Monday, May 2, 2016

There is something rotten in American capitalism.

  The United States no longer exercise power in its constitutional and traditional features political system is paralyzed, the state apparatus is zavisim.I Republican and Democratic Party are dependent on the private interests of the same groups that finance their campaigns.
 The state is not managed by the President and Congress, and clubs, clans, bank and corporate lobbyists growing influence of powerful groups defending specific interests such as "Wall Street" Fed Pentagon Jewish lobby, agribusiness, big corporations, Special services (national intelligence Council, Central intelligence Agency (CIA), national service for cover, Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), national security Agency and another dozen intelligence agencies and offices), MIC, pharmaceutical industry, insurance companies.
An attempt to revive the times of Clinton with Rockefeller, "Wall Street" and the banks, especially if Trump fails to stumble.
American capitalism has become insecure and suspicious, a reserve storage system are nedostatachni.Realnata economy stepped financial sektor.Banki, mutual funds and investment companies, rather than to ensure savings redistribute social wealth in its own interest.
The financial system does not stimulate economic growth, interest rates are close to zero.
Washington now no one talks about the beneficial effects of the smooth movement of capital. Problem is long-term stagnation and lack of growth, a little farther away from absolute zero.
New initiatives for economic growth are missing, difficult business invests in new oborudvane.Srednata class decreases growing gap between rich and middle class.
 Salaries hard enough for the mortgage and ordinary life and savings accounts do not bear any income.
 The US military is less effective in global conflicts and Washington increasingly difficult to "impose their will" over other countries: Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran,
Israel, India, Afghanistan, Turkey, Serbia, Syria, Iraq.
 For now deal only with Europe.
 US can not transform its power into something resembling success.

 In the era of globalization transatlantic corporations, mainly American,
play a major role. Their influence in the government of the United States is significant and dangerous flaw in the system. Now they want to manage and Europe Transatlantic trade agreement.
 US media play the role of the ministry of propaganda of the Goebbels and the Third Reich.
No independent newspaper or TV in the States. Over 90 percent of the print and television media are concentrated in the hands of six companies. By the time Bush and National Public Radio lost its independence. The media play the role of the ministry of propaganda.
  Several hundred richer and richer people recently saw that in contemporary capitalism remains too small for people with medium and low incomes. The host of their meeting Lynn Forrester de Rothschild said he was "worried about social cohesion and noted that citizens" have lost confidence in their governments. "
 There are other similar group that did not pritesnyavashe.Finansoviyat world was surprised by the statement of the Rockefeller clan their exit from the business of oil and gas in their position of total control over all previously pazar.Ot 1870, the year of the founding of "Standard Oil" Rockefellers held plan to impose global market monopoly in the field of fuel until 2016
 Forbes: oil is a prime candidate for the possibility of a collapse in the economy of SASht.Tsenata can jump more than expected $ 40-60, and this represents a serious risk to the United States, according to Brad McMillan.
CNBC: The market for oil in the US and some other countries may not be able to adapt to increased demand.
To establish control Rockefeller went through the First and Second World Wars sparked or helped quite a conflict for the fall of states or heads only, colorful, Arabic and other "revolutions", some successful, others not.
 Rothschild, which often have also been radical in conducting "business" in Europe, Russia (large old friends since the time of Lenin), the United States and everywhere, this time seem to use their capital more efficiently.
Active competition between call them conditional groups Rockefeller and Rothschild in this area zapochnva around 1994-95 year, when he spoke again to the entropy limit.
 Rockefeller bet on shale gas developed plan "Arab Spring" and then torching of North Africa and the East, was launched and the "ID" .Many big money of credulous depositors ran to Rockefeller and a little later disappeared shale in bankrupt companies . Tragic fate of shale and deep shelf manufacturers despite US efforts in this direction.
 Only in 2015 in the US went bankrupt more than 15% of conventional oil producers, according to the federal regulator.
It expects the process to continue until the end of 2017 and disappear 65% of American manufacturers.
 Excellent armed private armies under the slogan of "Global Caliphate" possessed oil reserves of Libya, Syria and northern Iraq and Syria.
A "mad" Assad them precheshe.Vodeshe is "terrible war with great precision, point bombing" and extraction of "black gold" does not stop and will hit refineries, storage or traba.Golemi masters American airmen not hit even one similar object.
Oil from these areas in Turkey (saw convoys of tankers satellite images as only Washington was not filmed) falls on tankeri.Govori be at the expense of the son of Tayyip Erdogan, but none of them has revealed.
 Then came the Russians and destroyed pretty rabota.Ruskata army stopped taps Rockefeller clan and not only cross the oil flows from Syria and northern Iraq to Turkey and cut largely delivery of "refugees" to Europe. According to the newspaper "Kurir" all these refugee flows Balkan direction are financed exclusively by human rights organizations under the auspices of the Open Society Rotshild.Dori accused Soros of issuing guidebooks. They were taken completely transported to Europe by sea and land, the cost was about 3-3.5 thousand euros, and if a particular EU country - already ranged from 7 to € 11,000.
 Their foundations are working with the National Endowment for Democracy, funded and promoted various pro-American non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in countries where the US desire to intervene or to overthrow the regime.
  NGOs are the fifth column in America and bring in their names words like "human rights", "democracy".
   In Russia and China were hundreds of NGOs that receive funding from the US, but were promptly expelled.
Foundations such as "America for Bulgaria" and "Open Society" feed tens of thousands of foreign agents with money from the United States and manipulate Bulgarian tradition, patriotism, history and customs Change an the values ​​inserted in our US model of aggression, drugs, loss of ideals interruption of roots and connection to history and national pride.

 Something like a failure in Ukrayna.Za what organized Maidan?
Only harm Russia and Europe Do?
Rockefeller clan had hope for oil and gas fields in Ukraine and especially in the Donetsk region.
And they not only lost the Crimea, Sevastopol and the majority of Donbass, but so important Black Sea shelf.
Honest speculator (as he is called) and a prominent horn Rothschild, George Soros may invest $ 1 bln. Dollars in Ukraine under conditions that Western countries help of private investment there, said he personally in an interview with the Austrian in. "Der Der Standard ".
The loser table money bet "for" Ukraine billionaire speculator and stock, made a number of calls for injection of 50 bln. Dollars, which he said the EU and US must urgently do in Kiev, in an article for the New York Review of Books.
Evil tongues say that Soros has bought at good prices huge amounts of government bonds of Ukraine.
Another blow was when in March 2015 Russia to buy on the cheap majority of oil and gas assets, which are in the hands of Western finansisti.Tova happened thanks to the devaluation of the ruble and rumors that the shares will fall. This is one of the most successful financial operations where there is a stock market and a devastating blow for the above financial speculators and financiers.
"Russia made an unexpected move with the horse" - he writes InSerbia. Moscow managed to regain most of the assets are in the hands of foreign owners and earned $ 20 billion in just a few days.
The share prices of Russian energy companies fell seriously Putin one week wait, and when prices of these shares fell the most, he ordered to immediately buy up the assets that were in western financial groups.

And in all these games US curling into the hands of powerful clans and factions.
Administration of Washington stuffed into huge debt is forced to obey their wishes and go to the escalation of the conflict, supporting de facto neo-fascism in Ukraine and ID in sveta.Mnogomilioniya flow of "migrants" is supported by the European puppets Rockefeller headed Merkel and create conditions for the conquest of Europe "young lonely and angry men" who stormed statistics on the continent and were recorded and displayed by the media. Europe's population is successfully lulled with talk of human rights and tolerance.

 Economic reforms in the US will no longer be sufficient and effective.
   Limiting the premier financial oligarchy can only save the United States and return them to the capitalism of the real economy.
   A new Citizens 'contract' and a new political alliance against the power of the clan, financial and banking oligarchy.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Islamization of Europe in 2015 and the end of Christian civilization.

Under unprecedented pressure from the US in the heart of Europe was established another Muslim country-Kosovo.
  The compromise to create another tumor in the heart of Europe as a result of the strong US pressure on defenseless "Christian" Europe is obviously the ultimate betrayal of dependent colonial politicians in the EU.
  Why the big brother helped 20 million Kurds in Turkey, but is concerned about two million Kosovars, the answer is to create another Islamic state development in the heart of Europe, to load another bomb.

  Despite the apparent incompatibility of recognition of Kosovo, with international law, despite the undoubted destabilize the Balkans and throughout Europe, despite the inevitable problem of cloning in countless new separatist tensions, execute the behest of the US and support the next invented by sick minds Muslim country in Europe.
 Today everything is in place, Kosovo bury terrorists with honors heroes.
Kosovo demonstrates real chutzpah turned the funeral of murderers and participants in the terrorist act in Kumanovo ceremony sending national hero.
  The coffin of the shirt is covered with Albanian flag. The party Alliance for the Future of Kosovo sent the terrorist with the words "hero".
 Why now are silent, big friends of the US and to be killed, who first recognize tumor Islamic Europe? Why they were covered our Atlanticists? Why silent Pristina now?
 Christian Europe made several fatal errors in recent years: the war in Libya, which plunged the country into civil war and turned it into an arsenal in the open, Kosovo and Syria, which supported the enemies of Bashar al-Assad, but they are the same Islamists against which our troops fighting in Iraq and Mali, the same Islamic state.
  Noam Chomsky, one of the best analysts of the CIA refers to financial and economic octopus opium mafia whose thread and pull back US natural political processes led to the newest scourge of Islamic Iztoka- darzhava.Poyavata the Islamic state and the overall distribution of Radical jihadism is very natural result of banging that shook Washington over Iraq's fragile society, which barely survived the murderous sanctions of the US and Britain, which were so huge that two respected international diplomats resigned in protest, saying penalties are "genocide" of Iraqi society.
Confirmation of the theory of Chomsky and former CIA operative analyst Graham Fuller. He said that the US is one of the main architects of the Islamic state.
  Europe is the most faithless area in the world - a place where secularism is perceived.
 Some Scandinavian countries are experiencing discomfort from mentioning specific religious communities for fear of terrorist attacks.
But the continent's population is about 40 million. Muslims -over 5% of its population. In 2020, they will already be 20% of the EU population due to low birth rates and high immigration.
In the capital of Europe-Brussels exceed 30%.
Christianity, the dominant religion in Europe is currently in the role of outsider.
Islam is a foreign religion, but with intensity, as Europe does not know.
Muslims have a sense of cohesion and common identity. They are convinced they are a special group and have a sense of moral responsibility and a set of beliefs in the Koran that say that Islam is the only truth. Faith in God is usually accompanied by the belief that the subjugation of non-Muslims is naturally morally right.
Islamic religious practices often conflict with the moral code of many societies.
Naturally anti-Muslim sentiments are the most noticeable form of xenophobia in modern Europe, passing in a form of racism, but unfortunately the only force opposed to religious fanaticism and terrorism.
Fact already bans Islamic clothing, niqab and burqa are limited and those wearing Islamic clothing is not desirable in an increasingly large part of Europe.
Place barriers against the construction of mosques.
This hardens the Muslims in the sense of cohesion and common identity. Faith in God is usually accompanied by the belief that the subjugation of non-Muslims is naturally morally right.
The European Union has failed even to agree on a declaration of religious rights after attacks on Christians in the Middle East.
Britain and some Scandinavian countries have warned that it could cause a "clash of civilizations".
Europe close your eyes and Religious war between Christians and Muslims in Egypt.
Now the dividing line between the peoples of Western Christianity and Muslims passing through Eastern Europe and Orthodox peoples, Bulgarians, Greeks and Serbs.
Balkans become one of rift zones of civilizations, because the conflicts in Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia unfortunately deployed and the religious, civilizational principle.
Strengthening of attitudes as anti-Semitism, xenophobia and antiislyamizam be observed in Western Europe.
Christian civilization is based on Protestant values ​​(put in the broadest sense), however unpleasant it may sound for Catholics and Orthodox.
Europe began to outpace much older civilizations of ours, only about 450 years. Then place the Reformation and the subsequent Renaissance. It is this philosophy embodied in the Protestant Christian values, became the basis of a modern, prosperous society. They begin to appreciate and support the non waiver of substantive and reverence for dogma, but rather - entrepreneurship and hard work, respect for public order, civil and social activity, the right of individuals to interpret the Bible, which supports free-in all areas.
  Christian civilization is now in crisis because people who store it in their hearts and souls decreased.
 Today there is no single European country put in including Bulgaria, (with frightening demographic catastrophe) demonstrating growth, and to ensure that it will survive in its current form in the next century.
Unlike Christianity, Islam demonstrates the inexhaustible energy, vitality and progress.
 There is not a European country in which the local population does not melt, except - Muslim Albania, Kosovo Muslim. And there is not an Islamic country where the population is not growing, often an explosion.
Explosion growing Muslim population in Christian Muslim countries natural growth and induced the US "partners" emigration wave-like "Great Migration of Muslims to the EU."
If the people themselves do not want their culture, nation or civilization to survive and grow stronger, nothing can be done.
 In Europe, people collectively decided that the nations are already obsolete and that should be created a new union. Perhaps, ultimately, this will be an Islamic Europe?

Effrontery EUROPE TO BULGARIA is limitless.

Effrontery EUROPE TO BULGARIA is limitless.

3256 immigrants entered Bulgaria to 14 May this year, according to the Interior Ministry.
 President of the Bulgarian Red Cross Hristo Grigorov explained that currently all facilities to accommodate refugees are overcrowded and the only ones who care for them are representatives of the Red Cross.
   However, Bulgaria will have to accommodate 788 refugees from Africa in the next 2 years, is the Commission's proposal, which was officially presented in Brussels yesterday. It provides accommodation in EU countries by quota of 40 000 refugees who arrive by sea in Italy and Greece in the coming 2 years after 15 April this year, and another 20 000 people to request asylum in Europe exported centers in Africa.

At least 10 EU countries, including Britain, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Baltic states, opposed the quota system offered by the Commission. It should be discussed in the Parliament and approved by member states before entering into force.
These immigrants are beyond all others who are already in the country and other EU countries have yet to arrive.
  According to the EC proposal Bulgaria will have to accept 343 persons refugees seeking asylum in Italy and 229 people from Greece. The proposal explicitly states that it is for the Syrians and Eritreans in need of international protection. They will be added 216 people to seek refuge in Europe remote from the center in Africa.
 How will they be selected for resettlement, not yet clear. I expect Bulgaria to send basic extremists.
The rationale for the proposal is activation of Article 78, paragraph 3 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU: "In the event that one or more Member States are in an emergency situation characterized by a sudden inflow of nationals of third countries, the Council, on a proposal the Commission may adopt provisional measures in favor of zasegnatatite countries.
Obviously, no one takes the situation in Bulgaria for emergency or nobody has lodged such a proposal.
Denmark, Great Britain and Ireland will not p

САЩ загуби статута на суперсила пишат американските издания The Nation,The American Conservative, Business Insider и Ron Paul, Wayne Madsen,Patrick Buchanan.

САЩ загуби статута на суперсила пишат американските издания The Nation,The American Conservative, Business Insider и Ron Paul, Wayne Madsen,Patrick Buchanan.

  Американските политици трябва да спрат да се преструват, че САЩ е суперсила. Вашингтон също така трябва да  признае, че американската власт е ограничена и световното господство е "невъзможна фантазия", пише американското издание The Nation.
Световните събития показват, че САЩ се губи статута си на суперсила.
"В Европа, Азия, Близкия изток, има сили, които умишлено пренебрегват диктата на Вашингтон или активно се противопоставят на това"  се казва в статията.

Вашингтон трябва да признае очевидната реалност и да съсредоточи усилията си в съжителство с други големи сили като Русия,Иран,Китай,Индия,Бразилия.
 Съединените щати ги очакват много бедствия,ако правителството на САЩ е загрижено за разпределението на средствата във военния бюджет,както до сега ,казва американския журналист Wayne Madsen. Според него САЩ, вече не могат да си позволят "глупостите да играят на суперсила".
  Планът на военния бюджет за следващата година на Съединените щати  е готова рецепта за катастрофа на икономиката на държавата, според американски политик Рон Пол.
   В края на президентския мандат на Джордж Буш старши, САЩ е единствената суперсила в света, но сега ситуацията е съвсем различна, казва американският журналист Патрик Бюканън в The American Conservative.
"Русия и Китай сега са в тясно сътрудничество и с все по-антагонистична политика към Съединените щати, отколкото са били по всяко време след края на Студената война",казва Бюканън.
Според Бюканън, глупостта на американците в отношенията с Китай ще им струва скъпо. Напълно  сбъркано бе мисленето, че отварянето на пазара за стоки от Китай ще се превърне в Пекин в партньор. Вместо това, САЩ е с търговски дефицит от около четири милиарда долара, унищожена американска производствена база, както и с противник, готов отмъсти за изминалите унижения.

Но най-скъпите гафове на САЩ са в Близкия изток. САЩ нахлуха в Ирак, завзеха  Афганистан и свалиха режима в Либия,а сега не могат да се справят с  "освободените" демони на ислямския фанатизъм.
"От 1992 г. САЩ са наводнени от имигранти от Третия свят,национален дълг расте по-бързо от БВП, а търговският дефицит достигна 11 триллиона долара", казва Бюканън, като добавя,че правителството изразходва милиарди долари за войни.
На всичкото отгоре, ако неоконсерваторите спечелят изборите през 2017 г. САЩ ще започне да доставя оръжия на Украйна и това само ще доведе до ескалация на конфликта.
В новата студена война от едната страна участват Русия и Китай, а от друга - Съединените щати,но Америка  се чувства много колеблива и несигурна, казват авторите на статия в The Business Insider.
Руско-китайски отношения са най-добрите в своята история и Съединените щати трябва наистина да се страхуват от близкото приятелство между Москва и Пекин, пишат авторите на книгата "Руско-китайската ос: Нова Студена война и кризата на американското лидерство" от Дуглас Шоен и Мелик Кайлан в статията си в Business Insider.
Партньорство между Москва и Китай се характеризира с висока степен на взаимно доверие,зачитане на интересите и подкрепа по ключови въпроси един на друг. Русия и Китай си сътрудничат да обединят усилията си в политическите, военните и икономическите сфери. Китай не застана на страната на Запада по въпроса за антируски санкции, напомнят на авторите.
"Светът гледа проектирането и укрепването на китайско-руската ос-основна заплаха за сигурността на САЩ,за появата на която американците на практика не бяха готови",пишат авторите.
Съюзът на Русия и Китай е изключително значим в света.
Русия, Китай и някои други страни, които са включени в сферата на влияние на двете сили,се стремят да подкопаят силата на Съединените щати, за да ги лишат от статута на световен хегемон и създадоха  на нова антизападна структура на властта.

With limited military budget US is stretched on China in the South China Sea.

China and the US have military tension and there is a suspicion that China may be more trumps.
 Beijing's actions in the South China Sea change "facts on the ground" and the region faces a fait accompli. "The problem with a" fait accompli "as Washington now realized that they can not do anything except war with China, backed by Russia changing them.
China and Russia obviously want to limit American influence primarily in Central Asia, and in Europe.
Together they want to create a security zone around Afghanistan to curb smuggling of drugs presumably controlled by the US. Russian side prefers a joint operation with troops from Central Asia, since the transport of opiates from Afghanistan are most often organized by heavily armed "narkokervani" has the most modern equipment?
 Their common tool is the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), whose members include China, Russia and four former Soviet Central Asian republiki.Kitay and Russia agreed to strengthen political, military and economic cooperation within the Shanghai Organization.
And the Yankees nuclear dispute with Iran is a powerful day red.I where India will look not yasno.Po rather clear.
   With limited military budget of the US, many Congressmen have begun to think that the best way to save money is to return home soldiers deployed abroad as worry duty hawk and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff US General Martin Dempsey.
  Sensing the moment in the past 18 months Beijing "recover" more than 8,000 acres of land, making several submerged reefs and rocks in the real "islands".
Beijing's claims to the Spratly archipelago are not entirely unfounded, claiming legal eksperti.Ostrovite are closer to the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia also claim them.
Proximity is not always decisive, especially for her friends of the US, as Argentina saw on the occasion of its dispute with Britain Malvinas Islands.
 China is building piers, ports, high-rise buildings. He built the reef Fire cross the islands Spratly 3-mile track, which can land all types of military aircraft, which Beijing has writes "The Financial Times".
China so far does not threaten freedom of navigation, and tries to limit military activities in the territorial waters which claimed. According to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea military activities, such monitoring should be carried out with "due respect" the rights of the coastal darzhava.Kogato recent US military aircraft P-8 "Poseidon" flew past such new island, the Chinese Navy ordered him to leave the area.
US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter denied that "turning a reef in runway creates any rights of sovereignty or restrict the right of any other party of sea or air passage.
But the United States can not do much. Together with other countries, they strengthen military cooperation, trying to show a united front.
USA gave a loud howl, poorly supported by actions and are considering sending warships in the 12-mile exclusive economic zone around the new Chinese islands.
But instead of American ships in the Pacific region took Russian in the second phase of joint naval exercises "Joint Sea 2015" between China and Russia, the press office of the Eastern Military District of Russia.
The teachings are held in the Russian Far East and in particular in the Primorsky Krai include disembarkation of troops polygon Cape Klerk.
Of the Defense Ministry of Russia reported that soldiers from the Eastern Military District, from the headquarters of the Pacific Fleet and representatives of the Chinese Navy conducted a reconnaissance mission airport Knevichi as part of naval exercises.
The first phase of the Russian-Chinese military exercises held in the Mediterranean.
But China also has a lot to answer and can send its own warships and declare identification zone air defense over all or parts of the South China Sea, which theoretically will require an approaching airplane to announce its presence in Beijing.
The signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (like criminal TTPI in Europe) for US economic component of the war against China.
   There are rumors that Washington wants to place the plan "air-sea battle" with concentrated in 60% of the US forces in the Asia-Pacific region, and also increase the military presence in the Philippines, South Korea and Japan.
Russia and China deepen their strategic partnership and jointly engage in "democratization of international relations", as stated in the Joint Declaration of the Presidents Vladimir Putin and Hu Jintao signed in Moscow. Both countries aspire to a multipolar world, said Hu Jintao, and it was assessed as a clear message at the United States as fully consistent with what Putin at the international conference on security in Munich, where he took an aggressive tone against US criticism.
Anyway, China and Russia allowed the US overboard on the most spectacular economic project- "Silk Road", which covers 4.4 billion people, with the volume of industrial production more than 21 trillion dolara.Za realization of the project was established Asian bank infrastructure investments (abii). Members participating in abii became very historic US allies in Europe and Asia, which led the US to panic.
 China even accused the US of arrogance and geopolitical purposes, along what is happening in FIFA.
"Although anti-corruption storm can help FIFA to undertake reforms, it looks more like a well thought out and organized plan to achieve some geopolitical goals," says "Xinhua", which is the department with the rank of a ministry to the Chinese central government, its president is a member of the Central Committee of the ruling Communist Party.

PLA is the common name of all the armed forces of China. With 2.25 million troops is the largest standing army in the world.
The Chinese armed forces are equipped with the latest model of Russian weapons bought or manufactured under license in China, and own quite resembling American, has 9200 tanks, 6000 armored fighting vehicles, 17,300 artillery systems, and over 6,000 anti-aircraft complex. China also has 62 submarines, 9 nuclear, about 200 surface vessel, and over 2,000 combat aircraft and helicopters. Chinese nuclear arsenal estimated at 400 or more weapons. Second Artillery Corps has about 30 intercontinental ballistic missiles DF-5.
DF-5 is a three ballistic missile. It has a very large weight - 183 tons, making it the heaviest intercontinental ballistic missile in the world after R-36. Fuel used - asymmetric dimethylhydrazine, and an oxidizer - nitrogen tetroxide. The tanks are made of highly durable alloy of aluminum and copper. DF-5 carries a warhead weighing 3000-3200 kg and a power of 3 to 5 megatons and after modernization multiblock warhead, allowing the transfer of more than one warhead. . The maximum range is 13 to 15,000 kilometers, covering the United States and the majority of the earth's surface.

 Quantity of active nuclear warheads suspects:
11000 Russia,
USA 8000
China 240

Weather Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko expires.

Weather Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko expires.
Soon ran half the period provided for in the agreement in Minsk by the end of 2015 constitutional reform in Ukraine.
There is nothing to stop the resumption of hostilities and the guilt of Ukraine and its allies will be obvious to the whole world, if Ukraine fails to fulfill commitments.
 Best of all would be for Merkel, Hollande and their guru across the Atlantic to increase pressure on Kiev to reach a political solution to the crisis frozen.
Tactical purpose of ADR and LNR in the renewal of hostilities will naturally be to create greater territorial cohesion, eliminate existing pockets between them and the Crimea.
Some analysts say a lot more serious things.
 Ukrainians should not forget that exactly Minsk save them from inevitable defeat.
 There is every indication that in case of violation of the ceasefire, due to failure of Poroshenko to Minsk commitments, Washington will not interfere.
Poroshenko himself fears visits to Russia John Kerry.
His attitude towards the implementation of the agreements Minsk is not so strongly than a few months, and military rhetoric on the international airport in Donetsk, received no support.
 Washington yesterday officially refused to support the neo-fascist battalions and specifically "Azov".
 In terms of the US began to feel "tired", especially considering the aggravation of relations with China in the South China Sea, reduced military budgets set economic disappearance of Europeans and growing danger of disintegration in the EU over Russia.
  Americans today are in a difficult situation in the Middle East, where Russia is necessary to save them from their own initiatives. Russia has enough influence in the region to harm Americans, but it does not.
 At the moment, I see no unconditional support of Kiev is on the agenda of the United States.
With limited US military budget is stretched to

Friday, May 8, 2015

Alaska and Hawaii require the separation from the US?

Alaska and Hawaii blame the US illegally and annexation of its territories.
Representatives of indigenous peoples of these regions turn to the UN to ensure their right to self-determination.
The indigenous peoples of Alaska and Hawaii urged the international community to ensure their right to self-determination in connection with the "illegal annexation" and "occupation" of the United States.

In Geneva distributed a statement which seeks to address the issue within the UN Council on Human Rights and review of human rights and freedoms in the United States. The examination is scheduled for May 11th.
The document states that "Alaska and Hawaii in 1959 were annexed by the United States through fraud and willful misconduct of the mandate and principles of the UN and the process of self-determination."
The authors of the declaration of the United Nations call to correct this error.
The indigenous peoples of Alaska and Hawaii emphasize that the sale of Alaska USA from Russia in 1867 "does not mean the transfer of sovereignty over Alaska."
"The US invasion of Hawaii in 1893 in violation of bilateral treaties and international law."
The authors of the exhibition will fight to do something peacefully, through UN mechanisms and want to Alaska and Hawaii to hold a referendum on self-determination of indigenous peoples.

To work effectively created a joint working group "Alliance of Alaska-Hawaii for self-determination."
On 07 May in Geneva at a meeting with reporters representative of Ronald Barnes Alaska and Hawaii - Leon Siu, criticized US policy on indigenous peoples, calling it "occupation" of the United States.
According to the statement published today on the sidelines of the United Nations in Geneva, the territories of Alaska and Hawaii "in 1959 were absorbed by the United States through fraud and willful misconduct of the mandate and principles of the United Nations, and the process of self-determination . " Residents of the two US states urged the UN to "make amends" and organize Alaska and Hawaii referendums on self-determination.
"They stole our land and acquire huge amounts of mineral resources, to the detriment of the environment. We believe that the Russians can help us."

 "In 2017 become 150 years from the sale of Alaska from Russia to the United States. If we work with the Russians to present the truth about what really happened in history and to reject the distorted concept of Alaska and our people, I think this would be a good way to fix the situation, "- said the representative of Alaska in the working group" Alliance Alaska-Hawaii for self-determination, "Ronald Barnes.
"Our culture is suppressed. And the US actions are not directed only against our culture, but also to world peace, as in Hawaii is the military base at Pearl Harbor. During the military exercises, they pollute our land and water. From people get sick. This violence against our land and people. We do not want to be part of the war machine, "said the representative of Hawaii Leon Siu.

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