Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bulgaria and Russia create a project company for the construction of Belene NPP.

Originally Bulgarian state company NEC will have 51%, and Russia - 47%. Announced hours earlier European investors - French IT company Altran "(Altran) and the leading Finnish company Fortum" (Fortum Corporation) receive 1 percent, the share of "Fortum" can grow to 25% and what remains.
The main disagreement between Bulgaria and Russia over the past two years, for the price in recent calculations of Rosatom, should not be below 6.4 billion euros, according to a Sofia - no more than 5 billion euros, of which it intends to pay a dime.
Ultimately, the memorandum price is set at a fixed 6.298 billion, while Bulgaria will seek an additional opportunity to reduce her
The final price will be determined by future investors - participants in the project company, after Bulgaria and Russia can not agree on it.
It is expected the project company to be formed within four months, then another 6 months to negotiate with the successful completion of the final price of the underlying contract.
In 2016, the first block of the Belene nuclear power plant could be ready.
The project company will continue to seek European investors. According to unofficial information, among them Germany's RWE, which at the end of 2008 was chosen as a strategic investor in the project with a share of 49 percent, but last October to withdraw from the project.
Serbia is expected soon to request 5 percent.

Bulgaria. Tennis. Grigor Dimitrov fined $ 2000 for a scandal with a judge

Grigor Dimitrov was fined $ 2000 on the Challenger in Helsinki after the end of the semi-final match against Berankis pushed the judge of his chair and rose tone, write the Finnish media.
The incident has had occurred after the end of the match in front of fans and some officials of the tournament. Wrath of Grisham probably was caused by several controversial judgments in situations that were always in favor of Richard Berankis. Two of them were during the first set tiebreaker, then its end our first rocket violently express their dissatisfaction with the ruling by the judge's chair. Ultimately Haskovo lost 6:7 (5), 6:0, 1:6, and Lithuanian won the tournament once during the final game his opponent withdrew due to injury.
Grigor Dimitrov was fined $ 2000, which will be deducted from € 5,375 to make his prize money after reaching the semifinals. Tournament Director said that it is possible the association of professional players and ATP to impose additional punishment on 19-year-old Bulgarian.

For and against antibiotics. Damage from the antibiotics.

Antibiotics are one of the greatest discoveries of medicine and in some cases
lifesaving. But often they are not unreasonable. Most acute infections, including sick (especially in winter), are caused by viruses and antibiotics are against them powerless.
Accepted too often, antibiotics lead to many different health problems. They can damage the nervous system (deafness, etc.), urinary tract (renal failure), liver (various issues), gastrointestinal (disbakterioza, candidiasis), the immune system (poor immunity, allergies), blood formation ( anemia).
Digestive system:
Health starts from the intestines and digestion. Antibiotics kill bacteria inhabiting the gut and intestinal wall left defenseless against harmful microbes.
So after taking antibiotics is appropriate to give probiotics to protect mucous membranes of harmful microbes. For babies is the most important bifidus, and for older children and adults need and atsidifilus and bifidus.
Antibiotics can damage the auditory nerve and lead to deafness, especially in children. It is reasonable to assume that damage and other nerve cells. This could affect intelligence and character of future generations.
Kidney and liver:
Some people are so frail that the balance of the body may break even by one antibiotic - especially for elderly and sick people and poor children. From ntibiotitsite can lead to kidney and liver failure.
Disbakterioza AND SYSTEM candidiasis:
After antibiotics commonly on mucous membranes of the intestines, respiratory and urinary tract in place of probiotics to populate useful fungi that are very persistent and harmful. They sore gums and make them more permeable to allergens and toxins. So over time can lead to allergies, asthma, psoriasis, arthritis and others.
BLOOD formation:
Antibiotics can lead to anemia, reduced white blood cells and impairment of immunity.
Worse development of Children:
I repeat that antibiotics are most harmful to the body as he grows. So all parents should know that there is a danger children who are given antibiotics often do not realize they planned genetic potential.
We, the adults are free to buy any crap. But young children do not have a choice - it takes them from us parents because we decide for them.

Marseilles fever

Marseilles fever

Marseilles fever is an acute infectious disease cause Ricketts Conor.
Incurred through the bite of infected ticks. Source and vector of infection is a dog tick.
Infection takes place through a tick bite and rarely in the conjunctiva of the eye with the entry of infectious material from the crushed tick.
Incubation (hidden) period of the disease is 3-7 days. Initial signs of illness, chills, fever, fatigue, muscle and joint pain.
Eyes become moist and shiny, and throat is sore.
In place of the infected bite in half a dark spot appears, covered with a crust and a diameter of 0.5-2 sm.Kam 3 rd - 4 th day characteristic rash appears, first spotted and then papulose with a diameter of 2-5 mm . which is distributed throughout the body. The disease more severe in adults (only they have registered deaths). Rarely occur as complications, encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), neuritis (inflammation) of the optic nerve and meningitis (inflammation of the meninges). For diagnosis is an important contact information with dogs tick bite and the characteristic rash.
Treatment, particularly effective against the vector are the antibiotics of the tetracycline group, Tetracycline, Doxycycline, Metatsiklin, oxytetracycline treatment ... must be written by a doctor.

Bulgaria-NPP. Forecast. When will run Belene? Signed in spring 2011, is quite real.

Arab goes bargain - the Russians said prices for Belene 6.7 billion euros, from our side brought down to 5 billion
The Russians finally agreed on 6.4 billion and the deal will come somewhere okolo5, from 7 to 6.2 billion. The best time to ease funding is fixing the price of the plant.
Project is extremely bankiruem.
The deadline for signing the agreement until the spring of 2011, is very real. Another important problem is the percentage participation of it. Bulgarian participation is imperative to the level of controlling or majority stake. Our participation with the majority means that we can control the pricing of the plant.
Price from 50 euros per megawatt hour is completely realistic. A 2016-2017, it will look very attractive compared to the other prices of electricity from power plants, which will be calculated and additive for the transmission of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, and the addition of renewable energy, which at that time will around 16% in the gross final energy consumption.
Participation in the project is not equal to its cost. For example, assuming the plant price of EUR 6.7 billion investment cost, the cost of equity will be proportional to shareholding. According to preliminary information in talks with banks, the consultant has achieved "low garing, ie respect to private capital raised equal to 30/70%. This attitude is one of the indicators of "low" risk investment for the project.
Or of Bulgaria's participation will be EUR 2 billion cost of equity will not exceed 1 billion if you believe the information from the media that the Bulgarian side has spent around 1.3 billion euros, the capitalization of such amounts in shareholdings can guarantee a majority or controlling interest for the Bulgarian side.

Bulgaria and Russia create a project company for the construction of Belene NPP.


Q fever

Q fever is a zoo antroponoza (a disease spread it among animals and humans). Caused by a microbe Koksiela Burnett (Coxiella burneti).

Source of infection in nature are over 60 species of warm-blooded animals, wild birds and many ticks. People become infected by mouth-the consumption of contaminated products, inhalation for the treatment of animal materials in direct contact with infected animals or bites from infected ticks. After preboleduvane formed lasting immunity (resistance to disease).

Incubation (Concealed period) of the disease is between 3 and 30 days on average about 19 days. Usually the disease begins abruptly with chills, increased temperature, headache, aching muscles and hamstrings, weakness and insomnia.
The eyes are vlzhni and face, neck and throat-zacherveni.Pri fraction of diseased appears mild rash on the chest, abdomen and back.
A subset of patients at 3-th-4-day appear as chest pain, coughing and phlegm-expression of pneumonia (lung inflammation). In severe cases leads to inflammation and heart muscle and heart sac, and involvement nervous system, restlessness, insomnia, agitation, pain in the extremities, paralysis of muscles and esophagus galtachnite with disturbances in speech and swallowing. To insert the correct diagnosis is important contact information in animal products, animals, and tick bite. The prognosis is often favorable.

Treatment of Q fever with antibiotics of the tetracycline group, Tetracycline, Metatsiklin, doxycycline, oxytetracycline and ... must be conducted in Infectious Disease.

Bulgaria. Accident at sea. Sunken ship. Rescue operation to search for the five sailors.

Varna. Rescue operation continues to search for five sailors from the ship sank 10 nautical miles from Cape Emine. Five sailors were rescued and continues to search for five other crew of sunken ship off Cape Emine. Error maneuver is the cause of the accident between two vessels that ran ten miles off Cape Emine, it said Minister transporta.Otkritite sailors are in good health. In all likelihood they will be treated in Varna.
Around 17.40 hours on Monday to Bourgas encountered two ships flying foreign flags, one of which sank.
Weather conditions allow the rescue operation would continue. Assistance to the three boats of the Border Police have come to two Russian merchant ships and two boats of the Maritime Administration. Four of the sailors of the ship "Drive 1" were removed from the sea by the crew of the ship "Alessandro DP, flying the Dutch flag. The fifth was rescued by boat on the Border Police.
There is no danger of spillage and pollution, because the Dutch tanker was empty.
All the efforts of rescue teams are aimed at saving the remaining five sailors from the crew of the sunken ship. Rescue continues today. Cast vessels Maritime Administration - Varna, Border Police, military, civilian ships. Search is extremely difficult in the rescue operation to include a helicopter.


The concept of "morality" is a collection of views of good and evil, conscience and honor, praise and shame, debt and equity. It is a legal category. Morality in the narrow sense is the recognition of a particular social group a set of rules of conduct in accordance with economic conditions, views of good and evil, duty and justice, conscience and honor, praise and shame.
Legal definition of "morality" in Bulgaria and therefore not subject to interpretation.
Society just formed his morals.
Every individual in society has the right alone to decide for themselves what is moral and what is not, and until you violate the laws of the state, no one can claim to his behavior.
There are eternal and unchanging moral norms. They are relative, but vary over a long period of time. Nowadays, for example, the torture of people is not moral. And once been. Today, slavery is not moral. And once been.
- The most often morality is equated with good, good man, good consequences of our actions, our good intentions.
In terms of mass psyche just custom and tradition are the core understanding of morality.
With two salaries - over 5000 Euro, its vote last Christmas Supreme Judicial Council, the cap is not generally done a good job.
They have no shame! - The response was, however, in Bulgaria. Not that the SJC had not done any work that was not corrupt magistrates appointed you neizvetno what criteria, but with such a scandal as much as one Chernichkiya SJC has not been tresal. Why do not give Christmas bonuses and the magistrates from the list of Krasyo. For the glory of Themis. Have their budget - giving her. And made them independent and irremovable, according to the rules.
This year's exercise is povtarya.V judiciary, which employs about 13,000 magistrates and officials, will be awarded additional remuneration for his contribution. It adopted yesterday the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC), reaffirming its decision of last year There will be a maximum of money for a basic salary, Petar Stoyanov predicted by the SJC. How accurate are the savings will be clear in December. At the suggestion of her boss Anna Karaivanova ten inspectors to the SJC will take one whole salary. So you will receive 18 of the 24 experts from the supervisory authority. For Karaivanova itself, and members of the SJC should have a separate Council Decision. At the end of last year they voted on two salaries for his contribution, which is over 5000
Not money, but the sense of measure is your problem, ladies and gentlemen.
That the media should promote moral values to be corrective of any power, objective and impartial forum for free speech, is an old rule.
Yet there have Vasil Bozhkov to distribute moralizing? Are there any left in our standards of behavior and evaluation. You can win a lot of money to have whatnot, but there must be a criterion which may be waving a finger. Who actually has the right to give moral evaluations?
Or George Soros is right as it is justified to call it that speculator: There is very little difference between speculation and investment. The only difference is the fact that investments are successful speculation, because if you successfully predict the future, realize speculative profits. My conscience is completely clean.
I am proud that I am successful speculators.
If you're not quite agree with Soros, it is time to formulate the moral values of society, to give legal formulation of the concept of "morality" and if we agree with him, let him drive, as in the last twenty years.


The concept of "morality" is a collection of views of good and evil. It is also a legal category. Morality in the narrow sense is the recognition of a particular social group a set of rules of conduct in accordance with economic conditions, views of good and evil, duty and justice, conscience and honor, praise and shame.Golden Rule, "Any thing you wish that men should do to you, and do ye to them." Is a summary of what everyone deep down you always knew was right.Now the children have rights. And parents are losing their one after another. How is the moral state to intervene in the lives of one family. Where is the border? And do not you go to the version of Plato's ideal state in which everything is all?The decline of morality among children due to government intervention in the family and the destruction of its patriarchal values. The big loser of the whole situation will be normal average family.The man must be a man, woman - woman and child is a child. In this order, and without change roles.Sole regulator of the family may be traditional morality. Only through it can raise a healthy generation.We left the morality of our children to be fed by electronic games, television, Abortion.What is the morality of journalism carried out in a market society. Media - are commercial companies. For public interest, they will work only if the public interest coincides with their own interest. If you do not want to experience failure, they are faced with the need to choose between public and self-interest to choose their own interest. That means clean, ethical journalism can exist only in the blogs (just can not think of other independent publications).Impotence of morality is evident even in his relationship with the law. It is believed that a state law standard of morality. But often the right appears inappropriate even elementary rules of morality. Legal definition of "morality" in Bulgaria and therefore not subject to interpretation.Society just formed his morals.Every individual in our society can itself decide for themselves what is moral and what is not, and until you violate the laws of the state, no one can claim to his behavior. This in itself is deeply immoral and means that we have lost a real sense of public, group, traditional and national morale.Moral standards prove actual attitude towards members of own group, people in general, wildlife and nature. Morality is a measure of sociality to anything outside itself. The essential function of socialization, moral principles formed Diversity as a guarantee of coexistence and individual survival. Morality is not the identification of otherness, and its respect for and observance. For people morality has always been so important to survival as bread. The lack of morality is taken and take more casualties from famine.Moral and legal norms forming social rules governing social relations. Morality, however, is formed slowly and is more inert nature of legal norms.Moral norms influence the legal system in two ways:-Some straight receive legal sanction and become law.-Other moral norms that are not converted into law, serve as an additional source of law criterion of legal norms.Moral category of "good manners" are important in interpreting the rules and fill gaps in the law.On the other hand, morality, together with the mandatory rules of law are two limits to which the legislature skrepyava wills of the parties.Even more controversial is the question of equity as a source of law. According to some authors fairness is the rule of conduct which is addressed to the judicial authority (court).Therefore, given this rule, and their idea of right, the court shall determine.Medical ethics has been developed by medical ethics, but applies to all actors in health care - institutions, organizations, not least medical ethics and patients' concerns.Our core values are: being patient, the prohibition on damages and the right to self-determination of the patient (principle of autonomy), more general principle of human dignity.In Bulgaria and other countries based on medical ethics is the Hippocratic oath some of 4.vek BC. It is parsed in the Geneva Declaration of the World Medical Association (1948, 1968, 1983). In Nuremberg medical trial (1947) is composed and Nuremberg Code, which provides the moral basis for conducting medical experiments on humans.Basic moral case of medicine is euthanasia. Bulgarian Medical Association held their moral code that "in no case the doctor may not exercise active assistance to die."Good death" (literal translation from the Greek term) is fully authorized only in Colombia and semi-official - in the Netherlands. In Belgium, the doctor's formal Code also prohibits doctors to open a hopelessly ill and suffering the doors to the afterlife, but at the same time entitle them to effectively mitigate the sufferings of patients - a formulation that is subject to very wide interpretation. Bulgarian moral code of the physician indicates that he believed that active euthanasia is unacceptable. Whether due to negligence or bad editing, but the Bulgarian Medical Union de facto gives moral right of its members to perform passive euthanasia.What are the reasons for the statistical average dentist or doctor can choose the particular profession? Maybe some strange love the smell of rotting teeth?Unconscious motives in choosing the medical profession, are the need for power and dominance over others, derivatives of the aggressive drive.According to doctors and dentists themselves, the only reason for choosing the craft, which is engaged from the outset was only one - money!The last thing modern medicine can be called, is a human! Physicians represented dealers and distributors of pharmaceutical companies, corruption, and payment "on hand" are common practice. The latter, which modern medicine is interested is healing the patient. On the contrary, a person has a vested interest to be maintained as long as possible sick, suffering and willing to pay.

Football. Spain. Barcelona crashed 5:0 Real Madrid. More than classic

More than classic.
Barcelona won 5:0 Real Madrid at Camp Nou in the derby on 13 th round in La Liga. Xavi opened in the 10th minute and 18th in Pedro doubled. David Villa was precisely twice in the second part.
Barcelona started the game eagerly, and yet in six minutes gently dig a ball from Messi met crossbar. Only four minutes later, Xavi received pass from Iniesta and put the hosts ahead. In the 18th, David Villa dribble Sergio Ramos has released the ball to Pedro, and he made 2:0. Followed slightly nervous of the game, and the chief judge pulled the game with a pretty yellow cards. Cristiano Ronaldo, Victor Valdes, David Villa, Lionel Messi and Pepe were sanctioned. By the end, do not get to serious situations, but Barcelona deservedly took the first part.
At the beginning of the second half, the hosts pressed again. In 51 th minute, Xavi missed very advantageous position to make a classic result. However, in the 55th minute, logical happen Barca scored the third goal. David Villa was accurate and Real players were claims for offside passes for Messi. Only three minutes were needed for Villa, to score another goal, and finally sink the hopes of Real.
At 90 minutes after a brilliant attack fell last fifth goal of the match.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Bulgaria. Accident at sea. Sinking ship.

Incident colliding vessel was about 18.00 hours around Cape Emine north of Bourgas.
Have encountered and tanker ship loaded with scrap metal. "I can not say whether there is a danger of spillage, I can only say that the tanker was empty. Now it's dark and we check on the spot can give more accurate information. Three people were rescued from a total of seven human crew. The ship which is flying the flag of Sierra Leone, has sunk. "He was loaded with scrap metal and was traveling from Varna to Turkey, he said that is currently on leave and could not give more information. Director of Maritime Administration - Burgas Cap. Zivko Petrov refused details of the case. He explained that he would send a report to the District Administration, where journalists can obtain information. It is not known the cause of the collision. Of Civil Defence said they have no authority to act in such a situation because the incident is 20 km offshore.
Sought to six sailors from the crew of the sunken ship, sailing under the flag of Sierra Leone. Have encountered two ships. After the collision the smaller ship Karim 1 "has sunk. Ten crew was on board - nine Syrians and an Egyptian. Four were removed from the water. We continue operation in search and rescue six other people.

Super scandal. "Wikileaks" and the hidden face of American diplomacy. U.S. State Department has worked as a CIA and other intelligence agencies.

Meanwhile it became clear that the founder of the website Wikileaks' Julian Asandzh, Australian home can be sued in Australia in connection with the publication of secret diplomatic materials the United States. "The publication of this information could jeopardize the security of the people mentioned in those documents, and can actually harm the national security of the United States and its allies, including Australia," said General prosecutor Robert Makleland.
He said that currently the Australian Government has established a working group to examine the possible consequences of publication of the "Wikileaks".
Secret telegrams reveal that the U.S. State Department has asked the diplomats to collect very personal information to representatives of UN and other countries.
Telegrams reminding more work for the CIA or other intelligence services, were sent to U.S. embassies in Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the U.S. Mission to the UN.
Such an order was sent to the embassy in Bulgaria with a request for "details of the personal relations between the Bulgarian leaders and Russian officials or businessmen.
According to documents published by the site Wikileaks, it is clear that the U.S. mission in Bulgaria has requested information regarding corruption at the highest levels of government, including extrabudgetary funds in support of senior leaders, sources of financing of political candidates and government plans and efforts to ensure the transparency of financial flows and t.n.t.
Traditionally, diplomats are known for their friendly public statements, but passed by the U.S. government documents show that U.S. officials behind closed doors can be ruthless in evaluations.
This is clear from the published Site "Wikileaks" documents that have nelaskavi qualifications for both U.S. adversaries and allies of the United States.
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, for example, is called "useless, vain and ineffective as a modern European leader. In another document, the prime minister is designated as "physically and politically weak, it has been a note of the night and its festivities, why not rest well.
Afghan President Hamid Karzai described as "extremely weak" and bias towards conspiracy theories.
In the exchange of information with Washington U.S. diplomatic mission in Moscow said of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that "plays the role of Robin," while Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has compared with Batman.
With regard to German Chancellor Angela Merkel diplomats say it runs the risk and is often inventive, "and Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle lacks foreign policy knowledge.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy did is called "techy and authoritarian 'even to his entourage.
France reacted angrily after the publication of documents. According to the spokesman of the French Government what happened is a threat to democratic government. He said the expiry of documents may jeopardize the lives of American officials who were collecting information.
Germany, criticized the publication of the American diplomatic documents of the site "Wikileaks" and defined it as "illegal." According to Berlin end a potential security threat, but even the most shameful revelations will affect transatlantic relations.
Government spokesman Steffen Individual refused to comment on the contents of secret documents to the U.S. Department of State, in which U.S. diplomats make comments on Chancellor Angela Merkel and other German leaders.
"We regret this post. These are confidential reports. They are posted illegally and we will not comment. Foreign policy requires confidentiality, "the Individual.
"German-American relations are mature. Connects us very deep friendship based on mutual values and similar publications can not harm him, "added the spokesman of the German cabinet.
Much more relaxed response is in Rome.
talianskiyat Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has laughed when it was reported how he described his way of life in the U.S. diplomatic documents published by the site Wikileaks.
In one of the documents says that Berlusconi was "irresponsible" and "ineffective" and "wild parties" does not leave much time for rest. In another document, the Prime Minister has described as "physically and politically weak. Writes that Berlusconi is a spokesman for Putin in Europe and the two exchanged expensive gifts.
Italian Defence Minister Inyatsio La Russa said that these findings are more rumors and will not affect relations between Italy and the USA.
Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said that some of the material has long been known and were even on the front pages of newspapers. He said that Berlusconi does not feel attacked or offended by the comments.
Russian authorities believe that the published documents do not deserve comment.
In the Kremlin have not found anything interesting or worthy of comment in the materials published on the site Wikileaks. This spokesman for Russian President Natalia Timakova.
"I feel sorry and awkward, because digging in the diplomatic underwear is not particularly pleasant occupation," said sources in diplomatic circles in Moscow.
In Moscow, hoping that the materials of the "Wikileaks" does not jeopardize Russian assessments of the political process. It is noted that in the Russian capital were not surprised by anything that appears in the documents.

"Wikileaks"-another scandal. NATO against Russia. Nine divisions of NATO against the Russian army.

Let it be summer. 24 temperature records in Bulgaria.

24 temperature records reported the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology - BAN.Temperaturni records were registered in 24 stations:
Ahtopol: 25.5 degrees;
Blagoevgrad: 20 degrees;
Veliko Tarnovo: 24 degrees;
Varna: 23 degrees;
Vratsa: 22.2 degrees;
Dobrich: 22.6 degrees;
Dragoman: 18.7 degrees;
Elhovo: 22.4 degrees;
Kazanlak: 22 degrees;
Kaliakra: 18.4 degrees;
Karnobat: 22 degrees;
Kardjali: 20.1 degrees;
Kyustendil: 20.4 degrees;
Lovech: 25 degrees;
Pazardzhik: 23.4 degrees;
Plovdiv: 23.5 degrees;
Razgrad: 22.5 degrees;
Rousse: 25.2 degrees;
Sandanski: 21.1 degrees;
Svishtov: 22.7 degrees;
Silistra: 23.4 degrees;
Sliven: 21.5 degrees;
Sofia: 20.3 degrees;
Shabla: 19.7 degrees.

Tensions in Korea. Threats from Seoul: North Korea will pay a high price.

President of South Korea Lee Man Bac make an apology to the nation about the death of South Korean citizens as a result of North Korean artillery fire and warned that Pyongyang will pay a high price.
In a televised address to the nation in connection with the growing tensions between the two Korean states Li Me Bak indicate that endeavored to solve the problem about nuclear program of North Korea through dialogue and cooperation and compassion are not humanitarian aid. In response, however, have received new nuclear preparations from the north, immersing the South Korean frigate and fire on their island.
The president stressed that it is difficult to expect now Pyongyang to abandon its military adventurism and its nuclear program.
He stressed that further patience and goodwill on the part of South Korea will lead to even greater provocation and why his country would compel the North to pay the due price.

Tension before the derby Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Barca fans attacked the bus at Madrid and broke several windows, Spanish media reported.
Problems for citizens of the capital began when the team arrived at the Hotel Juan Carlos I, which is owned by the former President of Barcelona Joan Gaspar. Ultras attacked the bus with stones and inflicted serious damage.
No evidence of injured players.
With the stone was struck security officer Madrid.
Proponents of the "Barcelona" throwing eggs coach of Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho. He was hit and immediately entered the hotel.

Bulgaria-war on plastic bags.

Bulgaria.From mid-2011 the Ministry of Environment and Waters will introduce a product fee for the thinnest and most commonly used plastic bags type vest. As a result, manufacturers of polythene bags of all sizes will pay a 15 degree for each marketed item.
With brutal fee ministry hopes "purely economic" to force people to stop using plastic bags, use them repeatedly to buy in paper bags. Fourth option is to return the good old law of the market to go with cloth bag.
We polyethylene bags widely available for free because their price is wholesale is very low. Therefore, although the freedom and much use is not loaded the final price of products and does not affect buyers.
After 2011 the fee for polythene bags will progressively grow. From 2012 the fee will jump to 35 cents in 2013 - 45 cents, and in 2015 will reach 55 cents.

Scandal. "Wikileaks" ignite a diplomatic crisis. U.S. concerns about the sale of French aircraft carrier "Mistral" of Russia.

Founder of Wikileaks' Julian Asandzh said the findings affect the "all important international issues in the modern world. International diplomats called the breach in the system "September 11 world of diplomacy."
Among the released documents are 251,287 programs the State Department. Many are marked secret, but none was marked top secret, writes The New York Times. The first tranche of over 250,000 classified telegrams threatens diplomatic crisis, relations between America, Europe, Middle East, Russia.
Site WikiLeaks, which was supposed to publish a new 250 thousand secret document of the U.S. State Department has blocked the hacker's attack or threatened attack on intelligence services. The site said that despite hacker attacks, the documents will be disclosed as having been conferred on different media.
What is more curious to learn?
Iran has purchased North Korean missiles contemporary series, created by Russian master whose range makes it possible to hit both capitals in Western Europe and in Moscow, reports The New York Times, citing materials from the site " Wikileaks.
By telegram, dated from February 24, 2010, it is clear that Iran has purchased North Korean missiles Series 19 "R-27, whose power significantly higher than officially announced by Washington.
King of Saudi Arabia has asked the U.S. to attack Iran to destroy its program for nuclear weapons reveal American diplomatic messages disseminated from the site "Wikileaks"
U.S. diplomats had to spy on and take biometric data from the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon.
Reveals an inadequate conduct of a member of the British royal family, and criticize the military operations in Afghanistan, Britain, and to Prime Minister David Cameron.
Telegram from Washington to diplomats included claims for "special reconnaissance" for MPs.
In the previous papers it is clear that American diplomats have compared the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to Adolf Hitler, and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France is called the "emperor with no clothes."
German Chancellor Angela Merkel described as too cautious, but Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has called the "alpha dog". Afghan President Hamid Karzai does is presented as a paranoid.
One of the most serious allegations, which were revealed in the documents are that the King of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah, has repeatedly urged the U.S. to attack Iran. For the Saudi leader wrote that "it is often called on Washington to attack Iran to end its nuclear weapons program."
The documents also include: - huge concern in Washington and London for the security of Pakistani nuclear weapons - donors from Saudi Arabia were identified as the most generous sponsors of terrorism in the world;
Retell a meeting between defense ministers of the United States and France, Robert Gates, Herve Morin, held on February 8, 2010.
During the meeting, Gates explained that the sale "will send a bad message to Russia and our allies in Central and Eastern Europe. When Morin has expressed the view that this transaction will not change Moscow's military capabilities, Gates replied that Washington is not worried about the capacity of ships and for the political message that the sale sent to Eastern Europe. According to Gates eastern European countries "still have a strong distrust of Russia and do not know to what extent they can trust the West."
U.S. Minister stated that "Russian democracy has disappeared, and management is an oligarchy run by the security forces.
"President Dmitry Medvedev has a more pragmatic view of Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, but the real changes are very small," said another U.S. ministar.Ruskata state and its secret services use mafia bosses to carry out criminal operations and the links between them are so close that the country has become "virtually mafia state." exceptionally close relationship between Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his Italian counterpart Silvio Berlusconi caused strong suspicions in Washington. There are extensive allegations of "fancy girls, tasty energy contracts and the use of Berlusconi as a secret intermediary between Russia and the Anglo-Saxon countries.
The concern in Washington and London on the eve of the next portion classified documentation is quite understandable. Selection of secret documents already circulated by newspaper Le Monde, The Guardian, The New York Times and many websites and other media.

U.S. is interested in the personal relations between the Bulgarian politicians and Russian businessmen on documents from Wikileaks.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Referendum: Switzerland will automatically deport people convicted of murder, rape, drug trafficking and other serious offenses.

More than 53 percent of Swiss supported the proposal of the Swiss People's Party to deport aliens who commit crimes in the country.
Data are preliminary results that took place today at the Confederation referendum on this issue.
The country will automatically deport people convicted of murder, rape, drug trafficking and other serious offenses. According to nationalists foreigners are responsible for half of the crimes carried out in Switzerland. Of deported persons will be allowed to return to the country for a period of 5 to 20 years.


U.S. is interested in the personal relations between the Bulgarian politicians and Russian businessmen on documents from Wikileaks.

Administration of President Barack Obama warns Wikileaks site, not to publish a new American secret documents zayuoto such a step would endanger countless human lives.
The warning was made by the legal adviser of the Department of State Harold Koh in a letter to the founder of the website Wikileaks Julian Assange.
However, most of the documents were published and the most surprising hit and Bulgaria.
Document published by the site Wikileaks, testified that some time Washington had wanted from their embassies overseas to perform intelligence functions, and sometimes collect personal information on foreign leaders. It is mentioned and Bulgaria, which was also the subject of interest from the U.S., writes The New York Times.
In June 2009 in a telegram to the U.S. Embassy in Sofia, the U.S. State Department asked for information on the efforts of the Bulgarian government in combating money laundering and drug trafficking. Another question, which is highly interested in Washington, find themselves "details the personal relations between the Bulgarian leaders and Russian officials and businessmen," says the publication.



Roger Federer beat Rafael Nadal and won for the fifth time the title of the final Masters. Federer and Sampras Lendl equalized.

Roger Federer prevailed 6:3, 3:6, 6:1 over this leader in the rankings to Rafael Nadal 1.40 hours game and won for the fifth time the championship title of ATP.Za his victory he received 1.6 million dollars in prize fond.Za Federer is the second major title of the year after winning the Australian Open in January.
In this way, Federer is tied with legends such as Pete Sampras and Ivan Lendl, also won five times in the final Masters. For its part, Nadal lost his first final of the tournament, which marks the point of active tennis season for the New Year.
Federer controlled the whole first set. The record in Grand Slam titles make a decisive break for 5:3, and then took the first part of 6:3.
In the second set, the Swiss tennis player serving well again, giving the opponent only five points. Four of them were in game four, which meant a breakthrough and a solid head start for Nadal than 3:1. Then the Spaniard led to 4:1, and finally took part with 6:3.
In the third set but Federer made Nadal defeat, as he made two breaks and after the final 6:1 triumph as the winner after 32 successful graduates impact.

Manchester United at the top after a new error Chelsea - draw with Newcastle.

The match ended 1:1, and blue were catching up to the end of the first part. So Chelsea two points behind the leader Manchester United an equal number of matches played.
Accurate for the hosts was Andrew Carroll, a goal for Chelsea was the work of Salomon Kalou.
In six minutes Alex back translated to Czech, he failed to master the time ball, Carol advantage of misunderstanding and scored emptied door. After the goal Newcastle leaped more relaxed, possession of the ball and created several dangerous situations.
Gradually Chelsea prevailed initial shock of the early goal and found pressure. People Carlo Ancelotti started to possess the initiative, but the players in black and white teams have closed the foot of your door and rely on counterattacks.
In the 45-minute efforts of Chelsea are crowned with success. Salomon Kalou finished good multipass attack of blue and leaves no opportunity to leave the hosts with a goal to advance the break.
Throughout the second half Chelsea ruled the initiative, as Newcastle had only one in 61 minutes. Ten minutes after the resumption of the game Didier Drogba inflicted thick swipe, but Timothy Krull monitor the situation and capture.

Brazilian soldiers from the police special forces, marines and army commandos seized a drug strongholds in Rio de Janeiro.

Brazilian soldiers from the police special forces, marines and army commandos ended operation against drug dealers in one of the poorest suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, which were barricaded and resisted fierce resistance.
Military police took into their control all parts of the region Alemao, the operation ended without serious difficulties. "We won. We brought freedom to the inhabitants of the suburbs," said a senior police officer.
In stock involved tanks, helicopters and military police in 2600, as the resistance of dealers proved weaker than expected.
According to police forces in the region found shelter between 500 and 600 drug dealers.
Large-scale raid against drug dealers in the poorest regions of Rio de Janeiro started the week with the aim to fight crime in preparation for the world football championship in 2014 and the summer Olympics in 2016 during the fighting this week were killed 35 people.

Brazil. Rio de Janeiro. The war against drug traffickers continues.

The clashes began after the Brazilian security forces tried to crush drug gangs, and may impose under the law.
The gangs responded by opened fire on several police stations and set fire to cars and buses. Police deployed armored personnel carriers, helicopters and thousands of heavily armed agents to share in the slums of Rio.
Brazilian security forces began a crackdown ghetto in Rio de Janeiro, where drug traffickers about 500-600 were barricaded and refuse to surrender to authorities.
Police forces, with reinforcements from the helicopter came in to Favela mainsail against the heavy firefight.
During a police crackdown on drug traffickers in the slums of Rio earlier this week killed 35 smugglers and law enforcement officers.
Police in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday triggered a few tanks in the operation against organized crime and killed seven suspects, the police press office said.
The governor of Rio asked the Navy of Brazil for technical support and the armored police unit were granted nine light tanks.
Police said the operation in complex favelas (ghetto) Vila Cruzeiro in the northern suburbs of Rio involved 350 soldiers from four separate parts BTR-a, nine tanks and several police helicopters.
As a result of bandit attacks, which began in Rio de Janeiro last Sunday in the city were burned 55 cars and buses. Authorities called the actions of gangsters "gesture of despair."

EU and IMF rescue Ireland with 85 billion.

International negotiators from the EU and IMF and Ireland have reached agreement on details of rescue plan for the country amounting to 85 billion euros.
"The plan is ready to be discussed and adopted today, on unconfirmed data.
About 35 billion of the allocated amount will be used to strengthen the Irish banking system. This is the second rescue plan adopted by the EU in 2010, once in May fell into crisis, Greece has received a loan of 110 billion.

North Korea has missiles ready implemented land-land and land-air in the area of naval maneuvers of U.S. and South Korea.

North Korea has missiles ready implemented land-land and land-air near the Yellow Sea, which began joint naval maneuvers with the U.S. and South Koreya.Severnokoreyskata KTSTA news agency, meanwhile, spread a message that any violation of territorial waters DPRK will be followed by retaliation.
U.S. and South Korea started joint naval exercises west of the Korean peninsula. In the army maneuvers involved U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier George Washington. Teachings were agreed earlier in the week between U.S. President Barack Obama and his South Korean counterpart Lee Myung-bak. The two leaders decided through joint military exercises to send a clear message to North Korea that the attacks on the territory of its southern neighbor will not be tolerated.
South Korean media announced that the North has implemented the missile ready "land-land and land-air.
South Korean authorities ordered the inhabitants of the island Yonpyon which was firing artillery on Tuesday at the North, to evacuate to shelters.

Military exercises in South Korea and the U.S.. Reviews.

Military exercises in South Korea and the USA with USS George Washington, cruiser, three destroyer, a warship and auxiliary patrol aircraft began today.U.S. and South Korea claimed that military exercises were "planned well before" the shooting on Tuesday and are determined to continue with it despite the protests.In South Korea held a rally outside the U.S. military base in Seoul on Friday, condemning the participation of a U.S. aircraft carrier in the joint naval exercise.Consider training as bringing the Korean peninsula to the brink of war. "China on Friday expressed its opposition to all military operations in its exclusive economic zone without permission, including exercise."We hold a consistent and clear position. We oppose any country to take military action in our exclusive economic zone without permission," said a statement from Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei.In the newspaper "Chosun Sinbo" - Tokyo, Japan, also warned on Saturday that training can lead to "catastrophic situations."Philippine government said it was "worried" about the joint US-ROK naval drill, saying it will escalate tensions on the peninsula and endanger the security of thousands of Filipinos live and work in the ROK.

Risk of war in Korea.


This morning, South Korean Defense Ministry recommended to the journalists present on the island Yonpyon, to leave because the situation there is not a good AP.
Shortly before the maneuvers around the island again heard artillery fire, probably coming from the North Korean population and briefly had to hide in the shelters. Later, concern has been canceled.
North Korea warned its southern neighbor and the United States not to carry out planning for today  exercise in the Yellow Sea and accused Seoul that brought the peninsula to the brink of war, the news agency Xinhua.
Naval doctrine is scheduled to be held near the western coast of Korean Peninsula and will continue until December 1. U.S. will send aircraft carrier George Washington, said in a statement of U.S. forces on the Korean peninsula.


Football. Everton wants David Beckham.

Everton had offered the former England captain David Beckham to return to their homeland and during the pause in the American football championship play bike in the team.
David Moyes has admitted he would like to see in its composition 35-year midfielder for the Los Angeles Galaxy David Beckham. Moreover, Beckham is close friends with the team captain Phil Neville.
"If Beckham has decided to return to England, have just called me.'ll Be enough to dial my number or that of Phil Neville," said David Moyes. Over the past two years during the pause in U.S. championship game Beckham rent in Milan.

Scandal award at the Venice Film Festival.

Italian Culture Minister Sandro Bondi is under pressure to resign over the mystery surrounding sponsorship of the Bulgarian participation at the Venice festival. Italian media today released a sample of passing bTV, where Rashidov presented documents showing that the Bulgarian delegation has visited Venice in Italian costs.
Bulgarian actress, writer and director Michelle Bonev, involved in a scandal with an award at the Venice Film Festival, made its first statement on the topic: "The trip and stay on the Bulgarian delegation during the 67 th Venice Film Festival was paid by my company headquartered Romance Entertainment in Rome in order to allow the Bulgarian culture to be presented at the Venice festival after 20 year absence "
I myself, after I received the invitation as a producer to receive award for his film "Goodbye, Mom", which I am a writer, director and producer, chose to share this award with my country, Bulgaria, and ensured that all costs associated with participation Bulgarian delegation to the event, said in a statement. "This is the truth. I am able to provide documents relating to my statements. Also declare that my company never received any funding from the Italian Ministry of Culture, says in conclusion Bonev.

Football. Italy. Sampdoria drew 1:1 Milan. Juventus and Fiorentina 1:1.

Sampdoria drew 1:1 at home to AC Milan team in a match of the 14 th round of the Italian football championship.
The Rossoneri had a slight superiority in the first half and deservedly Robinho opened the scoring for the visitors two minutes before halftime after an assist on Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
The hosts reached the point with the goal of Giampaolo Pazzini. After a header from a corner Daniele Gastardelo deflect the ball to head straight to Pazzini who did not miss close to even the score.
So Milan interrupted run of four straight wins in Calcio, but 30 points will retain first place after round, since the second Lazio, Catania accept that tomorrow, has 26 points. Sampdoria stayed eighth with 20 points.
Teams Juventus and Fiorentina ended the battle each other with the same result - 1:1 in a match played at the Olympic Stadium in Turin.
Fiorentina the lead in the score just four minutes with an own goal of Mota, who realized goal for 0:1. Only in 82-minute Pepe restore equality to form the final 1:1.

Again, a plane crash in Pakistan.

Pakistani electronic media reported the tragic end of Karachi.
At least 18 people were killed in airline crash an airplane loaded IL-76 that crashed in a residential area near the airport in Karachi early in the morning.
There were eight people on board when the plane crashed two minutes after it took off from Karachi airport at 1:45 pm (local time) Sunday morning. The plane was bound for Sudan, the report said.
Although only eight people on board, victims may be more since the plane crashed in a residential area of Gulshan-E-Jamal near Karachi airport.
Four buildings were destroyed.
The latter is a strong explosion and a major fire near the crash.
Rescue teams were dispatched to the crash shortly after the tragedy.

On July 28, a passenger plane Airbus crashed near the capital Islamabad Pakistan, killing all 152 people aboard. This is the biggest aviation disaster ever reported in the country over the past 18 years.

In October, a small passenger plane carrying over 20 people crashed near an airport in Karachi because of engine failure. None of the people on board survived in a plane crash.

Roger Federer against Rafael Nadal in the finals of the Masters in London.

Roger Federer will face Rafael Nadal in the finals of the Masters, while in London, after Federer made a convincing victory with 6:1, 6:4 against Serb Novak Djokovic in the semi-final clash in the capital.
In the first set Federer dominated totally and leaves no chance for Nole to have half an hour with 6:1. The second part was much disputed and after submitting samples of his opponent Djokovic lead with 3:0, but Federer broke back in 2:3 and then in turn make a decisive break for 5:4, then serve and win games in order to reach the trophy match.
Rafael Nadal (Spain) is ranked for the first time in his career for the match for the title on the final ATP tournament with a prize fund of $ 5 million.
Nadal beat fifth-seeded Andy Murray of 7:6 (5), 3:6, 7:6 (6) after the 3:11 game. Murray scored 22 aces, but this does not help him. Nadal took the first set with 7:5 points in the tiebreaker. The second part went equally, but after 2:3 Briton took five straight games.
The Spaniard took advance again in the third set with an early break and led to 3:1. He missed his first game ball in the ninth game and then served for the match but conceded breakthrough.
This led to a second tiebreaker. It drew Murray to 3:0, but failed to maintain its advance. He lost, though placed 53 winning stroke and won by 5 points more than his opponent in the match.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Football. England. Dimitar Berbatov 5 (five) goals in Blackburn's network at 7:1 for Manchester United.

Dimitar Berbatov scored his seventh goal in the Premier League and eighth of the season, which gave clear of Manchester United against Blackburn after only 70 seconds of the game at Old Trafford. Thus Bulgarian ended a run of ten games without a goal. Goal came after a cross from Luis Nani on the left, then continue to the Rooney Berbatov, Chimbonda and ahead of the few criminal field do 1:0. The 23-minute Park Ji-Sung doubled the lead after the hosts a nice double with Rooney. Only four minutes later, Berbatov scored his second goal in the game and did lead the Red Devils' classic. This time the goal came after a blunder of Pascal Chimbonda, who literally brought the Bulgarians alone against Paul Robinson - 3:0.In the 47-minute shape his second hattrick of the season and his tenth goal after an attack, which showed the full arsenal of its capabilities. Berbatov picked up the attack with unique pass to Rooney in fifth, and then retrieve the ball and very accurate submission found Nani on the wing. Seconds after the Bulgarian was in the penalty area, where obtained from Nani to finish effectively lovely attack. Only a minute after it formed itself Portuguese defeated 5:0 for Manchester United.In the 62-minute Berbatov scored his fourth goal close after mixing of the box score.The 70-minute recording our fellow new historic achievement as spelled out for the fifth time in a duel.Dimitar Berbatov tied the record of Andy Cole, Alan Shearer and Jermain Defoe scored as 5 (five) times in the network at 7:1 for Blackburn Man. United.
Goals from Berbatov

Teenagers in Bulgaria. Cyber addiction and voyeurism on the Internet. The age of drug addicts fall. Shopping therapy and brand abuse.

Today we can safely talk about cyber addiction and against this challenge parents and teachers are difficult to fight because most of them did not keep pace with new technologies and it discredits them in the eyes of teenagers and even children.Shopping therapy did not actually land it acquired epidemic proportions and is also a dependency. There is also a brand relationship, whereby a manufacturer of clothing and objects surrounding judge your social status and psychologists around the world now belong to the dependencies and mobile phones.Voyeurism on the Internet or passion clips with real people, filmed with a hidden camera is the new fashion among students that the way to displace even drugs.Social networks like Facebook ("Facebook") and Twitter ("Twitter") are the new modern relationships for young people. If society until recently there was talk of drug dependency, today we can safely talk aboutkiberzavisimost this challenge parents and teachers are difficult to fight because most of them did not keep pace with new technologies and it discredits them in the eyes of teenagers and even children.The age of hard drug addicts to young people is falling, the youngest, treated for addiction is 13 years old.Most commonly using the drug among students remain amphetamines.

USA Portland. Car bomb in the Christmas tree in the U.S..

Attempt to attack during the ceremony of lighting the Christmas tree in Portland.19-year-old Mohammed Osman was arrested at 5:40 local time, when he tried to blow up a van full of explosives.Attempted attack was thwarted by undercover agents of the FBI, is currently being tried with a mobile phone to trigger explosives.During his arrest terrorists shouted "Allahu Akbar", kicking agents.Mohammed is a naturalized American citizen of Somali origin.Raised his indictment for the attempted use of weapons of mass destruction.Last June, an FBI agent undercover contacted terrorist.The two agreed to meet in Portland on July 30. At the meeting, Mohammed and the agent discussed the "violent jihad", said in court documents.Mohammed told the agent he wanted to detonate during the annual opening ceremony of the Christmas tree to the Courthouse in Portland.

Sarah Palin criticizes Michelle Obama for her campaign against obesity.

Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin criticized Michelle Obama for her campaign against obesity among kids. According to Palin, this initiative reflects the notion that parents can not be trusted when it comes to making important decisions for their children.
"Instead the government thinks should take over because the priorities of a politician or a politician's wife, just leave us alone, leave us individually exercise their rights given by God to take his own decisions. Then the state We'll be fine, "said former governor.
Days before the candidate for vice president of the Republican Party of the 2008 election compromise, in an interview said that the Obama administration should stand firmly behind its ally of North Korea.

Football. Real Madrid. Jose Mourinho has denied Real unsportsmanlike conduct. Offend his Arsenal counterpart Arsene Wenger.

Coach of Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho tried to refute accusations of unsportsmanlike conduct during the match against Ajax. After meeting the group stage of Champions League scandal erupted that led the Portuguese expert Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso to intentionally remove red cards.
Mentor himself, however, tried to dispel these doubts, saying that during the game was giving instruction to all players.
"This is some absurdity during the match I spoke not only with Dudek, Ramos and Alonso. Provide guidance to all players. All of these are empty words. For me the most important is that we won this game with a solid result, showing a beautiful game. The rest do not care, "said Jose Mourinyo.Toy not fail to meet his counterpart from Arsenal Arsene Wenger after the Frenchman criticized the administration of Mourinho in the game against Ajax.
"He should specifically explain to fans why Arsenal can not win the trophy since 2005," said Ronaldo.
"Instead of talking about Real Madrid, Mr Wenger must think about Arsenal and explain why the lost 0:2 in the Champions League. Story for young children is worn away. "
"Sagna, Clichy, Walcott, Fabregas, Song, Nasri, Van Persie and Arshavin are not children. They are top players, "added Mourinho, and put extra oil on the fire.

Football. Spain. Barcelona crashed 5:0 Real Madrid. More than classic

Russian Central Bank has already seen the euro as a reserve currency.

Deutsche Bank chief Josef Ackermann asked in the future for Russia to join the eurozone to boost the euro, at an economic forum in Berlin, the present Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. "It is possible that one day Russia will become part of a common European Monetary System, "said Putin in turn. He noted that "supports the creation of an international payment system that is independent of the dominant dollar. Putin noted that Russia's Central Bank has already seen the euro as a reserve currency.
EU yesterday denied as "absolutely false" media claims that Portugal is under pressure to follow Ireland and request support from the special fund euros, reported agencies. The occasion is the refutation publication in the newspaper Financial Times Deutschland, whereby problems can drag Portugal Spain and cause even more serious crisis. The British Guardian newspaper said it could be Belgium next party to seek international financial assistance, but it was also denied by the government in Brussels.

Football. Spain. Before the Barcelona-Real Madrid. What Hristo Stoichkov said.


Football. Spain. Barcelona crashed 5:0 Real Madrid. More than classic

Bulgarian legend Hristo Stoichkov spoke kindly to Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho. He said he likes the way the Portuguese, which is expected to be one of the most offended people in the Camp Nou the derby.
Bulgarians believe that Argentine Lionel Messi is still the better player of the two with Ronaldo.
"Messi is a team player either, not selfish, not so much individualism. But can not help but admit that Cristiano played well and the entire team of Real Madrid," said Stoichkov.
The duel between the great rivals in the Spanish football on Monday and is expected with great interest by fans worldwide.
"I admire Jose, I like his style. Any comment on it, but I is not bothering me because I'm not a player. If you have played, certainly I would answer him in a different way," said Stoichkov.
However, he did not fail to be jammed with slightly larger rival your favorite Barcelona.
During the week, Ronaldo said on the occasion of victory over Barcelona to Almeria 8:0: "Let us celebrate and so". Stoichkov, however, said these words of Portuguese.
"Eight is a number that I love. Sometimes, even the least expect it, you have scored eight goals," said the Bulgarian. Hristo Stoichkov has warned the star of the blood enemy Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo to prepare for a major match at Camp Nou. He considers all the stadium spectators will swear Portuguese footballer.
"Cristiano knows that his mother and his father will bring very serious offense in this game. But that's part of football and I think Ronaldo is accustomed to such things and ignores" Stoichkov said in an interview with newspaper Marca .

Football. Spain. Barcelona crashed 5:0 Real Madrid. More than classic

Beijing mediate the conflict between the U.S., South Korea and North Korea.

In Beijing, 26 November - Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi met with Chi Jae Ryong, Ambassador of the Democratic People's Republic of China, and held a telephone conversation with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Foreign Minister of South Korea Kim Sung-Hwan in Friday.
They exchanged views on the situation on the Korean Peninsula, said in a statement released Friday evening by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
China attaches enormous importance to the skirmish between DPRK and South Korea is very concerned about the development of the situation.
DPRK and ROK should exercise restraint, to engage in contact as soon as possible, and solving problems is through negotiations and dialogue.
To put the situation under control and prevent recurrence of similar incidents.
Parties associated with actively work for peace and facilitate talks, jointly safeguard peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula in adopting the attitude, "said Yang.
Participating countries must work together for an early renewal of six-party talks and denuclearization give impetus to the process on the Korean Peninsula, said Yang.
China voiced its opposition to military action in its exclusive economic zone without permission, days before the joint military exercise between U.S. and ROK on the Yellow Sea.
"We hold a consistent and clear position. We oppose any country to take military action in our exclusive economic zone without permission," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said in a statement Friday.

Seoul on the 26th, South Korea shed around 400 000 leaflets against North Korea by the Korean border, for propaganda, local media reported Friday, citing a government source.
The move, a sign of resumption of psychological campaign against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), came after an artillery firefight between the two countries in the waters along the west coast of the divided Korean peninsula.

Varicose veins. Treatment of varicose veins.

Blood vessels in the body is divided into 3 types.
That carry blood from heart to tissues and organs, arteries, aorta, arteries and arterioles, those which are the responsibility of giving oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, capillaries, and those that take blood from the capillaries back to the heart, veins.
Varicose veins are primarily a disease of the veins of the legs, varices, colon, hemorrhoids, the scrotum, varicocele, and rarely in other places due to failure of valves in these veins, which in normal condition do not allow the venous blood of return and consequently the blood stays in the veins that are overwhelming and make sense of hardening and throbbing pain after falling sleep and lifting of legs.
Venous vessels themselves appear to be enlarged and curved.
In advanced cases appear ankle swelling, itching and inflammation of the skin over the veins, leg cramps at night, reddish-brown discoloration of the skin on legs and in the final stages, eczema and ulcers that can cause bleeding.
Other complications are inflammation of the veins, phlebitis, clotting, thrombosis, or a combination of the two-thrombophlebitis. Hemorrhoids are expressed difficulty with bowel movement, and stinging pain, and feel of soft elastic nodes in the anal area, the most pronounced after bowel movements.
The main causes of varicose veins are prolonged standing or sitting upright in a stationary position (muscle movements of the legs supporting repression of venous blood
up), obesity, pregnancy, belonging to the female sex, heredity, etc. ...
of varicose veins exposed here includes only those methods applied by the patient at home and at work and includes:

Stockings to and above the knee depending on the stage.
Place the morning and removed before bedtime.

Raising the legs on each occasion, the workplace on a desk or chair, and at home in a supine position with padding (blanket).

Hydropathy-different methods-cold shower in the legs about 1 minute several times a day, a cold pack with a wet cotton or linen cloth on the affected area or bath seat in cold water (especially useful in hemorrhoids which is required to flood with cold water anal area after each bowel movement or bathing).

Weight Loss.

Avoiding constipation by taking plenty of fluids, taking foods containing fiber, fruits and vegetables and avoid gas-forming food-fried and spicy dishes, eggs, beans, lentils, cabbage, carbonated drinks.

Sports, running, walking, tennis, hiking and more. moderate but continuous loading of legs.

Treatment outlined here is indicative as there are many drugs with similar tsel.Vse still recommend Detraleks (see leaflet) 3h2t.v for 3 days during the acute crisis and 2h1t. for three months annually in late spring or early summer when the symptoms of varicose veins and exacerbate acute hemorrhoidal crisis
Detraleks the same schedule as the treatment is desirable to include additional ointment Mastu-S spreads 3 times daily.
However, medical treatment must be prescribed by a doctor.

Pandemic of cholera? Cholera and how to prevent? Epidemics of cholera.

Scandal "fabricated" prize of the Bulgarian Michelle Bonev shaken Italian minister.

Italian Culture Minister Sandro Bondi denied exported by the media accusations that he had fabricated prize of the Bulgarian actress Michelle Bonev. He said that this is a fictional story, only fantasies, part of fierce media campaign against him.
The minister even threatened to sue the newspaper "Facts potidiano" who first published the story. And it is that the minister called on his subordinate with a request to give a prize to Michelle Bonev film festival in Venice, because it is a close friend of both the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and the Italian Silvio Berlusconi.
Michelle Bonev itself (Dragomira Boneva) with questionable fame in Italy. Rumour has it maintained close relations with the director of Italian state television.
The debut film by Michelle Bonev "Goodbye, Mother" (she plays a major role, but it is also a writer and director) has been awarded Action for women of the Council of Europe in September at a ceremony on 67 th edition of the Venice Film Festival.
According Fato kuoditidano "But the prize was created especially for Bonev, who was" very dear to the Italian prime minister, and his Bulgarian counterpart.

The scandal around the film Michelle Bonev growing. Michelle Bonev has sold his film "Goodbye, Mom!" TV RAI for 1 million.

Friday, November 26, 2010

"Al Hayat": Wikileaks will reveal that Turkey has helped al-Qaeda and the U.S. - the PKK.

On Wednesday, the Obama administration warned Congress in Washington for the forthcoming publication of documents on Wikileaks, which are alleged to 7 times more than the hundreds of thousands of documents on Iraq and Afghanistan, which were announced earlier this year.
Turkey has helped al-Qaeda in Iraq it is not well controlled borders and enabled the country based on Iraqis to supply terrorist networks with arms, munitions and material for bombs.
At the same time the U.S. supported the fighters of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), leading by 1984. war against Turkey and included since 1979. in the State Department list of terrorist organizations. In secret documents PKK people are called "fighters for freedom and Turkish citizens, and describing how the Americans liberated arrested members of the organization in Iraq, gave them weapons and have ignored the fact that its troops operating in neighboring Turkey.
U.S. State Department has issued instructions embassies around the world ahead to inform partners about the potential damage of what will be published.

After the DPRK and China warns U.S. over military maneuvers.

China warned today not to take military action off the coast in connection with the upcoming naval exercises of U.S. and South Korea.
"We are against unilateral military action undertaken in the exclusive economic zone of China without our approval," said a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry in Beijing.
This was in response to the question what is China's position on the participation of U.S. aircraft carrier George Washington in the joint military maneuvers with South Korea. Exclusive economic zone is the coastal strip 200 sea miles.Earlier today North Korea has threatened U.S. and South Korea:"The situation on the Korean peninsula is approaching closer and closer to war because of reckless, aggressive elements of the plan to set up again military exercises against the DPRK after a military provocation against the North Korean territorial waters in the West Sea" and "People's Army of the DPRK is a fierce challenge of puppets and is preparing to populate a devastating fire on enemy fortifications if they violate the honor and sovereignty of the country even in the slightest degree.
U.S. decided to send the USS George Washington in the Yellow Sea for military exercises with South Korea that begin on Sunday. In addition to anger North Korea, four-day show of force disturbing and China. Beijing's warning comes at a time when the government of Seoul appoint former Chief of Staff for Minister of Defense and the President of South Korea, has ordered changes in the rules for entry into battle. So far, South Korean army had the right to meet the North Korean fire only with appropriate force. After the changes, the military will have the right to respond to fire with greater force.

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