Friday, December 31, 2010

Real Madrid wants Dimitar Berbatov.

Berbatov, who tops the list of goalscorers in the Premier League with 14 hits, has a contract with the Red Devils until the summer of 2012 g.Ot early season Berbatov records best performance in United's arrival at the team in 2008 Eight of the last 11 goals for the team in the Premiership have his case - five against Blackburn, two against Sunderland and one against Birmingham. "
Bulgarian star of Manchester United Dimitar Berbatov is among the transfer targets of Real (Madrid), says the Italian publication "tutto Mercato.
The president of Real Madrid Florentino Perez would start trying to attract Berbatov in this transfer window, he was ready to fight for him and the end of the season.
Motion by 15 million over what is being said is unrealistic low.
The passage of the Bulgarian to Old Trafford for the Santiago Bernabeu or anywhere else now will require twice as much. Earlier this month the manager of the striker Emil Danchev said that "Man" will probably be the last team in the career of his client.
The former international has scored most goals in the league - 14. Thus, it is ahead of the star of Manchester City Carlos Tevez (12) and a striker for Newcastle, "Andrew Carroll (11).

January-First St. Basil and Survaki.

St. Basil is the first of January or Survaki as a popular holiday in Bulgaria. Traditionally, the table present meat dishes, pie fortune, called the house, health, wealth, and wheat, nuts and dried fruit.
Of St. Basil the predictions and survaka health.
On the table you can put a pig or chicken and place in center of pie with her fortune, which rotates and each draw their luck for the coming year.
According to folk tradition if you keep the first piece of pie or a loaf and put it under your pillow will dream of her future husband or wife. Around the table to show how future fortunes.
Your guests can be and New survakari who go round the houses and survakat health and prosperity. Send them with fruit, buns and small gifts.
On St. Basil gather young men who go round the houses at night and survakat their owners. On the holiday passes and groups of children who also survakat owners of the houses. Survakane very old pagan custom, and now is one kind for Christmas and blessings.
Today the church celebrates St. Basil the Great, who lived in the III-rd century in what is now Asia Minor. Saint impose the idea of charity and doing good as an expression of divine laws.
St. Basil was born in the town of Caesarea Kapadokiyska about 350g. AD in a prominent Christian family. His mother and his grandmother Emel Makrina educate small Basil and his brother Gregory the Theologian in Christian values.
Later, Basil and his younger brother Gregory of study in Caesarea. This school shines Basil met Gregory the Theologian, his friend and saideynik. Then the young Basil continued his training in Athens, where he studied with the future emperor Julian Apostille. His teachers were famous for their time and lecturers Himeriy Prohereziy.
After finishing their training Saint Basil the Great establishes near the town Neokesariya in river Iris. He creates a modest monastic dormitory. Shortly thereafter, as it prisaydinyava and his faithful friend and brother Gregory the Theologian. In this monastery, they create their own rules of monastic life, which for centuries has been used in the Orthodox Church.

Social network Facebook introduces the mass use software that will automatically identify users.

The automatic option called. "put a tag", which is adding the name of a particular image depicts a person will identify the users friends, upload photos in popular network. The goal is a single entry to indicate the name of human and other existing pictures of him.
The network will be introduced and the option to refuse service.
Software is expected to reach all consumers in the next few weeks.
Daily on Facebook are making more than 100 million "tags. "

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011. Chinese New Year.

Buddha invited all the animals with him to celebrate Dzie Chun-Chinese New Year. Twelve animals came to feast, and Buddha named one year of each animal that it honors.
So the Chinese calendar is divided into twelve-year cycles as each year of the cycle corresponds to an animal. Then Buddha called every person born in the year of the animal determined to have some of the features of his character.
The date is determined according to Chinese lunar calendar and is between mid-December and mid February.
For 2011 is February 3.
The first day of New Year is called Yuan Dan (morning of the new year) and started in 23 hours before New Year's day, and ends with sunrise.
Then one has to be among family. The door of the house is sealed inside with red strips of paper, after the family gather. During this time the street out evil spirits. To drive the impure forces fighting drums and detonate bombs.
During the celebration Chinese wear red clothes and decorate their homes with poems written on red paper. On the table, after volley five hot dishes, five glasses of wine, five cups of tea and ten chopsticks for five generations of ancestors, family worship of the oldest, the children are given money in red envelopes and all sit at the table. The children are given "lucky money" in red envelopes. The red color symbolizes fire which according to Chinese beliefs expel bad luck.

Founder Paul Allen of Microsoft sued Google and Facebook and Apple.

Paul Allen with Bill Gates, is the founder of Microsoft (in the beginning - Micro-Soft) in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1975 and began selling a BASIC, which is a programming language to high level. In 1980 Paul Allen headed dubious deal to buy the operating system 86-DOS for 50,000 dollars.
In August this year the Federal Court of Seattle rejected a claim brought by the research firm of Paul Allen - Internal Licencing LLC, on the grounds that it did not specify exactly which products use the specified tehnologii.Sega Paul Allen has submitted a more detailed action where indicated, for example, that Google uses proprietary of Microsoft technologies to deliver advertisements to consumers based on their search queries.
Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, gave the court several of the largest IT companies in the world - Apple, Google and Facebook. Allen blames IT giants in patent infringement and use of technologies that belong to Microsoft.
Paul Allen asks the court to order offenders to pay compensation for license violations.
AOL acted on the same schedule, and Apple iTunes service offered similarly different music tracks. In the illegal use of Microsoft technologies are also suspected of eBay, Facebook, Netflix, Yahoo.
Paul Allen asks the court to order offenders to pay compensation for the license violations and to ban their products, built on Microsoft technologies.
Russia has refused the services of Microsoft runs on Linux and other free operating systems.
The aim of such project is the suspension of payments for licenses, orders from local software developers instead of importing foreign products and encourage innovation in their own economy.

Beginning of the end of Windows? Russia runs on Linux and other free operating systems.

Linux is a generic name that is given to all operating systems based on kernel Linux and system tools and libraries of the project GNU. Such different operating systems are called Linux distributions, they differ in what other software to arrive. Linux is the flagship and one of the most prominent representatives of free software.
The aim of such project is the suspension of payments for licenses, orders from local software developers instead of importing foreign products and encourage innovation in their own economy.
Pilot projects on implementation of free software in Russia will begin in the second quarter of 2012. Full implementation of the new platform at the bodies of power and budget departments will close in the third quarter of 2014
The construction of the National Repository, which will include Linux distributions and application store similar to the App Store, but for free operating systems.
Vladimir Putin signed a document which describes the timetable for transition of the state administration to free software, Russian media reported.
Plan for transition to federal authorities and federal budget agencies to use free software will be implemented in the period 2011 to 2015.
The document is volume 17 pages. In the third quarter of 2011 to be approved specifications of the data formats that will support free software.
The Brazilian government has made perhaps the biggest contract for desktop PCs with Linux so far. We are talking about 356,800 jobs provided by virtualization technology company Userful. In this technology to one computer can connect and work together 10 users, each with a separate mouse, keyboard and monitor. The company offers a free version of the product, providing only two jobs.
The contract is for schools in Brazil. Operating system is selected local Linux distribution Linux Educacional (based on Ubuntu), which is sponsored by the government. Distribution includes the working environment KDE 3.5, educational software and other ancillary applications.
Project and movement GNU, aims at creating a new operating system free software was founded by Richard Stallman in 1984 system contains many tools and programs such as compilers, text editors and servers. This software is distributed with the license GNU GPL, which ensures its future free accessibility. In 1991 to almost a complete operating system has added Linux kernel written by Linus Torvalds. Powered by GNU is a fully working operating system and this contributes to rapid razprostranenie.Ubuntu is one of the most popular distributions, which aims to provide free, fast starting, easy to use, supports many languages and available to all Linux distribution. The word "ubuntu" means the Zulu "humanity".

Bulgarian New Year traditions and rituals.

Bulgarian New Year traditions and rituals.

Happy New Year!
This greeting will be heard a few days after the new year 2011. Day, which celebrates the New Year, however, was not always first of January.

One of the most important traditions for welcoming the New Year involves preparing a special ritual dinner that burn - against the evil eye. The table is wide and there is plenty of meat dishes. It is imperative that pork from a pig that was slaughtered at Christmas. As old traditions main meal should be a bird - most often on cabbage or stuffed with rice, raisins, onions, carrots. As a garnish plenty of pickles, peppers, zucchini. As the table on Christmas Eve and New Year must have onions, garlic, corn, dried fruits, nuts, pickles, which are retained by Jordan day.
Pie with fortune is made with pieces as there are people around the table plus one. It put small fortune and cornel twigs with buds. Each piece vzizma before him, and luck determine the coming year. Dogwood boughs after dinner thrown into the fire - if cracked, is the health and prosperity. The song is called in more of Virgin.
In the early hours of New Year began the custom Surva (Survaki). In every home come survakari - groups of young boys - children or older - bachelors-survakari. And both groups, however, must wear freshly cut, raw cornel sticks, decorated with coins, popcorn, dried fruit and red threads. Simultaneously with the lads survakaneto survakari utter blessings of each family, starting from the oldest.

Surva, merry year
Gold grade levels
red apple in the garden
full house with silk!
Being alive and healthy next year,
next year to Amen

Survakari from the oldest member and bless the house. The hosts give survakari with coins, nuts, dried fruit and small gifts.
At New Year traditions and Laduvane decline. Girls gather for celebration at the fountain and bring white silent water boilers in which each placed his ring. Pot stays in the night, the morning one of the girls pulls the rings, the other singing-pripyavki which called for what man would marry the girl and what will be her luck.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.

Let the new 2011 comes into our home with hope, joy and love can save us from anxiety, disease, care and even the smallest trouble.
Bring us joy and care work for the soul!
To laugh at our kids and the sun shines always our faces.
And give us a great happiness and health.

Happy New Year! Good luck in everything we do, good luck in everything does not depend on us and the fulfillment of everything you dream!

Happy New Year! Meet it with joy, experience it with love and send it with success! Luck and health be your shadow or permanent guests in your home!

Occasion of my New Year greeting Entertainment
and let us bring you great joy coming days.
Dreams come true Let me be your heart gushing now
and never let the heart no room for sadness.

I wish you health and prosperity in the New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Italian Culture Minister Sandro Bondi resigned after the scandal movie Michelle Bonev.

Italian Culture Minister Sandro Bondi resigned after the scandal movie Michelle Bonev.

Before the scandal movie Michelle Bonev, Italian Minister of Culture received criticism, where part of the ancient architectural complex in the ancient Pompeii began to unravel.
The vote of no confidence Bondi enter the agenda of the Italian Parliament on 11 January but has already announced to the media that he intends to resign after the New Year.
In early December the government of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi survived after two votes in parliament.
Bondi has come under intense pressure because of scandal Michelle Bonev. In the Italian film community outrage erupted when Venice was awarded the prize of the Bulgarian movie "Goodbye, Mom!".
The media published a call to the Minister with his subject, which shows that the participation of the infamous Bulgarian festival was exerted political pressure. Smoot and submit information that, again under pressure, Italian state TV has decided to buy the film rights to Michelle Bonev for one million euros when cutting subsidies to Italian cinema. Because of the controversial film in the country were fired Deputy Culture Minister Dimitar Dereliev and Executive Director of the National Film Center - Alexander Donev.

Who hinder Gypsies? Want you "Europeans" Gypsies?

The French rejection of Bulgaria and Romania be admitted to the Schengen area is anti-Roma policies for this summer, "French European Affairs Minister Laurent Vokiez.
This summer, tens and hundreds of Bulgarian Roma Romanian ekspulisirani were from France.
Vokiez told French daily Telegram "that the decision on the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to Schengen should not be taken hastily, without deep thought, because in this region of Europe pass 70 percent of illegal immigrants and there are potentially major threats by trafficking in weapons, drugs and people.
Last week, Laurent Vokiez said in an interview with another that both sides will be adopted when they are ready, which could happen in three years. Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said however that he expects Bulgaria to join the "Schengen" in September, a political decision for Bulgarian membership to be taken during the summer.
Prime Minister Boyko Borisov in typical style it said bluntly during scandal deported Gypsies: "If you open your mouth will not get into Schengen. Right way because there is some talk with hollow content to cut off for a few years access to the Schengen zone? Gypsies who return are happy that they give 300 evro.Za what to protest Bulgaria? You role of government is to protect the Bulgarian citizens, ie Gypsies BG passports? Right, as we enter the Schengen quite will officially be apart at least one third of Gypsies to find legitimate work? Priority Schengen is not someone their rights. "
In XIII in Gypsies appear in today's Greece and Italy and go along with hordes of Ottoman Turks. Being an integral part of military and economic system of the invaders, they enjoyed inherent in Islamic religious doctrine opportunities for violence and robbery over the oppressed Christian nations. Penetration continues to wave in the XIV century in Wallachia, Bohemia, and then 1407g. and Western Europe - Austria, Saxony, Bavaria, Denmark, France, Spain. Although few, Gypsy herd reach Portugal, Wales, Scotland, Scandinavia. Even at the time they become a constant concern and threat to the established social order. The continuous incursions of no house and homeland aliens suffer not only feudal lords, but serfs and urban guilds. They all seek and find all sorts of means to expel or destroy them. Spontaneously arisen excesses become ubiquitous, as they include the Catholic Church. Throughout its history of Gypsies vschki ages penetrated the western half of the continent are subjected to severe persecution, expulsion and accompanying punishment and torture - of murders stretching to hard labor. In a word - of a total genocide. Medieval chroniclers journal Gypsies as the basest creatures more animals. This belief in the minds of society then turn later in the laws that remain unchanged even until the middle of XX century. Convened in 1496, 1497 n 1498 in Landau and Fribourg Reichstag declared all Gypsies for criminals, Turkish spies, and holders of plague. Charged in robbery, witchcraft, child abduction. Emperor Maksimilyan I ordered them not to be endured on German soil and allow their killing. In Saxony, elector George II issued a decree for the death penalty for anyone caught gypsy. In 1721 Emperor Friedrich Wilhelm I ordered a catch to be hanged. Hanging in the seventeenth century was popular in the Czech lands, Bohemia and elsewhere. In 1504
Louis XII ordered their expulsion from France. In 1539 Francois I judge to be hanged, but after 1647 it is replaced with hard labor. From 1716 to 1721 in Lorraine, Roma are subjected to stigmatization, branding and banishment. Similar measures have been implemented by the Emperor Napoleon and in other regions of the Pyrenees and the Basque provinces. In Holland in 1525 Charles V issued the Edict of flogging, branding, banishment and sending them to hard labor. Later (XVII-XVIII century) army has carried out a terrible massacre, and any other is allowed to kill them. This led to their complete disappearance. In Austria hunters Gypsies received cash and material prizes. In Sweden after 1637 with the royal warrant Gypsies were expelled, and if someone else - shoot. Only until 1954 were in force the provisions of Christian V (from 1687,) to expel them, and chiefs - ekzkekutirani. In Denmark, Christian III in 1563 issued an order Miss expulsion from the realm of the Gypsies, but in capturing the chiefs - executed. The order was repeated in 1643 in Switzerland since the beginning of the end of XVI XVII is organized in the hunt for Gypsies throughout the Confederation. In 1723 the Governor of Bern ordered the population to capture Gypsies sentenced to death. Since the second half of the XVI to the beginning of the eighteenth century the Catholic Church stands with particular activity against Gypsies - mainly in Italy. These are just some examples of measures taken during the Middle Ages in the western part of the continent measures to eradicate gypsy penetrated there. In conquered during World War II German Wehrmacht countries, the SS and Gestapo launched a systematic extermination of the Gypsy population. Long before, however in 1905 in Bavaria was conducted census of Gypsies and Travellers. By claiming that they are "nuisance" for events which should be created to inform Munich PPP 1899 particular office. In 1926 the Bavarian Parliament passed a law against Gypsies, nomads and rounder, but by 1928 they were placed under strict control policies. In the camps in Dachau, Auschwitz, Birkenau, Buchenwald were killed more than 500,000 Gypsies.
Deportation of Bulgarian Gypsies in German death camps - along with that of the Jews, prevented large-scale counter to the public. Fact that today is completely ignored and not only unappreciated, but used against done so gracious and humane act Bulgarians.

As to defer West unpleasant moment to 1,2 or 3 years of their descendants Gypsies will return to their countries arranged.

Laboratory results. Electrolyte and trace elements in urine or blood

Normal range of Electrolyte and trace elements in urine and blood:

Reference values in urine

K Potassium 25-125 mmol/24h

Na Sodium 40-220 mmol/24h

Cl Chlorine 110-250 mmol/24h

Ca Calcium 2,5-7,5 mmol/24h

P Phosphorus 10,9-32,3 mmol/24h

Cu Copper 0,44-1,1 mkmol/24h

Zn Zinc 4,5-9 mkmol/24h

Mg Magnesium 7,1-11,7 mmol/24h

Pb Lead 6,3-13,0 mkg / l

Ca: Creat <0,57

Cd Cadmium 0.5 to 4.7 mkg / l

Mn Manganese to 20 mkg / l

As Arsene 10-30 mkg / l

Cobalt Co 1.20 to 1.35 mkg / l

Mo Molybdenum 33-34 mkg / l

Nickel Ni 2.2 to 2.7 mkg / l

Cr Chromium 0.24 to 1.8 mkg / l

Reference values in blood

osm osmolarity 280-295 mosm / l

K potassium 3,5-5,6 mmol / l

Na sodium 136-151 mmol / l

Chlorine Cl 96-110 mmol / l

Ca calcium 2,12-2,62 mmol / l

iCa + + ion. calcium 1,1-1,5 mmol / l

P phosphorus adults. 0,84-1,45 mmol / l

Children 0,95-1,95 mmol / l

Fe iron ferozin

Men 12,5 - 26,7 mkmol / l

women 10,7 - 23,4 mkmol / l

Fe iron-aas

Men 10,2 - 36,4 mkmol / l

Women 9,2-33,9 mkmol / l

TZHSK 44,8-71,6 mkmol / l

Cu copper 12,3 - 24,3 mkmol / l

Zn Zinc 12-24 mkmol / l

Magnesium Mg 0,7-1,2 mmol / l

i Mg ion. magnesium 0,33-0,57 mmol / l

Pb lead 8,0-269 mkg / l

Li lithium mkmol 0.86 to 4.5 / l

Se selenium 243-1123 nmol / l

Cd Cadmium 1.0 mkg / l

Al aluminum 0,0-10,0 mkg / l

Mn manganese 0.5 to 0.7 mkg / l

bMn art. magnesium 4,0-14,0 mkg / l

As arsenic 0,5-1,5 mkg / l

bAs art. arsenic 2,0-7,0 mkg / l

bMo art. Mo 0,8-3,3 mkg / l

bNi art. Nickel 4,5-28 mkg / l

bCr art. chrome 2,8-45 mkg / l

sCr certification. chrome 0,12-12,1 mkg / l

Laboratory results. C - peptide.

C-peptide is called the connecting peptide and polypeptide fragment, detached from the proinsulin molecule. Thus, insulin is produced. Synthesized in B cells of islets of Langerhans in the pancreas of precursors preproinsulin and proinsulin.

Insulin and C-peptide passes into the bloodstream simultaneously and in equal amounts. The determination of C-peptide allows to characterize the function of B cells of the pancreas.
Normal levels of C-peptide fasting are 0,34 - 1,803 nmol / l (343-1803 pmol / l; 1,0 - 5,4 mkg / l).

The determination of C-peptide in serum enjoys some advantages over that of serum insulin. Not observed the interaction of insulin antibodies with C-peptide, and adopted exogenous insulin has no influence on reporting levels of serum insulin.

C-peptide better reflects the function of B cells of the pancreas, as has a long biological half-life and this allows its determination in minimum quantities of it open to the liver.

In Type I diabetes (insulin-dependent patients) as initial values of C-peptide and those after stimulation (OGTT or glyukagonov test) are decreased.

In type II diabetes (neinsulinozavisimi patients) the values of C-peptide did not differ from those of healthy subjects. Exceptions are cases with secondary depletion of the functional capacity of the endocrine department of the pancreas, where reduced insulin secretion, respectively. that of C-peptide.

In cases where measurement of serum insulin can not orient us to diagnose the patient, determine the values of C-peptide is especially appreciated. This requires:

- To determine their own insulin secretion of patients, which the premium insulin injections;

- Where a shutdown of iatrogenic injection of insulin in patients with inadequately high insulinemii (excluding any simulation);

- Detection of insulinoma in diabetics on insulin treatment;

- In the process of some functional tests for endocrine department of the pancreas.

Dimitar Berbatov scored 14 th goal for Manchester United in the Premier League for 1:1 draw with Birmingham '20 th round.

Dimitar Berbatov scored 14 th goal for Manchester United in the Premier League for 1:1 draw with Birmingham '20 th round.

As expected Berbatov and Rooney played in the raid for Manchester United for the visit of Birmingham in a match of 20th round of the Premier League.
Manchester United failed to come up with two points ahead of city rivals Manchester City on top in the standings of English Premier League. In a match of the intermediate round of the championship Red Devils came only draw - 1:1 in his visit to Birmingam.V first minutes of the game none of both teams failed to take the lead and the game developed mainly in the central parts of the terrain . The second part began with the advantage of the guests from Manchester, who dragging his opponent in his own half. We ended up 58 th minute when after an excellent combination of Gibson and dagger blow to land Dimitar Berbatov opened rezultata.V the end of halftime Serb submitted by hand to Lee Boyer, and he did not miss at close range to put the ball in the net . The judges did not see the offense and I started reading goal, which was formed and the final result.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Laboratory results. Glucose (blood sugar).

The term blood sugar means the content of glucose in the blood. Glucose is the main source of energy for tissues in the body and the most common indicator characterizing carbohydrate metabolism.

Maintaining blood glucose within certain limits is essential for proper functioning of all organs and tissues in the human body. Glucose is the sole source of energy for red blood cells, central nervous system. For some other tissues - fat, liver, muscle cells as a source of energy than they use glucose and other substrates (eg fatty acids).

Brain cells can not synthesize glucose or postpone it as a replacement form, making it necessary for its continued supply of blood. This requires maintaining a constant blood sugar level, which should not be reduced under increased spending or to increase with increased supply of carbohydrates. Regulating blood zaharinsulina within certain limits is carried out by the central nervous system and in particular its senior departments in the cerebral cortex. In regulation involving many hormones, among which takes place mainly secreted by the pancreas and other factors.

In healthy person the blood glucose are between 3.89 and 6,1 mmol / l with a transient increase in the values 1-2 hours after meals.

In many diseases the blood sugar may be pathologically increased or decreased. The greatest frequency and importance among these diseases is diabetes, which is produced in sustainable increases in glucose above the normal values.

Arsenal beat Chelsea 3:1 in London derby of the 19 th round

Arsenal beat Chelsea 3:1 in London derby of the 19 th round

Arsenal beat Chelsea 3:1 in London derby of the 19 th round of Premier League and put an end to "black" its series of four-game losing streak against the champion.

Goals from Alexandre Song, Cesc Fabregas and Theo Walcott brought deserved success of "stack" them back into second place in the standings. Arsene Wenger's team two points behind Manchester Yuanyted, but there are more game. Chelsea did not already win 6 consecutive games and is increasingly lagging behind the leaders. The last graduates Carlo Ancelotti came to three points on November 10 against Fulham, but since then have added an asset to just 3 points.

Bulgaria. Socialists against GERD.

Into three main areas of government suffers, according to the Left, the strongest criticism.
"Unless the economy is poorly managed social and delay our country's membership in Schengen," said Socialist leader Sergey Stanishev at a press conference.
He described 2010 as year of sinking into economic crisis, poverty, scandal and policing. Government of Boyko Borisov has failed most in the economic and the budget. This is the estimation of the BSP for the management of GERD "in the outgoing year.
"While gerberas wealth Bulgarians poverty quickly," Stanishev described the situation.
BSP reminded update of the budget - something that has not happened since 1996.
Three are blunders and Cabinet Borissov.
№ 1 gaffe as he described the actions of Interior Minister Tsvetanov associated "with wiretapping and police brutality." Secondly Stanishev put the case "with the failed bid for commissioner of Jeleva, personal nomination for prime minister." The third major error in the list of BSP again with a female name - Kalina Ilieva - it personal nomination of Borisov.
In political terms, there is breaking the trend from the 2009 "bubble" GERD, "said another former prime minister. This is evident from the decline in approval of the office. Last year, public support was nearly 50%, this is about 27 per cent, he said.
Mired the country had the character and the revival of political jokes, which in the words of Stanishev are a reaction to the public where no other opportunity to express their opinion.
The foreign policy of GERD was attacked by the Socialists to Schengen, the postponement of our membership in the euro area and again on the "Jeleva.
"Just Friends Boyko Borisov in ERA - Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy asked at a later date for the entry of our country in Schengen," said Sergey Stanishev, and then a strong case as organized crime and corruption. "
As startling comment does Mikov Counsel for the EC 500 to 600 immigrants have crossed our borders only in September-October. Besides political context, in his words, and it shows a reduced capacity.
"We wish his entire cabinet next year to go," said Stanishev.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Laboratory results. Serum proteins. Total protein.

Known are over 100 types of serum proteins in clarified structure, molecular weight and physicochemical properties. In the majority of them are known biological function and clinical significance for practice. Arrangements are specific methods of proof and to determine their level in human serum. These proteins are termed individual serum proteins. Biological fluids, especially blood plasma contains a diverse mixture of proteins, each with different strengths, some of them are in very small quantities (such as enzymes and hormones).

The total serum protein includes all proteins in the blood of those without blood cells, hemoglobin and without fibrinogen.
In adults, healthy people the amount of total protein is characterized by borders between 58-80 g / l.

For some diseases there are deviations outside the normal range.

Total protein is reduced in cases of:

- Loss of sensitive proteins - in kidney disease, major burns, some intestinal diseases, bleeding;

- Increased degradation of proteins - an overactive thyroid cancer;

- Decreased protein synthesis - Malnutrition diet, impaired absorption (protein intake) in the intestine, severe liver disease;

- Excess water in the body.

Provisions of general increases in protein:

- Significant loss of fluids - when sweating, inadequate fluid intake, vomiting, diarrhea;
- In blood diseases;
- Chronic inflammatory diseases.

Laboratory results. Standard indicators of normal urine.

Standard performance in normal urine:

Spesifichna precipitate 1002-1030

pH 5-8

Protein <30 mg / dL

Bilirubin negative

Urobilinogen 0.2-1 EU / dL

Glucose negative

Ketones negative

Traces of blood negative

Leukocyte esterase negative

RBCs 0-5/hpf

WBCs 0-5/hpf

Negative bacteria sludge

Transparency 0-4/lpf

Crystal interpreted by a doctor

SQEP <5/lpf

Laboratory results. Sedimentation rate blood.

Sedimentation rate of blood is measured by the so-called erythrocyte column (ESR) or reaction Birnaki. This is non-specific sets of inflammatory process, widely used as a control medical test.
To implement the test, no blood coagulant is placed in a vertical tube whose height to determine the level of red blood cells in mm / h.
In the presence of inflammation, high levels of fibrinogen in the blood causes clumping of red blood cells. Are formed clusters of cells more quickly settle. These gatherings occur in the presence of lymphoproliferative disorders, where one or more immunoglobulins are secreted in large quantities.
ESR is increased in all cases, causing inflammation. ESR reduces anemia when cells are sick, politsitimiya and complete block of the heart. ESR standard for women is slightly higher.
Widely applied as a differential diagnosis in Kawasaki disease and may increase in chronic conditions such as infectious tuberculosis and infectious ednokardit. He is also part of a series of tests administered under severe internal infections in children.
Diagnosing a person who is not in any symptoms is difficult and the method is less informative. In case of doubt about a disease, the ESR value is seen as the degree of morbidity.
Normal value of ESR is measured cc mm / hr or millimeters per hour.
Value increases in the presence of anemia and in black people.
A standard ESR value is:

ESR (to the nearest 95%) Age (years)
20 55 90

Men 12 14 19

Women 18 21 23

• For infants: 0 to 2 mm / hr.

• Up to puberty: 3 to 13 mm / hr.

Complete ban on disposable plastic bags in Italy

Stefania Prestigiacomo, Italian Minister of Environment has confirmed the introduction of a complete ban on plastic bags for single use are not biodegradable. They will be banned from January 1, 2011 throughout Italy.
Plastic Manufacturers furiously protesting (familiar, eh?). Among their arguments are allegations that the rules of the new ordinance is not clear that the abrupt switch to biodegradable bags will have negative consequences for consumers, and that Italy has no reason to take such an initiative because there is no ban at European level. But their arguments seem to pale in light of the fact that the ban, originally announced in January 2010, was already delayed by one year to give the industry time to transition.
Other arguments are the industry: the cost of biodegradable bags are high (4-5 times), and biodegradable plastics still can not meet the technical specifications to meet plastic bags for single use. The latter means that biodegradable bags be broken further as users pack their purchases in cash desk (a fact known at home).
Italians seem to be reluctant to leave their familiar rustling bags and move to reusable bags. In a study in November last year 73% of Italians say they will use alternatives to disposable bags, which are not biodegradable shopping.
The new move is determined and promises to be a significant effect: the Italians use 25% of all plastic disposable bags produced annually in the European Union. This makes 20-25 million bags a year.
But the question remains whether the new rule really going to work in a country where the stop sign on the road is considered an encouragement to step on the accelerator. Critics note that the ban has "no teeth": there are no provisions for fines at the national level, sanctions are left entirely to local

Smuggling in Bulgaria. Opposing views.

Bulgaria is among the top 5 countries in the EU level of illegal trade in cigarettes, and nearly 1 in every 3 boxes of cigarettes smoked in Bulgaria are "black" market without duty and VAT paid. These data are presented in November 2010 g.ot tobacco companies to the Deputy Prime Minister Tsvetanov. After large increases in excise duty on cigarettes in 2010, official figures from the Ministry of Finance show that loss of revenue in the budget only by unpaid excise duty will be nearly 700 million, says the message of tobacco companies. According to a study conducted in 21 cities in the second half of May 2010, consumption of illegal cigarettes reached 34%. In some cities like Pazardzhik, Ruse, Varna and Shumen consumption of illegal cigarettes has jumped from 3 to 8 times compared to 2009, and in smaller cities like Kyustendil and Pernik more than half the market for cigarettes is illegal. Companies Philip Morris Bulgaria, Bulgartabac Holding, British American Tobacco Bulgaria, Bulgaria Japa International Tobacco and Tobacco Impirial Bulgaria "have expressed their willingness to support the Government in combating trafficking through information campaigns among traders and the general public, technical training of customs and police officers.
We successfully deal with smuggling. This was stated by Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Simeon Djankov. Across Europe there is smuggling, which is a consequence of the crisis. "But in Bulgaria are doing very well and therefore speaks and comparison on a European scale. Djankov quoted some European data showing that cigarette smuggling in Bulgaria is 29%, while in Latvia affected by the crisis, 60% and Europe's leading economy in Germany - only 19%.
This year, the government has lost between 3 billion and a half and four billion leva from cigarette smuggling, said the former head of customs Emil Dimitrov - Inspector to BTV.
"According to Minister Djankov had to be collected 7 billion 318 million actually collected 3 billion and 600 million. If it is true that there is no why collection of pensions, why not healthcare? Is there a big smuggler caught or customs officer or a politician from the previous government? large smuggling without protection from the state is not. "The money from the smuggling will go to fund political campaigns and the Mafia. He recalled that Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Interior Minister Tsvetanov, when they were in opposition, also says it will destroy the contraband.
"We have second-year management of GERD and no politician punished, customs officer, police officer. There was replacement of some people with other customs, but there was punished. Were released, before they themselves appointed deputies.

Homosexuality threatens Latvia

Homosexuality threatens the existence of Latvia and of humanity, said the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Latvia writes online edition Mig. News.

In Christmas Eve address to the Latvian citizens archbishop said that the nation dies, and gay marriage will be the end of mankind.

According to him entering the Union, men and women learn to accept diversity and thus the person develops. Same-sex marriages threaten the identity of the child. Unable to educate the child of two parents of the same sex.

As is known Pope Benedict XVI also strongly condemns same-sex marriage and defines them as very dangerous situations in our time.

WHERE IS THE OIL? Until when?

WHERE IS THE OIL? Until when?

Demand for oil and its production requires huge investments for long periods. Proven oil: Russia has 15 billion tons, which is security for 50 years, Europe - 3 billion for eight years, Asia - 101 billion tons for 71 years, Africa - 12 billion-35 years, America - 20 billion over 24 years , Oceania and Australia - 0.5 billion for 16 years.
Total worldwide are about 152 billion tons-security for 46 years. Even with a wrong year, so what? Most of the oil, which satisfy global demand, however, is under the control of countries that do not perceive the markets so full.
The only areas which can be expected long-term supply is Western Siberia and the Gulf region.
This means that urgent to seek alternative sources of energy.
To current sources of energy end.
When is a matter of controversy.
But it soon, in the foreseeable future.
High oil prices are incredibly rich and some believe unfairly oil producers. At the same time, they have limited budgets of consumers. So far, however, the economies of major industrialized countries withstand price shocks because higher efficiency makes them less dependent. However, countries are concerned about the prospects of a continuing upward pressure on oil prices. They wonder how long their economies can withstand. A future with constantly rising prices does not bode good for the economies in many countries.
Largely rising oil prices are self. Higher oil prices encourage energy saving and development of unconventional oil resources and alternative fuels. In the long history of natural resources, the prospect of shortages and higher prices lead to strong incentives for innovation and a series of wars.

Harmful Are mobile phones? Mobile phones affect the brain, but the health consequences are unknown.

Formula 1. Gossip from boxing.

Finance is global, but politics is local.

Finance is global, but politics is local.
Finance is global, but politics is local. The financial rules are not born by the financiers, and are mainly a result of the political process. And since these policy outcomes will vary across countries, the global regulatory system will inevitably be full of inconsistencies, contradictions and gaps, which will grow rich players in the new shadow financial system.As George Soros said: There is very little difference between speculation and investment. The only difference is the fact that investments are successful speculation, because if you successfully predict the future, realize speculative profits. My conscience is completely clean.I am proud that I am successful speculators.The model is known: the fast growing economy of a country collapses. Experts, investors and governments are startled. Major reforms are planned. It appears, however, as in the Mexican crisis and South Korean collapse, the economy is recovering faster than expected. Mood for change reduced stop reforms and regulatory system remains inevitably imperfect.There is repetition of this cycle as the global economy is recovering faster than anyone expected.Stock exchanges also recover more quickly than anticipated.Leaders of the most important countries in the world agreed that it is absolutely necessary to strengthen the global financial system, and undertook to reduce the risks of future crises and improve techniques for crisis response.Surely the financial system that comes out of this crisis will be more regulated and more cautious than before for some time. After the crisis the world still will have a diverse and under-regulated financial system.So until the next crisis will probably be a worldwide hyperinflation.The real problem is in the printed paper money in government securities, financial derivatives and especially in that the total value stated on the piece of paper, already much higher than the assessment of all the material wealth of the world at today's prices.Nobody knows what will happen when you start the hyperinflation because it will be global. We know only that it would be scary. So bankers and politicians who are aware they hope it postpone Humming of future economic growth and banking stability. And waiting for a miracle. But miracles are to time.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

19 th round of the Premier League. Magnificent Berbatov brought victory for Manchester United against Sunderland. Results of the Premier League.

Premier League Results:

Blackburn - Stoke City 0:2
Bolton - West Bromwich 2:0
Manchester United - Sunderland 2:0
Uulvarhamptan - Wigan 1:2
Newcastle - Manchester City 1:3

Manchester United beat Sunderland 2:0 in a meeting of 19 th round of the Premier League. The hero for the Reds' player has become number 1 in Bulgaria for 2010 Dimitar Berbatov, who scored both goals.
The game started with an estimated household pressures and still in 5 th Dimitar Berbatov marked with a header from Rooney's cross.
A minute later broke left Berbatov in the penalty area and fired a strong middle distance but his shot met the right beam of the door, guarded by Gordon.
In 57 minutes Anderson filed in the penalty area to score Dimitar Berbatov, who shot the ball ricochet into the body of Anton Ferdinand and then enter the network 2:0.
This was a 13-goal and Berbatov in the Premier League this season.

Challenging videos, Pamela Anderson, Jessica December Carlo Tasha Nicole


Pamela Anderson naked served birthday cake to Hugh Hefner

Challenging photoshoots AJ ALEXANDER

Beauty photo shoot with Jessica  Carlo

Session with blinding twins Shannon

Tasha Nicole photo shoot


Stefan Stambolov-Bulgarian statesman, revolutionary, politician, poet and journalist. 157 years since the birth of Stefan Stambolov.

Stefan Stambolov-Bulgarian statesman, revolutionary, politician, poet and journalist.
157 years since the birth of Stefan Stambolov.

Stefan Stambolov is prominent Bulgarian statesman, revolutionary, politician, poet and journalist, born January 31, 1854 in Veliko Turnovo. Descent on his mother and paternal line from Tryavna. Education began in his hometown, later studied at the Odessa Seminary, not ends. The father is a plotter of Velchova Conspiracy and ally of Captain Santa Nicholas. Sam Stefan Stambolov grow surrounded by revolutionaries such as Hristo Ivanov - Bookbinder, Father Matthew Transfiguration, Hristo Karaminkov - Bunel and participates in almost all forms of struggle for political independence in 70 years - member of the BRCC in Bucharest, Giurgiu, perform important role in the preparation of Stara Zagora (1875) and the April Uprising (1876).
In 1875, together with Hristo Botev issue a book of poetry "Songs and Poems."
Stambolov is among the most honored and popular "builders of modern Bulgaria." Particularly active in brawls between liberals and conservatives since the time of the Constituent Assembly (1879). After 1880 became vice-chairman, and chairman of the National Assembly. Relatively long time was the Prime Minister (1888-1894). Has a share in the implementation of the Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria and South Rumelia in contra in 1886 carried out a strong nationalistic policy helps to strengthen diplomacy, economic power and statesmanship of the Fatherland. Came into conflict with the Tsarist Russia and King Ferdinand, beaten up by political enemies, Stambolov died in Sofia on July 6, 1895
Management led by his People 'Party (1887-1894), though criticized for its persecution of opposition politicians, laying the foundations for recovery of Bulgaria in the next two decades.
As chairman of the parliament he was the first official in the Principality of Bulgaria, supported the coup in Plovdiv led to the realization of unity in 1885 and the last Bulgarian crisis. While president of the National Assembly, Stambolov participate as a volunteer in the Serbo-Bulgarian war that leads to protection of the Union. Unification and its protection is a blow to Russia's imperial interests in the Balkans, which do not include the existence of independent Bulgaria. Encouraged otRusiya, a group of officers Russophiles-out coup and deposed the character of the Union - King Alexander I of Battenberg. After the overthrow of Prince Alexander I of Battenberg in 1886 Stambolov declaring strongly against the coup and organize for its organizers.
After the abdication of Prince Alexander I, Stefan Stambolov enter into the composition of the Regency Council (September 7, 1886 - 7 July 1887). He convened III Grand National Assembly (1886-1887), despite insistence of Russia, which refuses to recognize the election of Prince Ferdinand I.
After selecting the prince Stambolov heads of government established by his National Liberal Party (1887-1894). Tasks it has set are: the protection of Bulgarian independence, pacification of the country, accelerating economic development, strengthening the international position of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian cause protection in territories defined by the Treaty of San Stefano, but remained outside the Bulgarian state.
In his politics he is guided by the principle of indivisibility of Macedonia with the other Balkan countries, and therefore rejects Serbian proposal for an alliance against Sultan. Estimating the weakness of the Ottoman Empire, Stambolov combines policy of friendship and pressure on the Sultan. As a result, have achieved a number of churches and educational benefits, leading to the awakening of the Bulgarian element in Macedonia. In the face of the Ottoman Empire Stambolov sees necessary ally against Serbian and Greek interests in Macedonia. This policy is combined with the construction of a modern army by European standards, which in the future to complete the task of national unification. Stambolov a policy of firmness and maneuvering against the great powers in the national interest. Thus he was able to conclude the bargain for the Bulgarian economy of commercial contracts. Stambolov should vigorously policy for economic development of the country based on 3 principles: protectionism, tight fiscal policy, industrial and civil construction. He developed an active legislative activity highly protectionist. Passed a law to promote domestic production of fabrics law which defines the railways to state property. So avoid the danger of becoming the country's economic dependence. Develop banking and insurance, laid the foundations of the municipal health services and pensions.
3 / 15 July 1895 Stefan Stambolov is brutally slain in the streets after three days and died of his wounds.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Geological data indicate the completion of existing oil fields on the planet.
Peak oil production in the U.S. was noted in 1970 At that time no one spoke of the importance of this event, but some authors place it among the most important geopolitical events of the second half of 20. century. One of the main consequences of peak oil in the U.S. is the country with the highest consumption of oil in the world is becoming an importer. Hence the strategic interest of U.S. to control the foreign oil fields.
Popular alternative to oil is natural gas, which is among the most efficient energy sources while it is the pure fossil fuel. According to current forecasts a peak in world production of natural gas (peak gas) will occur later in 2020
From an ecological standpoint coal are the most polluting fossil fuel, but this does not preclude constitute one quarter of the energy sources, and 40% of global electricity production. According to current estimates the global peak in coal production will occur around 2025 the problem is not only in quantity but in quality. The best coal, with the highest energy value - are anthracite. However, they are the least and are depleted quickly. Stay with ordinary bituminous coal, and low-quality lignite.
In the absence of cheap oil, gas and coal issue of uranium deposits stand in full force. If traditional energy sources will become more difficult, can we count at least
nuclear energy? Current forecasts indicate that the peak to be the uranium will occur in 2030 low-grade uranium deposits will continue to exist even after 2100, but post-2040 uranium shortages will be so large that there will be no fuel even for the current nuclear reactors.
Unfortunately, the depletion of fossil fuels is not the only resource problem facing modern civilization. The other minerals are not inexhaustible. According to geologists the planet's reserves of lead will be enough for another 18 years at the current rate of consumption, tin will do after 20, the bronze - after 25 and iron ore - after 64 years.
Entropy limit is a measure of disorder or chaos. Entropy increases, the process is irreversible. All processes in nature obey this printsip.Neobratimoto depletion of fuel and other minerals characterized the occurrence of entropy limits of modern civilization.
The number of "surplus" people grow and resources reduce catastrophic. Therefore, "excess" people gradually have to be "eliminated." According to Barbara Hubard, "one fourth of humanity must die", and according to Sam Keen, should "reduce the world's population by 90%, ie 10 times. Others are of the opinion that the world's population should be reduced 5, 10 and even 600 times. The most popular version is the so-called golden billion, ie to reduce the population 6 times. There are differences in the estimates, and resheniyata.Nyakoi are controlling fertility and gradually reduce the population of Homo Sapiens.Drugi are more radical.
Currently, this radical program is implemented. It turns out that war, oppression, AIDS, avian and swine influenza and other genocidal "events" do not give the desired result at the right obem.Sravnitelno better handle some of the big pharmaceutical corporations. The most reliable means is the organization of famine. This is where the successes are indisputable - over 1 billion people worldwide going hungry, but resources continue to decline rapidly.
All this can not save civilization, but only to slow processes.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas for banks, interest and fees.

Christmas for banks, interest and fees.

Laws of income redistribution are human case of Parliament and government.
Income inequalities are large and when there is no stable middle class, have a damaging effect on communities.
Discuss how to introduce regulation to guide the activities of banks, are not absolute lords uncontrolled economic and financial world. Discuss and blatant behavior of bank management and owners who receive huge bonuses that failed to bring the economy into crisis and now its distributed money that taxpayers gave them.
The banking system in Bulgaria is the "level". Banks are stable menizharite happier the shareholders richer, while the electorate has gone bankrupt. Banks in Bulgaria most simply behave like mafia gang.
Mafia exists when there is no state and legal framework to force mobsters to be kept under the law or, as in normal states them in jail.
Maintaining high interest rates and uncontrollable, "marketing" fees, banks in Bulgaria redistributed from those who are already poor and have credits to those who are rich and have input. Keeping a high interest rate charges and uncontrolled, they made spectacular redistribution of income that is totally irrational and harmful for a poor country like Bulgaria.
Social contract is broken! For those who have forgotten: With the idea of social contract, Jean-Jacques Rousseau denies feudal obligations (in 1762, not 2009).

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Terrorist explosions in Rome before Christmas. Bombs in embassies of Switzerland and Chile.

Terrorist explosions in Rome before Christmas.
Bombs in embassies of Switzerland and Chile.

A bomb exploded in front of the Embassy of Chile in Rome. Reported one victim.
Earlier today, a parcel bomb exploded at the Embassy of Switzerland in the Italian capital. When the explosion seriously injured one of the officers of the diplomatic mission. He was admitted to hospital, according to Italian media, his hands will be amputated.
One version of the police is that the parcel bomb was sent by anarchists.
Meanwhile, sappers continue to search premises for other explosives.
So far no one has taken responsibility for the explosions.
By prosecutors in Rome launched an investigation on suspicion of "terrorism attack. " Italian media quoted investigators as that behind the attack most likely sit representatives of anarchist circles of eco-terrorist movement. "Another version is that the bomb was sent from an anarchist group.

North Korea threatens holy war against Seoul, with the entire nuclear arsenal.

North Korea threatens holy war against Seoul, with the entire nuclear arsenal.

On 12/21/2010 g.Yuzhna Korea held military exercise planned for disputed island Yonpyon.To started on Monday afternoon local time, were involved and fighters as a preventive measure if North Korea decides to reagira.Severna Korea warned its southern neighbor is not Artillery conducted a military exercise on the contested island Yonpyon.Den earlier at an extraordinary meeting of the Security Council of the UN's five permanent members failed to issue an opinion on the continuing strong tensions between Seoul and Pyongyang.
Two days later, South Korea began military exercises with combat shooting to the border with the North, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Defence in Seul.Tova are the largest exercises involving aircraft and ground troops this year. They take place within one day, a mountain range located thirty kilometers from the border between the two Koreas.
Minister Kim Yong-Minister of the Armed Forces of North Korea claimed that the army of the country is ready to go to a "holy war" against Seoul using its nuclear arsenal on the occasion of the actions of South Korea, which the Minister described as an attempt to start Military konflikt.Obvinenieto Pyongyang that the teachings of combat shooting west of Seoul, its banks are preparing to go to war have made a rally to commemorate the 19th anniversary of the ascent of Kim Jong Il to the highest military post in the country .

"Wikileaks" received support from Reporters Without Borders.

After the "Anonymous" - a group of hackers from around the world, united by almost compulsive desire for information freedom and other followers of Asandzh worldwide have begun to create their sites "mirrors" - copies of Wikileaks. "Anonymous", warned that hackers will take against anyone who acts against Wikileaks and its creator, "martyr" Julian Asandzh.
International journalism organization Reporters Without Borders website to fit your site, "mirror" of the "Wikileaks".
In a statement published on the website of the organization, says that this is done as a sign of support for the law "Wikileaks" freely to publish information. It is said also that the organization protects "the free dissemination of information on the Internet and the protection of sources, without which there can be no journalistic investigation.
Brazilian President Lula da Silva - Asandzh expressed solidarity with the "disclosure of documents" and protested against violations of freedom of speech. "UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay expressed concern about the exerted pressure on companies that provide services on our site of Wikileaks. This pressure she says "could be construed as an attempt to censor the publication of information and could potentially constitute a violation of law" Wikileaks "freedom of speech." Russian presidency has proposed public and NGOs to consider how to help the creator WikiLeaks. According to the source of the Kremlin administration, it is possible Asandzh be nominated for the Nobel Prize.
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that the arrest of the founder of Wikileaks' Julian Asandzh is not democratic. The West can not preach democracy on Russia since arrested the founder of Wikileaks. "As we say colloquially, called boiler pot black." British-Swedish company Flatr is one of the few remaining opportunities for people wanting to send monetary donations the "Wikileaks" via the Internet.

Manchester United. After a record seventh time Player of the Year "in Bulgaria, Dimitar Berbatov won a vote of fans of Manchester United for No. 1 this season.

Manchester United.
After a record seventh time Player of the Year "in Bulgaria, Dimitar Berbatov won a vote of fans of Manchester United for No. 1 this season.

Dimitar Berbatov has won the most important vote - that of fans of Manchester United, who proclaimed him to No. 1 this season.
Berbatov receives an average grade of 7, which has topped the rankings. Bulgarians shared leadership with team captain Nemanja Vidic.
In two matches this season Berbatov has received the highest score - 10. These are meetings with Liverpool and Blackburn where he scored a total of 8 goals. Furthermore Berbatov and Vidic, fans valuing Rio Ferdinand, Paul Scholes, Patrice Evra and Nani.
Bulgarians, who scored five goals in a match with 7:1 victory over Blackburn last month, tops the list of masters in the Premiership goal for the moment with 11 hits.
Juventus, Bayern Munich and Fenerbahce are interested archer of Trafford in the last few months, but the manager of Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson insisted that 29-year-old Berbatov will not leave the "Theatre of Dreams."
Qatari royal family negotiate the purchase of Manchester United, broke the newspaper The Sun, citing its sources. The current owners - Glazer family, would leave the club to almost double profit paid before 5.5, the 790 million pounds. What Do Yae is the reaction of United fans who still protest American owners, and how they react to Qatari sheikhs history silent.

Values of civilization, decentralization of power, free enterprise, individual human rights. Racism reflect the fears of society.

Values of civilization, decentralization of power, free enterprise, individual human rights.
Racism reflect the fears of society.

For most Western Europeans, especially in countries with a predominantly Catholic population, synonymous with "Christianity and Christian civilization is primarily a Catholic church, whose history has many dark pages. Catholicism in the Middle Ages almost totalitarian character, he claimed a monopoly not only in the creed, but also in other spheres of social life.
Western churches kept under ideological control of science and art, whisking in public affairs, led the war, participated actively in political life. All this was accompanied by harassment of another thinking and suppression of religious minorities.
In western society now appear to be essentially three waves of racist sentiment - at the beginning against the Jews, the second wave are anti-Islamic sentiments and the last third wave is directed against Gypsies.
Racist attitudes and events reflect the concerns and fears of society. Racism is not only civil society but also to interpersonal relationships, sometimes it is event driven by considerations of sotsialno cohesion.
About 50% showed attitudes of hostility to Jews, Muslims against negativism is about 80%. Prejudice against Jews is explained on the one hand with the closed nature of the Jewish community, the other reason is suggestion of a conspiracy - the secret plots of the Jews to the outside world.
There are more and more forms of racism in Western society due to the uncertainty in the future, mistrust among the public in terms of social development - people feel that rather than move up the social ladder, going down, the next place is authoritarianism, nationalism and cynicism.
Integration of Muslims must be two-way process. This is not just an effort to integrate Muslims, but also an effort to change attitudes and willingness for partnership in society as a whole.
Muslims have a sense of cohesion and common identity. They are convinced they are a special group and have a sense of moral responsibility and a set of beliefs in the Koran that say that Islam is the only truth. Faith in God is usually accompanied by the conviction that the subordination of non-Muslims is of course morally right.
Islam does not allow looking at yourself, creative imagination, aesthetic fashion, humor and artistic expression. Islamic religious practices often conflict with the moral code of many societies.
According to Bin Laden, the Western presence in the region aims to support the Jews in Palestine, seeking to put under its control the Arabian Peninsula. And since "each civilization is obliged, under certain circumstances, resort to terror to end tyranny, then terrorism is commendable practice which case it is directed against the aggressors and the enemies of Allah, the tyrants and traitors."
Christian civilization is based on Protestant values.
Europe began to outpace much older civilizations of ours, only about 450 years. Then place the Reformation and the subsequent Renaissance. It is this philosophy embodied in the Protestant Christian values, is based on a modern, prosperous society. Begin to appreciate and support is not a waiver of substantive and reverence for dogma, but rather - entrepreneurship and hard work, respect for public order, civil and social activity, the right of individuals to interpret the Bible, which supports free-thinking in all areas. From these values derived the foundations of Western society and prosperous economy - the decentralization of power, free enterprise, individual human rights.

"Trento" with Kaziyski and national coach of Bulgaria Stoychev defend their world club championship

"Trento" with Kaziyski and national coach of Bulgaria Stoychev defend their world club championship

Leading the national coach of Bulgaria Radostin Stoichev Italian team Trento won for the second year Club World Volleyball Championship, held in Doha. In the final team which plays Matthew Kaziyski, nandedlya of Poles from Skra Belhagov with 3:1 sets, in different parts 25:22, 25:19, 20:25, 25:16.
Matthew Kaziyski helped the team with 13 points and reserve Tsvetan Sokolov remained throughout the game.
Thus, "Trentino" became the first team in history winning the world title in 2 successive years, and is curious that in 2009 the finish was their rival again Skra Belchatow.
This is the sixth title in club history the Italian team, all of which were won under the guidance of new coach of Bulgaria Radostin Stoichev.
National Day Bratoev became world champions although not played a single minute of the championship in Qatar.
For the Bulgarians in the Italian volleyball began again to speak as a school.
The foundations of the new Bulgarian colony in Trento was put milling Mlyakov.
He did not play much in his first season, but clearly showed that the Bulgarians could rely. Then pull Mosna first attempts diagonal spreader Vladimir Nikolov, then Radostin Stoichev. And with Stoychev and volleyball in Europe Matt Kaziyski.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

War between the President and Prime Minister.

War between the President and Prime Minister.

Bulgaria. In an interview with Television head of state said that Borisov is a weak prime minister. According to Parvanov government creates scandals to cover up the problems in management.
Government creates scandals to cover up the problems in governance, "President Georgi Parvanov. There are conflicts in health care that are hidden from other scandals in the state. "Do not talk about unemployment, education. We have an ongoing crisis that is in crisis management. "Bulgaria needs not sheriff, a farmer, knowledgable and sailorly man who ruled the country," he said.
"I feel that there are double standards in combating crime. Is it true that the last one year smuggling has increased by 50%, is not it the reason for yesterday's letter to France and Germany? Obviously, both countries are on track to postpone membership in Schengen, "said the head of state.
Receive information that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is hiding information about the president, "he said. He noted that his invitation to attend the inauguration of Dilmano Rousseff was hidden, and this was confirmed by Foreign Ministry spokesman and said he will not travel, will greet Mrs. Rousseff and reiterated its invitation to visit it Bulgaria.
"President Georgi Parvanov is now our political opponents, not head of state," said Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. He said the problem with our entry into the Schengen Bulgaria needs a consolidation of institutions, rather than someone trying their troubles, which have caused the State to speak at our address. Borisov said that the interim report of the European Commission to Bulgaria will be crucial for our entry into Schengen. Problem, however, are some judgments in cases reported from Brussels. In this regard, Prime Minister accused the judges appointed by the President's quota. "I want to ask how are the judges of the quota Parvanov at the Constitutional Court. Which broadcast prosecutors and judges - the peak, mainly in previous years, in which governments - Mr Kostov and Mr. Parvanov government. Who SJC broadcast of Bulgaria as a key not only control, and personnel authority shall determine which judge - anywhere, anyone is a top - all arranged by the ruling coalition, created by Parvanov, Borisov said. He said both letters to delay Schengen membership of France and Germany are absolutely unfounded.

Bulgaria. The nationalization of pension assets and film subsidies go to the Constitutional Court.

Bulgarian Parliament lawmakers gathered on Wednesday necessary to approach the Constitutional Court (CC) for the nationalization of pension assets provided for in the Social Security Code and change in the State Budget Act, which exempts the state from its obligation to subsidize film production.
Members of the Blue Coalition, Coalition for Bulgaria, the MRF and independent MPs elected on the ticket of CSV, gathered 52 signatures in less than an hour against the change in the Social Security Code. It provides savings funds professional people from the first and second category of work, who are about to retire by the end of 2014, be transferred to the Institute. There will come now and their contributions as their fixed-term pensions will be paid by the NII.
For this purpose the amount that occupational pension funds are expected to transfer to NII, is 100 million from 2015 to early pensions are paid only by professional funds.
The reasons for the request of deputies to the Constitutional Court stated that the amendment violates "the inviolability of private property" and that such an act without the consent of the people who have lots is a violation of the Basic Law.
According to co-chair of the Blue coalition Ivan Kostov transfer of savings made to conceal the traces of irregular insurers. Kostov said that in conversations with representatives of the Funds as defaulting insurer has been designated Hristo Kovachki.
56 members of the Coalition for Bulgaria and MRF have they approached the Constitutional Court because of paragraph 83 of the Budget Act, which changed Art. 17 of the film industry. This text allows the Minister of Finance to decide whether it will or not, money for filming. Thus, the state abdicated its duty by law to subsidize a number of films annually.
The previous text was that the state must provide the means for creating at least seven feature films, 14 documentaries and 160 minutes animation. With adjustments "at least" be replaced with "to" and says that funding will be made only "if possible".

Food allergy. What is food allergy? Symptoms of food allergy.

What is food allergy?
As food allergy nurses identify adverse and predictable reaction of the body to a particular food or group of products. It is the result of the actions of the immune system of the body, in most respects to those contained in dietary protein. This reaction leads to the formation of antibodies in the body and the occurrence of specific symptoms.
According to specialists in most common are allergies to peanuts and other nuts, to fish and seafood, as wheat and soy products.
Food allergy can be easily recognized because its first symptoms appear minutes after a person has consumed a food to which it was not aware that it is allergic. In some patients, which happens rarely, allergy can occur within 2 hours after ingestion of food.
As the main symptoms of food allergy is defined as follows:
- Appearance of the rash and redness;
- Nausea;
- The emergence of sharp electric pain in the stomach;
- Choking and inability to breathe;
- Tightness of the chest and more.
The main danger, which indicates when a food allergy is confirmed, is that initially only a specific product is cause for her allergy Subsequently, however, began to show and to other foods that development of the situation should be monitored and to implement specific measures promptly.
Such an expansion of the parameters of food allergy can speak as to the protein of cow's milk, which condition may lead to limiting the consumption of all dairy products as a whole.



The cost of one dose

"Happy candy are offered almost legally in discos and trendy clubs.
First in the Netherlands, a new prohibited drugs. "Explosion" actually contains metilon, prohibited substance by now.
Effective doses in the range 150-200 mg, taken mostly by ingestion. Metilon is methylenedioxy-metkatinon (while ecstasy is a classic methylenedioxy-methamphetamine).
Metilon most often comes in the form of white powder of high purity - 10 grams for 430 euro. Metilon is legal counterpart of ecstasy.
Mefedron becoming popular in Scandinavian countries, Britain and other Western countries. Proposals online are mostly in the range 15-25 euros gram.Tya also produced mainly in Chinese laboratories.
Represents metilmetkatinon and is structurally similar to subject to strict controls and cathinone metkatinon. Way to adopt a mouth but can be snorted.
Has recently been reported to spread DOI (dimethoxy-yodamfetamin). These are synthetic hallucinogen similar to LSD. A characteristic feature of LSD is its continuous (12 hours). The legitimate analogue DOI has a more lasting effect, which may even lead to 3 days.
It is likely that over time legal drugs and metilon mefedron become illegal everywhere. This is actually a history of control of most psychoactive substances - list of banned substances will be extended continuously.
TNT are the new legal substitute for ecstasy and amphetamines. Be ordered over the Internet, then couriers deliver them to the address. Increasingly popular and gaining BZP, Kratom, salvia, Spice, Khat. Although they are psychotropic substances are still completely legal in Bulgaria.
Rapid flooding of the Bulgarian market with synthetic drugs reduce the price of heroin dose. However, increased supply of "harmless" pills.
The number of drug addicts in the world vary between 172 and 250 million people, is shocking trend indicated in the recently released UN report. "The most widely used drug remains cannabis. Secondly are promoters such as amphetamines and ecstasy, then follow the cocaine and opiates. Albania, Bulgaria and Serbia are the main countries in Eastern Europe, where cannabis is grown, according to annual report Board of the International Narcotics Control of the United Nations.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bulgaria. Cut our Schengen.

Despite yesterday's serial iztsepki and praise of Tsvetanov, Bulgaria in March 2011 will be ready to meet fully the requirements for our technical preparedness, and the forthcoming EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström to visit Bulgaria on 11 February, France and Germany today informed the European Commission its decision to block the entry of Bulgaria and Romania into the Schengen area.
The position of France and Germany means that there is no consensus on the accession of Bulgaria and Romania and the entry of the two countries was postponed.
European Commissioner for Internal Affairs Cecilia Malmstrom has received a letter from the Ministers of Interior Brice Hortefeux and Thomas de Mezier in which they write that it is premature to be allowed both sides to join Schengen in March 2011
Ministers underline the shortcomings of Bulgaria and Romania to fight corruption and organized crime.
Recently, Holland also said he did not think our country ready to enter the Schengen countries. Holanskiyat Ambassador Karel van Kesteren said that the applicant country must ensure its internal security, adding that he hoped for a positive report of the Committee to justify the decision to admit Bulgaria.

Quote: "We expect support from Germany for our entry into the Schengen in 2011." Boyko Borisov told the prime minister after his meeting with Prime Minister of the German Rhineland Palatinate Kurt Beck.

Quote from letter: "Sofia and Bucharest to cope with the absence of adequate legal and administrative environment, corruption at various levels and rampant organized crime."

Democracy in Bulgaria.

Democracy in Bulgaria is characterized with some thoughts of famous thinkers and statesmen:
Democracy - the power belongs to the people and everything else belongs to the government.
It is not important how voters vote, but who counts the votes.
The difference between democracy and dictatorship is that in a democracy first ballot, and then take orders. When dictatorship is not wasting time to vote.
Common among politicians and diapers is that both should be changed regularly and in a same reason.
Democracy is the worst form of government except all the others.
A society of sheep must in time will create a government of wolves.
The most tyrannical governments are those that criminalize beliefs, because everyone has the inalienable right of its thinking.
Without a free press, no freedom of speech, all external forms and structures of free institutions are imitation.
They say that power corrupts, but actually more true to say that power attracts the bribes.

HEROIN, DRUGS, abstinence

Each day begins with the thought of the dose. I just hope today no problems. Because you know that almost every day something bad happens to you. At least that might get caught cops. Think how to find money. Ways are not always legitimate and your plans as nothing can go wrong. You're not a thief - just throw at the earliest opportunity. From then on, anything can happen to you. Police to arrest you for possession and use (though they must show that they are doing), they can rob other drug addicts, and fighting, and gun to the head, maybe a knife.

Pure luck that remain alive. But still, keep doing it. There is no better explanation of what it means to be dependent. So is your will direct that there is simply no where. Ready to die. This is heroin. He never does.

Over time, abstinence is becoming more severe. In the beginning you manage to stop without drugs, then not anymore. To find drugs is not easy. When many times you seek help, the possibility is exhausted. Relatives could not tolerate more, not their addresses, they were not experienced all the suffering again.
Therefore, most hidden. You can not go and once again to say - I'm still using needles again, it help me.
This is repeated again and all of them fed. And left alone.
Parents and addicts may long to believe in things that are not true. For example - the problem is only dependent on his own and he should be fine. You can stop without any help. It's hard to stop sam.Pochti impossible.
One of the thoughts that are very difficult to accept is: Never again.
Sounds simple, but the feeling that you forever deprived of the opportunity to experience again, this is painful. Because you have a part that it craves.

Bulgaria. The president signed the pension reform.

The manager of Hristina Mitreva NII called speculation claiming that 10,000 people will be retiring next year because of the removal of the point system, BNR.
With 19% more people at the end of this year, who wished to retire over the same period last year, reported by the National Insurance Institute (NII).
Several days ago President Georgi Parvanov has threatened to veto the amendment of the Social Security Code, which provides to eliminate the point system because it will prevent the retirement of about 10 000 people. Yesterday, however, Social Minister Totyu Mladenov said that the president has signed a decree on the promulgation of the Code.
Today, the press service of the Head of State explained that despite "numerous problems which the law raises, that decision is a necessary compromise in order not to affect the interests of certain categories of citizens.
.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ............

President Georgi Parvanov signed a law amending the Code of Social Security to avoid affecting the interests of certain categories
.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .........
President Georgi Parvanov has decided to promulgate the Law on amending the Social Security Code, adopted on December 11, 2010 According to the head of state, despite the numerous problems which the law raises, that decision is a necessary compromise in order not to affect interests of certain categories of citizens.

First, workers will suffer in harsh working conditions, because the new allocations since the beginning of the year pension would be significantly lower than those retired under the same conditions but by the end of this year.

Secondly, will be affected much of the unemployed because the ceiling of unemployment benefits will be removed from the beginning of the year and people will receive significantly lower benefits than now.

For these reasons, the head of state does not exercise its right to return a bill for further consideration by MPs. However, Bulgarian citizens should know that many of the "innovation" in the Security Code will have a serious impact on their social position.

One of the novelties is that unless the transfer (no time) of professional fund money from individual accounts of people who provide translation and the National Insurance Institute (NII) in monthly installments of 12 percent and 7 percent for early retirees to December 31, 2014

Even leaving a party political disputes and expert qualifications whether it is theft, nationalization or encroachment on private property, to note that the construction of the pension model of 2000 was granted a substantial systematic error. According to the president, makes honor of the now ruling that raised the problem, but what is taken not to decide, but rather - exacerbates the shortcomings of the pension model.

The positive is that unlike some countries which fully and permanently seized the assets of pension funds, the decision of the Bulgarian government and parliament is partial and temporary (until end 2014). This makes it possible to seek other, better roads and alternative measures.

The transfer of funds to professional NII decades after their creation and validation is not the wisest decision, said the head of state. This he said would create distrust not only the pension system, but also to law and investment climate in the country.

Better and more equitable decision, the president is at early retirement Institute and occupational pension funds to pay a proportion of total pension that corresponds to the time and / or amount of contributions made in each of them. We should not forget that until 2000 the higher contributions are fully translated into NII, and now it is done in part. It would be extremely unfair of a specific date (regardless of which) only funds to pay early pensions or NII only continue to pay.

The passed law made several other changes in existing insurance and pension system and take measures to head its financial stabilization and reduction of the significant budget deficit.

One of the most important provisions related to changing conditions (and age) for entitlement to a pension. It takes smooth, predictable and affordable changes in a long time as they were supported by the social partners-government trade unions and employers in the compromise agreement in November this year.

The head of state, however, finds it unacceptable the removal of so-called point system for retirement since the beginning of 2011, contrary to the agreement. This decision effectively and unexpectedly injuring thousands of workers who had hoped to retire in 2011, but at the last moment (a few days before) ruling requiring them to work more years, or to redeem high cost placement pension.

For example, a working woman of January 1, 2011 wants to retire because it celebrates 63 years (with more than 3 years minimum age) and that date will become 31 years of pensionable service (ie, will now collect the necessary 94 points), the new requirements for 34 years of service should continue to work or two years (until 65, when you can retire, if at least 15 years), or buy three years of service, the price of which for next year (after rising by 1.8% contribution) will amount to nearly 2700 leva. It should be borne in mind that this amount must be paid at once, because this law is repealed and the very popular current measure for repayment of pension contributions for purchased insurance.

Such a measure falls in stark contradiction with the spirit of pension legislation, which necessarily must be stable. Ie conditions for early retirement provision to be the same or in retirement, or changed early enough to allow people time to plan their behavior and their lives. If the above example this woman knew beforehand of the cancellation of the points system in 2011, it could even three years ago to buy a traineeship at significantly lower cost and to retire.

At a time when people should receive recognition for their work, they are punished. From any perspective - social, political, and human civilization, this is unacceptable behavior to workers by the ruling now says the president.
According to him next year and thereafter may seek and argue alternative views, including and rehabilitation of improved scoring system for which he has repeatedly spoken.

Thorough acquaintance with the law shows that it can detect both direct contradiction with the constitution of the country and numerous inconsistencies with the principles of the welfare state. For example, unacceptable mandatory social insurance for unemployment to be dependent on any programs. This law makes an unacceptable retreat from that established constitutional principle.

There are many other questionable decisions, though not all, they contradict the Constitution or international instruments in force for our country. They are either serious encroachment on social protection of citizens (reducing the duration of payment of benefits for short-term social security after the termination of the relationship) or contained internal contradictions (the means the individual accounts of insured for early retirement deceased persons).
In the adopted law and regulations have the aim of which is to improve the adequacy and increase the amount of pensions, but they are delayed beyond the time and the cost burden is transferred to the next government.

In conclusion, the President stressed that the decision to promulgate the changes in the insurance code in this presentation, despite its many flaws and questionable provisions is a necessary compromise in the interests of workers in harsh working conditions and the unemployed. This does not mean denial of the possibility that several provisions of law which conflict directly with the constitution and the principles of the welfare state to be attacked before the Constitutional Court.

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