, Emanuele Piro and Loris Capirossi. There is also Sergei Bubka, who recently visited Bulgaria. Ski Team Albert II will be the greatest Bulgarian football player of all time, Hristo Stoichkov, World Ambassador Marc Ghirardelli single 5-fold winner of the World Cup in Alpine skiing.

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas and good health, luck, happiness, prosperity and good mood! Christian world observes one of the biggest church holidays - Christmas, which is celebrated the birth of the Son of God - Jesus Christ. Shortly before birth, his mother Mary went with Joseph to Bethlehem, but could not find a place in the inn, and took refuge in a cave outside the city, which the shepherds used to fold. There Mary gave birth to her son, wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger, where they were tethered donkey and an ox. In animals breathing infant warm. The moment of birth in the sky burning wondrous light appeared an angel who told nearby shepherds that the Savior of the world has come. Bethlehem shepherds were the first people who worshiped the God-Son. Baby Jesus was honored by the three eastern kings, brought to Bethlehem by rising above the scene star. In Bulgaria, the pagan traditions associated with Christmas and the Christian with the custom. It involved only men - bachelors, fiancee and a young, recently married men who are called Christmas. From midnight until morning, they visit the houses and sing carols with special wishes for health, happiness, family and a rich harvest, farmers and give them Christmas buns, money and other foods.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa Claus in shock replaced reindeer Rudolph with an elephant.

Santa does not go anywhere without reindeer Rudolph, but only in Thailand gave good old presents with an elephant. Thai elephant trainer, dressed as Santa Claus handed out gifts to children's Christmas party at the school north of Bangkok. His "assistant" was also dressed in traditional holiday red and white variety, with the red hat on his head and a white "beard". The event is held every year on Christmas Eve and its purpose is to stimulate tourism in the city of Ayuthaya, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Scandal missiles "Patriot" in the English ship bound from Germany to China.

"Representatives of the office in Lower Saxony, acknowledged that discovered aboard a British freighter in Finland 69 missiles" patriots "were sent from Germany to South Korea." Why the ship travels to China and what would happen to the Rockets in Shanghai is not clear. Complexes Patriot, manufactured by U.S. company Raytheon, used only by the U. S. Army and U.S. allies. They are able to intercept a distance of 240 km and an altitude of 24 km. Patriot plays a major role as a platform to intercept ballistic missiles, and this role is a key and enter China is hard to explain. Consignment Arms was approved by the Government of Germany. Missiles were loaded on this ship in the port city of Papenburg "by mistake". Thor Liberty was caught on 13 December at the port of Kotka on the way to China from Germany. Jets were caught by law enforcement officials said on Wednesday evening by the Minister of Interior of Finland Päivi Räsänen. with 150 tons picrites. According to some reports, the cargo ship was not authorized to carry military cargo. German customs officials acknowledge that the transport documents were issued by the customs authorities in North Emden.

Christmas miracles. Patient out of coma one hour before being disconnected from the apparatus to maintain life.

21-year-old Sam Schmidt of Arizona out of the coma, only 1 hour before doctors to exclude from the apparatus for artificial life support. The student was seriously injured during a car accident in October 2011. Doctors failed to bring out the heavy coma and brain death registered. In mid-December, the authorities suggested the parents consider to donate his son's organs to save other patients and medical staff began to prepare to exclude hopeless patient of artificial devices for life support. Only one hour before the deadline, Sam dadl signs of life began to move his fingers, and then woke up in full consciousness. "I feel good, although I'm still in a wheelchair, it's a miracle, a miracle!" - Told ABC TV on Friday back to life Sam. His condition has improved so rapidly that doctors consider to put it home to celebrate Christmas.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kostelic triumphed in Flachau

Ivica Kostelic won the night slalom in Flachau Austrian ski resort. Late last night, Croatian finished with a time 1 minute 48 seconds and 94 hundredths. Second Andre Mirer remained in Sweden, and third ranked Italian Christian Devile. Leader in the standings remains Marcel Hersher of Austria, who finished 13th.

The earth moved, and this is the cause of earthquakes, opened Bulgarian scientist.

The earth moved, and this is the cause of earthquakes, opened Bulgarian scientist. Earth and shaking and it is the cause of all earthquakes in the world. This discovery was made Boyko Iliev physicist studying earthquakes. Calculations were made using a formula of physics textbooks for secondary schools - "Formula for the period of oscillation of a mechanical pendulum." To compare this theory with practical day, he gathered all the earthquakes occurring in one day and calculated the average number - 1 hour 24 minutes and 38 seconds, indicating that the difference between two numbers is only 15 seconds. Theoretical and measured time differ by only 15 seconds and show that there is a causal connection between the earth shake and turmoil, says physicist. Iliev can not make an accurate forecast and when will the next earthquake, but cites a colleague from India, which according to calculations in the next two weeks earthquakes with a magnitude of 6-7 on the Richter scale will be Turkey and southern Greece. The physicist has no money with which to secure the appropriate certificate of discovery .. He says that about 1 million researched earthquakes for the past 20 years. Their strength was with a magnitude of 3 to 10 on the Richter scale. In his words, shake the earth "affect tectonic plates, volcanoes, the oceans may be something happening." So far his assumptions have scientific confirmation by other professionals and sounds a bit frivolous.

The snow came in Bulgaria and ski resorts. Closed passages. Problems in traffic on some roads.

In mountain resorts snow exceeds 50 cm. Snowfall in Sofia, Bulgaria and cause problems in traffic on some major roads in the capital but there are huge traffic jams. Cleaned up some avenues, but in general the streets in Sofia are not properly cleaned. Snow falls in Pazardjik District Gabrovo, Kardjali, Blagoevgrad, Kyustendil, Targovishte, Haskovo, Sofia, Stara Zagora, Smolyan, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Razgrad and in the regions of Troyan, Apriltsi Kotel. Are closed to traffic passes - Zlatitsa, Tvardishki, Varbishki, Diulinski, Trojan-Karnare and Aitos. Pass "Brian" "Vratnik", "Petrohan" is forbidden is the movement of lorries over 10 tonnes and movement with trailers. On the road cave-Batak-Dospat all cars must run with chains and without trailers. Power is interrupted to Lesovo checkpoint because failure of a substation in Topolovgrad. In Sliven movement is complicated by bad weather conditions. Due to the strong north wind, snow and snowdrifts closed path "Petolachka" Kotel-Omurtag movement TIR-s and trucks with trailers. Is limited traffic on the road, Sliven, Stara Reka Helen of trucks and cars without chains. For Southern Bulgaria is in effect code "yellow" for heavy snow, and for districts of the code is "orange." Two trucks and have turned the road E 79 in Blagoevgrad, where the traffic is blocked. Because snow has hampered traffic on the roads Gotse Delchev - Petrich - Zlatarevo, Gotse Delchev - Gotse Delchev and Petrich-Zlatarevo. Pass "before" and the way Blagoevgrad - Stanke Lisichkovo all motor vehicles must move with chains, but without cargo trailers and semi-trailers. In Smolyan, cars must run with chains and cargo - no trailers through the passages Rozhen, Pamporovo and Pechinsko Pass. The restriction also applies to road-Mihalkovo Devon. In Sofia there is difficulty in movement in the area in the Black Kos, as well as by road to the inn Kokalyansko Kokalyane Bystrica and the railways, said "Focus". Tank does has capsized on the road between Kostinbrod and Voluyak. A crane on site, teams of police and fire.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Syria descended into chaos. Militants took hostages, foreigners, government and rebels kills indiscriminately.

In Syria, clashes continue, resistance to government forces to stop. Despite the recently signed under pressure from Russia, an agreement with the League of Arab States, the situation is deteriorating more and more.
Thus, in Homs armed Islamists took hostage eight people - foreign engineers of different nationalities, according to state news agency SANA.
Experts were kidnapped by militants when they go to work in Central Dzhendera. They were kidnapped near the industrial zone and taken to unknown posoka.Organite investigate security incidents without any success. We do not know which countries citizens are hostages

Marliyz Schild wins third World Cup slalom.

Ranking in Flachau (Austria):
1 - Marliyz Schild (Austria) 1:51:53 min (first round:
55.48, second round: 56.05)
2. Maria Riesch-Höfe (Germany) 1:51.99 (56.01, 55.98)
3. Tina Maze (Slovenia) 1:52:35 (55.77, 56.58)
4. Katrin Tsetel (Austria) 1:52.83 (56.54, 56.29)
5. Natasha vicinity of Nyons (France) 1:52.96 (56.90, 56.06)
6. Michael Kirhgaser (Austria) 1:53:42 (57.44, 55.98).
Austrian Schild wins third Marliyz start in the slalom this season, having triumphed on home soil. She wins in the season opening in Aspen (Colorado, USA) in November and also in Courchevel French ski center two days ago.
In Flachau (Austria), she was led after the first round and managed to hold the first position with a total time of 1 minute 51.53 seconds. Shield does not allow Riesch Basement and hope. For Austrian is a 30-win career World Cup.
Maria Riesch of Höfe, Germany ranked as the 2nd place today at 0.46 seconds.
Tina Maze remained a 3-position, 0.82 seconds from the winner, but the cellar is the first ranking on the podium this season.
Vodachkata in the overall standings at the time, American Lindsey Vonn, finished in 8th place, but continues to be a leader.
Vonn leads the overall standings to 554 points over Shield with 324. Third place was Germany's Victoria Rebensburg of 286 points. For the smallest World Cup slalom Shield is leading with 300 points over compatriot Catherine Tsetel with Maria Riesch 155 and 140.

"Law on Protection of banks' adopted in the Bulgarian Parliament. Bulgarian lawmakers to protect against infection "occupied Wall Street."

Great fear shaking Bulgarian rulers and bankers of the protest action.
Powerful banking lobby in Bulgaria, leading to recent internal internecine wars of state money and other minor issues come together on this important issue for them.
Loyal press and media do not even reflect events in the U.S. and other countries around the movement "occupied Wall Street." MEPs have fallen there to vote on amendments to the Law on Credit Institutions, hoping so, under threat of fines to get away wrath of the people.
Lawmakers increased fines for spreading false information about the Bank and also put another barrier against dissenters from the banking system or the individual bank.
According change who spread false information or circumstances of a bank, which undermine its good name and credibility to it is punishable by up to 10 000 leva fine for legal entities is 30 000 BGN, if re-operation to 50 000 EUR
If the offense is committed through mass media, the fine is up to BGN 10 000, and for repeated violation of 20 000 BGN
If the offender is a legal person, sanctions are up to 50 000 levs, and at second breach - up to BGN 150 000
Penalties for banks violating the norms of this law are to 200 000 levs and at second breach to BGN 500 000

Jon Bon Jovi dismissed the rumors about the irony of his death.

Rocker Jon Bon Jovi dismissed the rumor on the Internet for his death and published its funny picture you can see that quite well.
Fans of the musician were worried about yesterday when you are hearing that he had received heart failure and died. His spokesman quickly denied message and now Jovi fans calm and assured them that it is in good health.
He published a photograph of which holds a poster with the inscription: "Heaven is very similar to New Jersey, December 19, 2011." And in the explanation below the picture uploaded to his Facebook page Jovi wrote: "Be confident that John is well! This photo was taken a little while ago."

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

U.S. may attack Iran confirmed Leon Panetta.

U.S. will "take all necessary measures to prevent the development of nuclear weapons" in Iran, said the Pentagon chief Leon Panetta in an interview with TV CBS.
Panetta responded positively to a question by a reporter whether the U.S. will strike Tehran's nuclear facilities if there is evidence of nuclear weapons by Iran.
According to the head of the Pentagon, "Iran could develop nuclear weapons of less than one year."
On December 12, Ehud Barak, speaking at a conference in Vienna, said the need for "immediate, crippling sanctions" against Iran to prevent the development of nuclear weapons from Tehran.
Recall and rumors of an impending attack by Israel against Iran in connection with the controversial report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the country is going to build a nuclear bomb.
British press reported that in the event of an attack on Iran, U.S., Britain prepared plans for military operations and that an attack has been discussed with Israel.
British press reported that the attack by Israel could be expected about the Catholic Christmas - December 25th.
Russia strongly opposes the force action against Iran, but also opposes new sanctions. Moscow believes that the nuclear issue can not be used as a pretext for regime change in Tehran.

Adele topped the charts.

Adele became the first woman in one year was awarded both a top performer with top top album and single.
21 Adele topped the charts of some of the most prestigious media music album of 2011 "This is one of the rare moments in music when the album is as commercially successful as it is loved by fans worldwide," said the magazine " Billboard "put her second CD in the first position in the rankings.
Placed after the British edition titled artist album of Canadian band Bon Iver.
British singer is the first in the magazine "Time", a disc, nominated for six awards "Grammy" named the best selling in the UK since the beginning of the century, and is a favorite of "Rolling Stone". The magazine also selected Rolling In The Deep as a single year.
"21 is the most impressive pop album for 2011", says "Rolling Stone". "He became the singer's personal drama in the worldwide success."
In the ranking of the magazine "Billboard" singer Rihanna is followed by the second position, Katy Perry - third and Lady Gaga - the fourth and Nikki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars fill the remaining positions top ten.

Ignazhden-blending of pagan and Christian traditions.

On Ignazhden start the New Year and Christmas holidays. Characteristic for the holiday custom is crawling in the Bulgarian traditions. As a person who (crawler) first came into your house morning show how health, fertility and possessions during the year. If you happen first guest is a good and rich, then the year will be fruitful.
Name Day today have Ignat, Ignat, Ignatius Igno, Ingyo, yoke Igon, IGA Ignatka, Igne, Iskra,, Plamen, Ognyan, Ogi, Ognemir, Ognemira.
According to Christian notions of Ignazhden start travail Mother of God, which continue until Christmas Eve. Days during this period are called Machnitsi. Women then you should not pohvashtat no homework to get pregnant and give birth easily.
Christians worship today svshtmchk St. Ignatius Theophorus, who was a disciple of St. John the Theologian. Later he became Bishop of Antioch Church, which first introduced the singing of divine songs of two clergy (men), and subsequently adopted by other Christian churches. Congregation Theophorus called him, because he himself said that "God has in himself, in his soul." He was sentenced to death by the Roman emperor Trajan because of religious beliefs. He died a martyr, torn by lions.

Bulgaria does not give money to strengthen the IMF and rescue the euro. How will punish Bulgaria?

According to unconfirmed rumors pressure on Bulgaria for participation was about 2 billion.
Bulgaria refused to participate in the creation of a new rescue fund for euro 200 billion managed by the IMF, in which 50 billion would be collected from countries outside the euro area.
Bulgaria does not intend to give any money to strengthen the programs of the IMF, told a news conference the Bulgarian Minister of Finance after the conference call with the finance ministers of the Eurogroup countries.
The Finance Minister said that Bulgaria does not want to give money to the IMF is that it "has not played a good role in overcoming the financial crisis" and that it is not right financially disciplined countries such as Bulgaria to assist financially undisciplined.
The decision taken in Brussels, provides the IMF to be strengthened with 150 billion to be collected from the eurozone countries on a quota basis.
All other states that reserves had succumbed to the dictates of Germany.
Now we wait to see how it will be 'pulled ears "of Bulgaria and what naughty EU funds for more than 2 billion will not get, or how otherwise will be punished.
For countries outside the euro zone accession is supposedly voluntary. Five countries are not members thereof, squatting, succumbed to pressure and will participate in the Fund - the Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Britain, said the Finance Minister. Britain has said it will not help the IMF under the eurozone, and under the G-20.
Treaty on European stabilization mechanism provides up to 500 billion to help states and will enter into force on 1 July 2012 by a qualified majority of 85 percent of euro area countries can decide to be assisted state by this mechanism. As a country outside the euro Bulgaria did not participate in this mechanism.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Prevention of stroke and systemic embolism in non-valvular atrial fibrillation.

National Institute for Health and high clinical quality in the UK issued a final approval of the oral anticoagulant dabigatran etexilate as a therapeutic alternative for preventing stroke and systemic embolism in patients with non valvular atrial fibrillation with one or more risk factors. Final approval will become part of the leadership of the British National Health Service in England and Wales.
Dabigatran etexilate (Pradaxa) is already approved for this indication in more than 50 countries. The drug is administered for the prevention of stroke and systemic embolism in October 2010 During this period it has been prescribed to more than 450,000 patients. Otherwise 2008 is used for primary prevention of blood clots.
Pradaxa is the first approved oral anticoagulant for the prevention of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation after a period of about 55 years after the introduction of this standard warfarin therapy. Approvals are based on the distinctive study RE-LY, which compared two fixed doses of oral direct thrombin inhibitor dabigatran etexilate (110mg and 150mg twice daily), each given a blind basis, with open prescribed warfarin in PROBE (prospective, randomized and open with blind assessment of the ultimate goals) study design.
Atrial fibrillation occurs in adults over 60 years, risk has received one in four over 40 years. In Europe, it suffered 4.5 million people, experts say that number will grow continuously. The risk of stroke in atrial fibrillation are five times higher.

To the general strike called for pension reform, the Belgian trade unions.

Belgian unions called for a general strike in the public sector in protest against the new government plans for pension reform.
After 24-hour strike by railway workers, which will start late Wednesday, the protests will be joined by other unions representing the interests of public sector workers. Expected to stop work, public transport, postal services and public administration.
The strike will be the first challenge for the new center-left government of Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, which took office on December 6, promising to reduce government deficits and debt. The new prime minister proposes changes to the system for early retirement because of an aging Belgian population.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The draw for the 1 / 16 and 1 / 8 finals of the UEFA Cup.

Swedish auto giant "Saab" bankruptcy.

Concern months was threatened by bankruptcy. The first great earthquake was after negotiations with the former owner of "GM" when the company was purchased by "Spyker" and later renamed "Suidish automobile."
"Saab" wants to become a partner of BMW, but the idea was rejected.
Auto giant "Saab" bankruptcy, announced today by the Swedish court.
In the "Saab" 4000 people working in Sweden, and for its subcontractors - about 25 thousand people.
The owner of the company intends to launch a "voluntary reorganization" to stabilize the company as a way to find additional funding.
Road Concern attempt to conquer the Chinese market to offset losses from spring suspended production at plants in Sweden.
So the company signed a preliminary agreement with the Chinese company "Yangman Lotus" to obtain 29.9% of the parent "Spyker". Chinese thought to pay 136 million euros for stake.
Shortly before the Chinese company to distribute cars "Pangda" put in the Swedish company 109 million euros in exchange for 24% of her shares
Although every effort was that "Saab" has no funds with which to pay the salaries of its staff. To be able to repay workers and creditors had to sell their properties.

Formula 1-2012. Vitaly Petrov and Bruno Senna, leaving Renault / Lotus, Kimi is back.

Kimi Raikkonen will officially return to Lotus.
Will partner GP2-champion Romain Grozhan.
"It would be great, it will have the opportunity to ride with someone like Kimi, which is starved of Formula 1. I think his enthusiasm will reflect positively on my performance.
I think the strongest season in the GP2 series helped me a lot. Now I am far more complete driver than the one that was several years ago in F1, "said Grozhan.
Grozhan already has experience in the Renault car, as the Frenchman was briefly part of this team during the 2009 season, but then failed to impress in the company of Fernando Alonso.

Investors leave Bulgaria-E.ON, RWE, AES Wind Power, "Enel" and "Toshiba".

Withdrew from the German E. ON, which supplies electricity northeastern Bulgaria. Gone Italian "Enel". German RWE also closed all of its projects in Bulgaria and closed its office in Sofia due to lack of business prospects.
AES Wind Power moved its office in Poland and now manages its wind park on the Black Sea there.
"Toshiba", which was the stated intention to invest in photovoltaic project in Bulgaria dropped.
"Enel" said unofficially that the reason is the lack of prospects for business development in Bulgaria. Therefore, except in cases "Maritsa East 3", they decided to sell their projects and renewable energy at home.
From RWE informally explained that they leave because the bureaucracy and corruption have blocked all their projects - and they, except participation in Belene, had ideas about building infrastructure for charging electric vehicles, interest in the management of waste, renewable energy projects and more.
E. ON said directly that her withdrawal from Bulgaria has contributed to pressure from the government against foreign investors and poor regulatory conditions in the Bulgarian energy market.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The draw for the 1 / 16 and 1 / 8 finals of the UEFA Cup.

Marliyz Shield triumph of Courchevel in the slalom World Cup in Alpine skiing.

Marliyz Shield was led after the first round with a comfortable advance and after the second pass on the track reached the final by 1.87 seconds purposes. Putiaynen to Tanya.
This was the second victory in the slalom Shield season after a first place in Aspen in late November and a 31-win skier in World Cup start. Third on the podium took another Austrian - Catherine Tsetel, remained at 2.19 sec. behind the winner.
Lindsey Vonn did not finish in the first round. Maria Riesch, walked two, but in his second dive she also made ​​a mistake and fell.
Surprisingly, the fastest in the second round was 20-year-old German Lena Dyur with starting number 54, which climbed from 25th to eighth place in the rankings.
Vaughn remains at the forefront in the standings for the World Cup with 522 points. Germany's Victoria Rebensburg was second with 286 points, followed by Elizabeth Gyorgal of Austria with 269.

Massimiliano Blardone won the giant slalom in Alta Badia, the World Cup in Alpine skiing.

World champion in giant slalom Ted Ligeti headed the ranking after the first round, but lost the second time and was fourth in Alta Badia, just a hundredth of the podium.
Blardone made ​​his sixth career victory in the World Cup and a third track in the resort. On it he triumphed last time in December 2009 and on Sunday ahead of the Austrians and Philip Hanes Rayhelt Shyorghofer.
Blardone moved sixth after the first run and catch in the second with an excellent ride. His total time was 2:46,49 final minutes, which was enough to beat Rayhelt with a difference of 0.35 sec. Another Austrian Shyorghofer remained on the podium of 57 hundredths of a winner.
Ligeti has assets of 330 points after the first 4 of 9 starts and 65 advance to the Austrian. Shyorghofer is third with 182 points.
Leader in arranging the big crystal globe is Aksel Lund Svindal with 416 points, followed by the Swiss Beat Foyz with 360 points and Ligeti with 359.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beach Boys together for the 50th anniversary of the band.

Bay Area rock and pop group the Beach Boys, one of the idols of the 60 - and 70-ies of last century, announced that it will fit on its 50th anniversary. It'll mark with album and world tour of 50 concerts.
Founding members of the band won worldwide fame with the hits "Good Vibrations" and "Surfin` USA ", fueled rumors about possible reunions when it appears the new version of" Do it Again "and now working on a brand new album.
They will go out in public at the annual ceremony for the Grammy Award for best musical performance in the U.S. on February 12 in Los Angeles. Then in April in New Orleans started its great tour, says the message shown by the old rockers on their web site.
The group, formed in 1961, initially consisting of
brothers Brian, Carl and Dennis, their cousin Mike Leo and their friend Allan.

Barcelona won the final of Club World Cup against Santos (Brazil) 4-0.

Barcelona is a fifth title this year. Barcelona earlier this year won the Spanish league, Champions League, the Spanish Super Cup and Europe.
At the end of World Club Championship against Santos scored twice as Lionel Messi, but Fabregas added a goal and Xavi.
Barcelona showed football, which is unique to the opponent on the pitch.
With the main contribution to the final result is a Brazilian goalkeeper Rafael Cabral, who saved more secure about 3-4 hits.
Unfortunately, hopes for an equivalent final match did not come true from the first minutes on the pitch clearly demonstrated the difference in their classes.
Santos - Barcelona 0:4
Chief Judge: Ravshan Irmatov (Uzbekistan)
0:1 Messi (17)
0-2 Xavi (24 ')
0-3 Fabregas (45)
0:4 Messi (82 ')
Santos: Rafael Cabral, Edu struck, Leo, Danilo (31 '​​Elano) Arousa, Durval, Enrique, Borges (78' Kardets) Ganso (83 'Ibson) Neymar, Bruno
Barcelona: Valdes, Dani Alves, Pique (55 'Mascherano), Puyol (85' Fontas), Abidal, Sergio Buskets, Tiago (78 'Pedro), Xavi, Fabregas, Iniesta, Messi

Who stole the pensions of Englishmen? And Cameron's veto against greater protection for British financial sector.

Charges for service pension funds in Britain are so high and so cleverly hidden from the public that people could be significantly smaller pensions than what they invested in savings and pension accounts throughout their lives.
"The British financial sector pensions eats taxpayers. British high-brokers deprive pensioners and bank customers with savings of thousands of pounds, having high and often hidden management fees, "writes the newspaper" Guardian ", referring to expired documents from consultants the British Ministry of Finance.
If the amount of charges made public, "the fragile culture of savings accounts" in Britain "may be permanently destroyed," said the warning given at Ministry last month.
The revelations come at a time when millions of Britons worry if you have enough money for retirement is growing. They will also raise questions about the decision of British Prime Minister to veto the new treaty because of demands for greater protection for British financial sector.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The latest crisis. When hyperinflation starts ...

The financial rules are not born by the financiers and the result of political process. And since these policy outcomes vary in different countries, the global regulatory system is inevitably filled with inconsistencies, contradictions and gaps, which will get rich players in shadow financial system.
As George Soros said: There is very little difference between speculation and investment. The only difference is the fact that investments are successful speculations because if successfully predict the future, realize speculative profits. My conscience is completely chista.Gord'm sure I'm successful speculator.
The model is known: fast growing economy of a country is collapsing. Experts, investors and governments are confused. Major reforms are planned. It appears, however, as in the Mexican crisis in South Korean collapse, the economy is recovering faster than expected. Mood change reduced stop reforms and regulatory system remains inevitably imperfect.
There is a repetition of this cycle.
Stock exchanges also recover faster than expected.
Leaders of the most important countries in the world agree that it is absolutely necessary to strengthen the global financial system and pledge to reduce risks of future crises and improve techniques for crisis response.
Surely the financial system out of crisis is more regulation and more cautious than before, but for some time. After the crisis the world still has a diverse and insufficiently regulated financial system.
And so to the last crisis with global hyperinflation.
The real problem is in the printed paper money in government securities, financial derivatives and especially that the total amount stated on the wrapper, already exceeds many times the evaluation of all material wealth of the world.
Nobody knows what will happen when hyperinflation starts because it will be global.
He knows only that it would be scary.
So bankers and politicians who are aware, hoping to postpone speaking of future economic growth and banking stability.

The draw for the 1 / 16 and 1 / 8 finals of the UEFA Cup.

Matches from the first round of the knockout phase will be played on 16th and February 23, and those of the next stage - the 8th and March 15, 2012.

Here are all the matches of 1 / 16 finals and the draw for the next phase:

Porto - Manchester City

Ajax - Manchester United

Lokomotiv Moscow - Athletic Bilbao

Red Bull Salzburg - Metalist Kharkiv

Stoke City - Valencia

Rubin - Olympiakos

AZ Alkmaar - Anderlecht

Lazio - Atletico Madrid

Steaua - FC Twente

Viktoria Plzen - Schalke 04

Vistula - Standard Liege

Braga - Besiktas

Udinese - PAOK


Hanover - Bruges

League - Sporting

Lots of 1 / 8 finals:

Red Bull Salzburg / Metalist Kharkiv - Ruby / Olympiakos

Legion / Sporting - Porto / Man City

Steaua / Twente - Viktoria Plzen / Schalke 04

Vistula / Standard Liege - Hanover / Bruges

Stoke / Valencia - TRABZONSPOR / PSV

AZ Alkmaar / Anderlecht - Udinese / PAOK

Lazio / Atletico Madrid - Braga / Besiktas

Ajax / Manchester United - Lokomotiv Moscow / Athletic Bilbao

Friday, December 16, 2011

Formula 1-2012 years Calendar and order of competition for season 2012.

The calendar includes a total of 20 races.
U.S. and Bahrain, were on the list.

Calendar of Grand Prix racing in 2012:

March 18 - Australia
March 25 - Malaysia
April 15 - China
April 22 - Bahrain
May 13 - Spain
May 27 - Monaco
June 10 - Canada
24 June - Europe (Valencia)
July 8 - UK
July 22 - Germany
July 29 - Hungary
September 2 - Belgium
September 9 - Italy
September 23 - Singapore
October 7 - Japan
October 14 - South Korea
Oct. 28 - India
November 4 - Saudi Arabia
November 18 - USA
November 25 - Brazil

The draw for the 1 / 16 and 1 / 8 finals of the UEFA Cup.

International Ski Federation, direction "ski jump" will be punished Bulgarian champion Vladimir Zografski.

The management of destination "ski jump" to the International Ski Federation (FIS) is expected to issue a formal warning to the leading Bulgarian athlete Vladimir Zografski.
This was announced by chief Walter Hofer direction.
Reprimand the world champion will be disqualified for the next race of the Bulgarian World Cup Harahov on 11 December after the use of improper equipment, in the case of longer skis.
On 16 December before the technical conference starts of the season in Engelberg (Switzerland) Hofer will personally talk with Zografski and coaching staff of the national team.
"FIS expect great results from Vladimir and good news from Bulgaria," said Hofer.

Polls for the Champions League and Europa League.

Polls to put teams in the Champions League are clear, there are two conditions for drawing on the very lot - can not account for teams of one group or one country.
Here's the urns:
Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Inter, Benfica, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Arsenal, Hapoel (Nicosia)
Seat: Milan, Napoli, CSKA Moscow, Zenit, Basel, Lyon, Bayer (Leverkusen), Marseille (Marseille).
Today will be drawn and the draw for the UEFA Cup. There are 32 teams and also has a seat and placed. Enclosed are 12 winners in the UEFA Cup groups plus 4 teams from the Champions League with the best odds.
PSV (Eindhoven), Sporting Lisbon, Besiktas, Athletic Bilbao, PAOK, Standard (Liege), Metalist (Kharkiv), Bruges, Atletico (Madrid), Schalke, Twente, Anderlecht, Manchester United, Manchester City, Olympiakos Valencia.
Lazio, Stoke City, Salzburg, AZ, Rubin, Hanover, Legia Warsaw, Braga, Udinese, Steaua Bucharest, Wisla Krakow, Lokomotiv Moscow, Porto, Ajax, TRABZONSPOR, Viktoria Plzen

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santos qualified for the finals of the Club World Cup after a 3-1 success over Kashiwa Reysol.

Brazilian Santos qualified for the finals of the Club World Cup after a 3-1 success over Japan's Kashiwa Reysol in the half final clash, played in the Japanese city of Toyota.
Neymar (19), Borges (24) and Denmark (63) scored attractive hits and scored for Kashiwa Sakai (54).
Santos in the final against Barcelona will play the winner of the match against Al-Sad.
The final is on Sunday in Yokohama.

Barca in the final of Club World Cup against Santos after heavy casualties.

Barcelona qualified for the finals of the Club World Cup after a convincing 4-0 over Asian champion Al Sad in half final clash. The victory was marred by serious injury to David Villa, who received a fracture in 36 minutes and most likely will not play until the end of the season.
Guardiola Dzhosep bet the 3-4-3 system with Carles Puyol, Javier Mascherano and Eric Abidal in defense.
Xavi Hernandez and Gerard Pique were on the bench. Seydou Keita stood supporting midfielder Adriano and Korea, Thiago Alcantara and Andres Iniesta formed the midfield.
Lionel Messi, David Villa and Pedro Rodriguez were selected in the attack.
The final is on Sunday in Yokohama.
Al Sad: Mohammed, Belhadj, Lee Uisam, Kasola, Niang, Keita, Ibrahim, midfielder Talal (65 - Al-Yazid), Connie;
Barcelona: Valdes, Adriano, Mascherano, Puyol, Abidal (66 - Maxwell) Iniesta, Thiago, Keita, Pedro, Messi, Villa (39 - Alexis (70 - Cuenca));

Barca in the final of Club World Cup against Santos after heavy casualties.

Barcelona qualified for the finals of the Club World Cup after a convincing 4-0 over Asian champion Al Sad in half final clash. The victory was marred by serious injury to David Villa, who received a fracture in 36 minutes and most likely will not play until the end of the season.
Guardiola Dzhosep bet the 3-4-3 system with Carles Puyol, Javier Mascherano and Eric Abidal in defense.
Xavi Hernandez and Gerard Pique were on the bench. Seydou Keita stood supporting midfielder Adriano and Korea, Thiago Alcantara and Andres Iniesta formed the midfield.
Lionel Messi, David Villa and Pedro Rodriguez were selected in the attack.
The final is on Sunday in Yokohama.
Al Sad: Mohammed, Belhadj, Lee Uisam, Kasola, Niang, Keita, Ibrahim, midfielder Talal (65 - Al-Yazid), Connie;
Barcelona: Valdes, Adriano, Mascherano, Puyol, Abidal (66 - Maxwell) Iniesta, Thiago, Keita, Pedro, Messi, Villa (39 - Alexis (70 - Cuenca));

Top 10 goalscorers for the past decade. Dimitar Berbatov is seventh in the rankings.

International Federation of Football History and Statistics announced the best strikers in the new millennium, a number of criteria e scored goals in international matches with the national and club team:
1. Ruud van Nistelrooy (Manchester United, Real Madrid, Hamburg) - 86 goals
2. Thierry Henry (Arsenal, Barcelona) - 85
3. Didier Drogba (Marseille, Chelsea) - 83
4. Miroslav Klose (Kaiserslautern, Werder Bremen, Bayern Munich) - 81
5. Samuel Eto'o (Mallorca, Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan) - 79
6. Flavio Amado da Silva (Atletico Luanda, Al Ahli, Al Shabab) - 73
7. DIMITAR BERBATOV (Bayer Leverkusen, Tottenham, Manchester United) - 71
8. Raul (Real Madrid, Schalke) - 71
9. David Villa (Zaragoza, Valencia, Barcelona) - 68
10. Andriy Shevchenko (AC Milan, Chelsea, Dinamo Kiev) - 68.
In this century, Berbatov has scored 133 goals with the team of Bayer Leverkusen (first and second team), Tottenham and Manchester United in all competitions.
Separately for the Bulgarian national team, he has completed a record 48 hits.
Legendary Dutch striker Malaga (Spain), Ruud van Nistelrooy is number one on this list with 86 goals. It is followed by Frenchman Thierry Henry, and third is Didier Drogba.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Commission insisted on free labor market for Bulgarians and Romanians.

Currently in ten European countries are in effect barriers to the employment of Bulgarians and Romanians: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Malta, France, Great Britain and Ireland.
European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion László Andor urged EU countries that still operate restrictions on employment of nationals of Bulgaria and Romania, to cancel this mode.
By 31 December this year, each country must notify the Commission whether they planned to keep the restrictions to the maximum period - no later than January 1, 2014. To enable the Commission to satisfy any such claims, it must receive the request, to demonstrate that labor market in the respective countries will be adversely affected by the abolition of restrictions.
Unofficial UK, Netherlands and France declared their intentions to continue the restrictions, while Belgium has hinted that it could revoke them.
Germany opened its labor market to Bulgarians with higher education, the Bulgarians, who have the appropriate level of education and wish to continue their professional training in Germany and seasonal workers who are entitled to operate up to 6 months in a calendar year.

Eurobonds are the solution of last resort and left for the last lifeline.

Eurobonds are collectivization of risk, which kills incentives for change and punished financially better-managed economies.
ECB should refrain from involvement in its policy-making is generally the view at the moment.
Possible interventions of the ECB may make governments delay necessary action in order to put their economies.
But why the new prime minister of Italy Mario Monti recently supported by the creation of the joint bonds of eurozone countries?
"Joint securities should not be considered as a way of circumventing budgetary discipline," said Monty.
Naturally, these securities would ease his life and shift the burden somewhere outside Italy.
The introduction of European bonds is possible only if applied strict monitoring of budgetary policies was the opinion of Commissioner Olli Rehn at the end of November.
Recently, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso was genuinely angry journalist's question of what objectives such as promoting the idea of ​​Eurobonds after being aware that Germany is opposed.
"The Germans are not against the principle, but against time," said Barroso. The idea struggled and therefore the EC he subjected her to public discussion.
Until now discussed three options for the introduction of Eurobonds: replacement of the entire debt of the eurozone countries with new bonds, replacing part of the debt in the euro area, probably 60% of new bonds and replacing part of the debt of countries area with new bonds to be guaranteed by some but not all countries in the eurozone.
Currently all three are out of date and are not discussed.
Eurobonds are the solution of last resort and left for the last lifeline.

Football. Results and final classifications of the groups in the Europa League.

group D

Lazio - Sporting 2-0
Zurich - Vaslui 2-0
1. Sporting 12
2. Lazio 9
3. Vaslui 6
4. Zurich 5

group E

Besiktas - Stoke 3-1
Dynamo Kiev - Maccabi Tel Aviv 3-3
1. Besiktas 12
2. Stoke City 11
3. Dynamo Kiev 7
4. Maccabi Tel Aviv 2

group F

Paris St Germain - Athletic Bilbao 4-2
Words Bratislava - Red Bull Salzburg 2:3
1. Athletic Bilbao 13
2. Red Bull Salzburg 10
3. Paris St Germain 10
4. Bratislava 1 Slovak

group J

Maccabi Haifa - Schalke 0:3
Steaua Bucharest - AEK Larnaca 3-1
1. Schalke 14
2. 8 Steaua Bucharest
3. Maccabi Haifa 6
4. AEK Larnaca 5

group K

Fulham - Odense 2-2
Wisla Krakow - Twente 2-1
1. Twente 13 points
2. Vistula 9
3. Fulham 8
4. Odense 4

group L

Anderlecht - Lokomotiv Moscow 5-3
Sturm Graz - AEK Athens 1-3
1. Anderlecht 18
2. Lokomotiv Moscow 12
3. AEK Athens 3
4. Sturm Graz 3

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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